I don't own anything G-gundam ok I just get bored and think up of story lines.

Serina: "Well it's just you and me Chibodee."

Chibodee: "NOOOOOO!"

Serina: "Oh come on Chibodee I won't murder you."

Chibodee: "How do I know that?"

"Oh quit being a baby Crockett."

Chibodee: "Rebecca you have no idea how badly she scares me."

Serina: "Oh you hurt my feelings." *Crying*

"Look, what you did now apologize Crockett."

Chibodee: "But she does scare me."

*Eyes flaring* "DO IT CROCKETT!"

Chibodee: *gulp* "Uh sorry Serina I guess you're not scary."

Serina: "Ok thank you."

"Oh uh Chibodee if it makes you feel better I'll be with another man."

Chibodee: "WHAT!? WHO!?"

"Enough small talk let's get on with the chapter."



Chapter 10



It was morning Serina was sleeping beside Chibodee with her arm around him. He moves away from her but she pulls him back like a pillow. She murmurs "Please don't leave Chibodee."

Chibodee sighs and mutters 'Why do I get stuck with Serina oh well maybe Becky is back.'

He manages to switch himself with a pillow and gets up to see if I'm back. He walks down the hall hoping to god. I'm asleep in my bed. He quickens his walk he wants to see me tossing and turning under the cotton comforter in the bedroom. He approaches the door first he knocks to see if he'd get any reply. He opens the door and his nightmare came true there was no sign of me. He looks around to see if my stuff was anywhere around and he saw nothing at all.

"Rebecca, Becky where are you?"

He walks back to his room thinking 'WHERE IS SHE? SHE SHOULD BE BACK!' As he opens the door, his eyes met the eyes of an angry and motherly blond. She clears her thoart and asks "Why aren't you in bed Chibodee?"

"Uh I was getting something to drink Serina. I'm much better now really."

Her eyes were on fire she as she asks "Then why are you limping?"

"It's nothing Serina really don't worry."


"No make me mother."

She had been working out she's the strongest out of all four of us when it came to strength. She litterly picks Chibodee up saying "You're grounded young man, I don't care if you are older than I."

"Aw mom please can I stay up a little longer?"

Serina glares at Chibodee saying "NO! Chibodee you need more bed rest."

Chibodee puts and she ties him down on the bed and goes to fix him something to eat. He sighs while thinking 'GOD I HAVE A BLOND TO DEAL WITH!' She returns with a fruit salad which looks like a cat had puked in it. Chibodee looks at it like I aint eating that no way.

Serina acts like a mom while saying "Open up Chibodee."

He tightens his lips not wanting to taste the awful looking fruit salad or at least what she clams it to be. She tickles him and forces some down his thoart he looked really dramatized. 'Man this taste awful, and I wish Rebecca was here her cooking actually taste, good, and not like kitty litter ewww.'

Domon walks in and sees my older sister taking care of Chibodee. She glares at Domon asking "Is there something you need Mr. Kasshu?"

Domon actually stepped back from Chibodee, her glare was almost as cold as mine can be sometimes. He manages to get out "Uh well Chibodee needs to do an errand for me."

Chibodee for the first time was actually glad Domon needed, him to do something for him. So Chibodee uses his romantic moves on Serina just to get Serina off. "Oh Serina darling don't worry I'll be careful, and I'll be back."

She sighs while saying "Oh all right you better not let anything happen to, him Domon. If anything happens, you're going down king of hearts."

Domon actually gulps seeing the flames in her eyes and replies "Yes Serina I understand."

They both walk out the door and Domon was in disbelief and here he thought I was bad. He asks "Man Chibodee she has the major hots for you."

Chibodee sighs in aggravation while saying "I know but I want Rebecca the one with the phobia with passion." Domon sighs in dread asking "Why can't you let them go?"

Chibodee glares at Domon with his fist balled up while saying "You want to run that by me again."

Domon sighs in confusion while wondering 'Why does he keep them around oh well, I may never really understand Chibodee.'

Chibodee and Domon went to talk a little and as usual Domon needs help with his love. As usual Chibodee is confused on why a smart woman like Rain has to deal with someone like Domon. However he knew his case wasn't any better, he sighs as the fact of me being bright ran through his head. He helps Domon romance Rain, but as the plan commenced he saw, me with someone else a few tables away.

Chibodee looks curious while thinking 'Aw man I guess I really hurt her, now, and she is with someone else.' He follows through with Domon's plan but his heart ached, with tears in his eyes. Well unfortunately Chibodee got hit in the head, and he has a major knot on his head. Domon sees this and saves him however he knew if Serina knew she'd hurt him. When, Chibodee came to Domon litterly begged him not to show Serina the knot. Chibodee for once didn't argue he just nods and walks back home.


A man tall and built asks "How is the meal?"

"Good thank you, but I thought your wife would be here?"

He blushes while saying "Well uh she and I are divorced."

I look at him confused while asking "Then why did you ask me to be here?"

He goes to kiss me but he missed my lips and was kissing another woman's butt. I was confused but he lied to me I didn't like him like that, so I left him there. I walk back to the hotel wondering how Chibodee was doing but I was positive Serina could take care of him.

This shadow comes up and grabs me while saying "Hi there sugar you have a room at the losers hotel?"

I was too scared to speak so I just shook my head hoping he'd buy it but unfortunately he was wiser. Dang, he wasn't one of these airheaded men that just want to scare women. Only thing was he was awfully clumsy, and I manage to escape. He ended up in the arms of a hooker walking the street.

"Man. That's the real meaning of justice."

My mind lingers on my sister and oddly enough to Chibodee Crockett, but my night wasn't over yet. I walk to my room number door and I hear "Oh yeah baby, give it to me."

I growl in frustration got the fire extinguisher, open the door and spray foam on them. They asked "WHO THE HECK ARE YOU!?"

"Your worse nightmare now get out of my room."

This tall man walks up to me saying "You can't do anything to me."

I grab a skillet and knock him out, his woman ran to him with a robe on and left carrying him. I sigh in frustration I mutter 'the only thing left to happen is if someone comes in here and decides to sleep with me.' I sigh and fall to sleep frustrated little did I know some pervert snuk in my bed and snuggled up to me.


Chibodee got back home Domon was with him to make sure he was ok, but he had to hide the knot. Serina sees him tired and sad she asks "Did something happen to, him Domon?"

Domon replies "No Serina he's fine just tired."

He had tears while thinking 'Oh Rebecca I've done you wrong I don't deserve but I need to know can I get you back.' As Domon rushes Chibodee inside, but his hat fell and his knot was revealed to Serina. Her eyes caught on fire and she shouts "DOMON!"

He stammers while saying "Uh Serina really I tried to protect him but . . . "


He was running for his life while being chased by a firey blond with the look of death in her eyes. Chibodee actually laughed at this scene the king of hearts scared away by a blond.

Domon tries to stop her by overpowering her but she tore right through Domon's strength. He was in big trouble she hit his foot and shoved him to Rain saying "Some man you are can't even keep a promise."

She stomps back to Chibodee and helps him inside. He couldn't help but adore Serina even though she's a blond he still adores her like family.

"Oh Serina you're something else but I think I'll go to bed I'm, really tired."

Serina nods while saying "Go, ahead Chibodee I'll clean up down here and I'll be up to massage you."

Chibodee blinks at the thought while saying "Uh that's not necessary Serina good night."

She sighs in worry while saying "Good night Chibodee."

He lays down and tears begin to fall as the picture of me with another man plays over and over. "Oh Becky I'm so sorry to hurt you so please come, back home to me. I'll do whatever it takes to get you back in my arms." He falls to sleep while cuddling a pillow while saying "Please come back to me Becky."


"Aw Chibodee is missing me."


Serina: "Chibodee come on I'm not all that bad am I?"

Chibodee: "Well not all that bad but still I miss Becky."

"Aw how touching maybe I should just snuggle up to the guy in bed with me."

Chibodee: "Thank you for reminding me Rebecca who is that guy?"

"Oh you'll just have to wait and see."

Serina: "Oh don't worry Chibodee she'll be nice."

"I wasn't nice in this Chapter was I Serina?"

Serina: "Rebecca come on have sympathy for Chibodee he's sweet and loveable."

"Serina Chibodee needs a hug why don't you hug him."

Chibodee: "But I want a hug from you Becky."

"Oh fine" *hugs Chibodee.*

Chibodee: "How about a kiss?"


Chibodee: "THAT"S CHIBODEE AND YOU'RE MINE!" *runs toward me with heated anger.*


Serina: "Sure sis see you soon if Chibodee doesn't kill her."

*I'm still running and Chibodee shouts COME BACK HERE AND TAKE YOUR PUNISHMENT!*