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Chapter Six: Sesshomaru and the Fluffy Pink Bunny Suit

Kagome and the rest of us woke up at the butt-crack of dawn and began to eat a breakfast of sticky rice and pickled vegetables. More accurately they ate sticky rice and pickled vegetables. I struggled to get the clumps of rice to my mouth, used my fingers to prod at the vegetables before tentively trying a pickled radish then some cucumber. Then I let my mind wander to Golden Grahams and grape juice, or maybe blueberry pancakes. I sighed.

Kagome looked at me funny. "Ne, Chibi chan, are you alright?" she asked carefully placing her wooden bowl on the floor.

"Yeah, except I can't figure out how you can sit like this for extended periods of time."

Kagome shrugged and commenced to finishing her breakfast while I silently mourned my Kellogg's S'mores cereal, bagels, cream cheese and kitchen table with chairs.

After breakfast we head out on the road again and I couldn't help myself, I started humming 'On the Road Again.' Of course it got on InuYasha's nerves, so I did it even more and louder.

"Bitch, stop with the humming already!" The hanyou growled at me.

I really didn't like being called bitch; I had once broken a guy's nose for that word. Of course, that was before I discovered the power of imagination. "Eh, InuYasha, I think you'd look lovely in an electric pink tutu with neon orange tights, a lime green leotard and pink toe shoes." No sooner had I finished that sentence then just like yesterday InuYasha was in the outfit I had imagined him in. Yes, it was ugly and maybe a bit cruel of me. And no, this power didn't make enemies fall before me or make me powerful, but it sure as Hell relieved stress. "Eh, InuYasha, never call me bitch again or you'll have a fate worse than People Magazine's Worst Dressed List." I added as I walked up with Sango and Kagome. Turning around I added "Oh, and I'll think you back into your red yukata when you come up and apologize."

Kagome must have heard my threat to InuYasha and shuddered. "You wouldn't really do that to him, would you Chibi chan?" She asked carefully pushing her bike. "I've seen that Worst Dressed List."

"Eh, I'll think about it, but InuYasha should really shape up and start being nicer to everyone. Especially you Kagome, didn't you save him from Kikyo's arrows?"

Kagome only got a chance to nod because from the back of the group we all heard the familiar voice of Sesshomaru.

"InuYasha, what brings you here?" the Tai Youkai asked in a condescending tone of voice. "And with all your humans as well?"

"So, what's it to you?" InuYasha asked, still in his ballet costume designed by yours truly. I don't know why Sesshomaru didn't notice it since he claims to be so much more superior to his half youkai brother and humans in general. Maybe he's color blind I reasoned since most dogs are. I said as much to Sango and Kagome.

"No, despite being an amazing fighter, he's pretty slow on the uptake when it comes to anything else." Sango said. "Don't worry he'll notice it in three…two…one…."

"InuYasha what is that ridiculous get up you're wearing?" Sesshomaru finally gasped? His face had actually changed from the usually expressionless mask to a mixture of confusion and humor.

InuYasha looked down at his clothes and then turned quickly to glare accusingly at me. It was very lucky for InuYasha that his brother was still preoccupied with outfit or Sesshomaru would have probably taken a swing at him for turning away.

"Oh, sorry!" I yelled from the safety of the front of the group. "InuYasha, I think you'd look much better in your red yukata!" I said that and InuYasha was back to normal, well normal for InuYasha at least.

"Thank you." InuYasha replied grudgingly

"Eh, don't mention it!" I called back cheerfully. I was already plotting for the next misstep. 'Pink bunny costume, can I get a boo-ya?' I thought to myself. I guess I shouldn't have even thought that one.

"Ne, Sesshomaru sama…" Jaken began uncertainly. It figures that wherever Sesshomaru went, the toad youkai was sure to go.

"Jaken, go take care of Rin. I need to repay my brother for giving this Sesshomaru the ramen that gave me heartburn.

"Demo, Sesshomaru sama."

"Ano, onee Sama. What are you wearing?" InuYasha asked using a somewhat appropriate honorfic on for his brother, but not the appropriate word, the hanyou had just called his older brother older sister.

Sesshomaru choose not to acknowledge that fact for at the moment he was looking down at his formerly glorious attire, which was now a fuzzy pink bunny suit. He even had a cute little tail and cute floppy pink ears.

"Ooh, Sesshomaru sama looks so kawaii!" I exclaimed happily. I was so pleased with my handiwork it really didn't occur to me to be afraid of what the Tai youkai could do if he saw fit to be angry with me. "You could be the Easter Bunny at the local mall!"

"The what at the what?" InuYasha asked confused and still looking like a punked up ballerina. Apparently seeing his brother dressed in a pink bunny suit made the hanyou forget his predicament.

"The Easter Bunny at the mall. The costume is perfect thanks to yours truly all he needs is some chocolate eggs and a better personality."

Sesshomaru snorted, "This Sesshomaru sama would never consider dressing up as a rabbit."

"Well, you may not consider it, but I sure did." I muttered to myself.

"This Sesshomaru sama is enraged and wishes to be placed back in his clothing."

"I don't know." InuYasha replied obviously enjoying his older brother's predicament still forgetting his own for the time being. "You look rather pretty in pink."

Sesshomaru sighed. "This Sesshomaru sama could say the same for you little brother. Are those tights?"

"What?" InuYasha looked down at his outfit and realized his predicament again. "Oh Chibi san, could you possibly fix this please?"

"After we get going." I replied curtly grabbing the hanyou's wrist and dragging him away from his older, pink-bunny-suited brother. When we were safely over the next hill and heading towards some woods. I finally did the think thing. "I think Sesshomaru would do nicely in his own clothes again."

"Ahem." InuYasha impatiently tapped one ballet slippered toe.

"Are you going to apologize for all the mean things you've said to me? And how cold you've been to Kagome?"

InuYasha merely nodded his head.

"For the time being then, I think you should be in your red yukata." Then I yawned . "You know this is all fun and all, but putting youkai and hanyou in new clothes makes a person sleepy." And with that I laid down on the grass and closed my eyes.

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