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Seraphs of Shadow

Chapter 1: Shadows Entwined


As encounters went, this was unusual for him. Normally, anyone that was stupid or unfortunate enough to stumble upon him while feeding could consider their life to be forfeited. However, this night, as he stood in the darkness of the park, hunched over his most recent victim, his keen ears picked up the sound of her approach immediately.

While in the midst of feeding, he was nearly made witless by it and all rational thought left him, as if he were a shark reveling in the smell of blood in water. And tonight, of all the times and all the places on Earth, she happened to be there where he was, in the unstable condition he was in. As she neared, he felt her life force assault him as if it was wrapping itself around what should've been his soul. That is, if he had one.

Darien dropped the lifeless corpse to the ground, intent on worrying about disposing of it later, after he'd dealt with what was to come. He turned toward the sound of her approach, not expecting to bear witness to what he did on the night which would haunt him for some time to come. The sight before him caught him totally off guard, and for the first time in ages, the vampire felt weak and vulnerable, and more surprisingly, found himself to be thoroughly enjoying the sensations.

Another restless night for the young blond, as she strolled among the colorful rose bushes in the center of the vast park. Serena never worried about her safety on these late night outings, as she had twin automatic handguns strapped to her legs.

One was loaded with regular bullets while the other contained a mixture of garlic extract and an acid cocktail. That one was for supernatural encounters, one such as this. She had felt his presence long before she saw him and knew that he felt hers as well.

Serena had dedicated most of her life to two things: finding and destroying vampires, and finding a cure for their genetic disfiguration. The reasoning behind that was because she was not human, but a half ling, a day walker, a living undead.

A product of the deadly kiss of an immortal, she possessed all the strengths of a vampire and none of the weaknesses. Sunlight didn't affect her, save for giving her an occasional headache after prolonged exposure. Needless to say, she didn't frequent the beach often.

The huntress possessed a keen and altered perception of her surroundings and was always aware of the slightest change in her environment. Her strength was above average as was her stealth and speed.

She'd learned to become a hunter long ago, and one very significant trait stood out amongst all the others: She was able to curb the blood lust, and only fed on vampires, not innocents.

She was unaffected by their poison, as she was as far along in the change as she would be. A part of her would remain human, as the other aided her in finding a way to rid the world of dangerous blood suckers in one way or another, until her obsession could be satiated.

This night would stand out, long after it had occurred, scarring itself into her mind forever. It was the night she'd come upon the infamous Darien, killer of gods knew how many, the shadow of the night that was a legend in his own right among supernatural buffs and hunters such as herself. The night in which she'd been forced to face the very demons that haunted her own soul.

As she approached the sounds of feeding, the scent of blood thick in the air, her heart twisted oddly in her chest. Serena kept her pace steady, overlooking the strange pang. When her crystal blue eyes beheld him, she fought to keep control of the situation she then faced. Even she hadn't judged this to be so difficult to confront.

He breath positively caught, leaving her unable to recall another time in recent history when it'd done so. Serena had seen her share of gruesome things: dismemberment, decapitation, evisceration, and so on, and none of them had shocked her as her sight of him had.

For the first time in ages, the star blessed child, half demon and half angel, was mesmerized and completely taken aback. She felt as though her throat were closing up on her, and the seraph of night choked a bit while trying to regain her composure and her breath. This was most definitely him. Darien, whose legend preceded him.

He dropped the body to the ground as he looked over at her, a careful finger wiping away the small stream of blood at the corner of his mouth. Not that he was a messy eater, but no one was perfect.

The woman-child, not looking over sixteen, stood there, not moving, staring intently at him. The look upon her fair face was one of disgust, resentment. . . and absolute wonder. It was somehow new to him, yet it carried a familiarity that could not be denied.

He felt his own body reacting torturously in response to that challenging gaze, and the immortal quickly held himself in check, studying his beautiful, though fragile looking adversary.

It was her, and he knew it by the mere scent of her. Serena, the day walker, half human and half monster, as all the world rumored her to be.

She hated the likes of him, didn't she? He guessed that she would attempt to kill him and that he'd be forced to spoil her fun. Normally, killing didn't bother him, as it was needed for his survival.

But his emotions betrayed him as he reflected that killing the gorgeous creature standing before him was not an option. She looked at him with eyes that seemed to glow, a crystal blue that burned with a fire he'd not seen in ages.

Mad desire threatened to consume him as their eyes burned into each other and he felt an odd feeling growing within the pit of his stomach.

His eyes moved from hers to take in the rest of her, and he unconsciously licked his lips as he did so. Her body was held captive by a tight purple corset of silk and bone, unclasped at the top, leaving a fine view of her cleavage to play upon one's vivid imagination.

An unbelievably snug pair of black leather pants clung to her long legs and he saw her guns, one strapped on each leg, waiting to be called into play.

Black boots ran up to her calves, laced meticulously in place. A long skirt of sheer chiffon, violet like the mingling last rays of the sun hung down around her, billowing in the warm summer night's breeze around them.

Her garments played upon her delicate curves deliciously and suddenly his hunger was back with a vengeance. He mused silently about how he'd go about divesting her of them, closing his eyes for a time at his deviant thoughts.

Black leather gauntlets graced her small forearms, the laces hanging down carelessly from her wrists. Bands of silver metal wrapped around her upper arms, swirling in delicate patterns upon her soft looking skin.

He absently wondered how sweet she would taste upon his tongue, and resolved to find out as soon as the chance presented itself. Her long blond hair was unusual, in that it was up in two pigtails that flowed out from two small buns on the top of her head. Unusual but beautiful.

At her throat on a delicate purple ribbon hung a tiny ankh, shimmering in its simple silver elegance. Dainty like her, he thought, and yet such a powerful thing. Darien was very much enchanted by this half ling, this woman child that eyed him a bit warily, but with what one could've recognized as reverence.

"Well, by the gods above. Never had I dared to imagine taking in the sight of you this night," he noted, with a touch of melancholy lacing his voice. Without another word, he took a step forward.

Her hand went to her gun and she was aiming it directly at him before his foot touched the ground.

"Don't," she said simply, cocking it with ease. A smile spread across his handsome face and he held up his hands as she continued to look him over.

In the light of the moon hanging above them, she could make him out fine. He was quite tall, towering a good foot above her. Hair of ebony hair hung absently in his eyes, forcing him to frequently clear his vision of it.

His white silk shirt billowed around him in the breeze, exposing the well defined muscles of his chest and neck, making her blood rush through her veins at an alarming rate. He was an amazing specimen, perfect in fact, she mused silently.

Black leather was fortunate enough to rest upon his legs and she wished to be able to touch him in such a way. Black boots held his feet and she wondered if all vamps liked black leather.

Her hand remained steady as she aimed at him, though her stomach was doing a little dance of its own. She understood what passionate creatures vampires were, as she'd experienced the ways of the game of lust herself. He would try to seduce her and she simply wouldn't allow it.

At least, that's what she convinced herself at any rate. This was a game and she was no stranger to it. Her eyes met sapphire blue and she nearly lost all the composure she'd worked so hard for.

If not for several very real factors and consequences, she'd perhaps have been possessed to allow him take her where she stood, not caring about the results. However, she regained her composure carefully, knowing full well that he was quite aware of the effect he had upon her.

"I am fortunate, am I not?" he inquired, slowly walking towards her with raised hands.

"Did you not hear me? Not another step!" she ordered, not daring to lose any ground.

"Do be reasonable. I know what you desire, and it isn't to shoot me, is it?" he asked and she actually flushed, not remembering anything else that had tinted her cheeks such a lovely shade of scarlet. Damn.

"I see our reputations precede us, eh Darien? What are you doing here?" she demanded, her eyes and actions telling two very different stories.

No, she wasn't as cold as she wished him to assume. He could easily break her if he wished, make her beg. He contemplated a moment before answering.

"I grew tired of my old haunt. This place is new, exciting. More. . . appetizing," he drawled, stopping not a foot from her.

"How long has it been?" he wondered, unable to answer the question himself as he stood, taking in the aesthetically pleasing sight of the obviously irritated being before him.

"Leave now, and I'll not kill you this day. Leave," she repeated, eyes burning as she totally ignored his question. Not tonight. She would not be drawn into this tangled web.

"I think your words deceive your heart, fair one. Now, put that beastly thing away so that we may speak civilly," he told her, his hand inching towards her.

Though unaware as to why, she allowed his hand to cover hers, surprised at how warm he was. She was expecting him to be like ice, kissed by the lips of winter, but was pleasantly shocked. His expression softened as he lowered the gun to her side, hand still covering hers fully.

"Now, that's better. Tell me. . . Serena. Did you really intend to kill me?" he wondered, his eyes doing very wicked things to her. She swallowed hard, feeling her senses beginning to heighten, as if she was experiencing blood lust. This had to stop. If not, she knew just where it would lead. It simply could not be.

"I mean to rid the world of the likes of you, Darien. It is my mission and I live by it alone," she said, removing her hand from under his. He seemed shocked by the parting as he frowned down at her.

"Stop this madness, fair one. You are the same as I. You possess the hunger, do you not?" he asked, his fingers absently caressing her cheek, light as the breeze around them.

"Though only for your kind. Aren't you afraid? What if I were hungry?" she retorted and he smiled.

"I know I am," he whispered, and she caught his drift immediately.

"I could kill you now," she pointed out, and he leaned down closer to her, face a mere inches from her own.

"But you shall not, seraph. I can feel your heart and it tells me all I have need to know. You would kill me about as easily as I would kill you," he said lightly, his breath a bit icy against her cheek.

"What do you want here?" she asked, anger building to a level she feared she'd not be able to control.

"To find peace. Isn't that what we all want? Such a simple wish and yet so damn complicated. But I have other desires. Other needs. Can you not relate to that?" he inquired, his thumb running over her cheek as he attempted to claim her lips.

He felt the blade at his throat and backed off a bit, his smile spreading across his face.

"Very well, little seraph. I understand that you must be persuaded, and I can accept that. I consider myself to be very patient. Your mind will change, that I am sure of. In time, your hunger will match mine, and all you will have need to do is ask," he informed her, seeing her face soften at his words.

"But until those words leave your sweet lips, I will contain myself," he assured her, soon feeling the blade slip from his throat as she sheathed it once again.

"Do not consider yourself to be anything but my enemy. I allowed you to live this time, but it may not occur again. Remember that," she nearly spat, angered that he saw into her soul so easily.

"And you remember me, little angel, and what I have told you," he commanded.

Before she knew it, his lips touched hers, surprisingly warm and gentle, like nothing she'd felt in an eternity.

Not giving her time to react he was gone, vanished to who knew where to do who knew what.

Serena stood there, her body shaking like a leaf in the wind. What had he just done to her? He'd broken down her defenses like they were nothing and she knew full well that he could've killed her if he'd wished it.

But he hadn't and it troubled her to no end. What had stopped him, from taking the life of a hunter? Could it be. . .?

She shook her head, determined to regain her lost self-possession. Her mind enjoyed playing tricks on her late at night, and the experience was enough to tire her emotionally and physically.

Now her mind couldn't rest as she placed her fingers upon her lips. They still tingled from his kiss, and she knew then that something very real and very disturbing had just occurred. Something wrong, forbidden. . . impossible. And so right.

Her hate mingled with the impractical feelings rising within her and she quickly pushed them aside, trying to think clearly as she walked towards her apartment. Amy would assuredly know what to do.


The immortal smiled as he stepped through the door, four sets of eyes looking him over intently. At times, he loathed the fact that his blood family knew him so well. . . or so they assumed.

"Oh, no. Tell me you didn't," the calm Zoisite said, tugging a lock of his long blond hair in wait of the answer.

"Darien, are you truly an idiot or do you just enjoy acting the part at times?" the crimson haired Nephlyte chided, already knowing the answer.

"No one trusts me, do they?" he asked, appearing as if their comments where the ultimate stab at his heart.

"Well, was she all you've waited for?" Raye asked dryly, perched atop the blond Jedite's lap.

"I can safely confess that she was the most intriguing creature I've ever happened upon. And so sweet, too," he said, licking his lips in wicked remembrance.

"Darien, you're going to get us all killed. Is that what you wish?" Jedite asked, his hand stroking Raye's long black hair softly.

"She will not harm me. I felt it from within her. The lady is not what everyone assumes her to be," he pointed out, only drawing forth frustrated sighs from his blood drinking associates.

"Darien," Zoisite said, rising from his chair to meet his gaze.

"She is a day walker, a hunter. She will destroy you if you do not take her first. It is the reality you face. Why let a reputation fuel a false feeling, my friend?" he asked, causing the subject of his lecturing to frown.

"Who labels it false, Zoi? Have a bit of faith in me. Would it not be better to work with her than against her? She may have the key to stopping the hunger," he pointed out, and another audible sigh followed soon afterward.

"We are what we are. She is what she is, though she has yet to accept it. She is your enemy, Darien. Satisfy yourself within her if you must, but know too that you will kill her when you have had your fill. She must die as the others if that should occur," Raye said strongly, her violet eyes unyielding.

"You all speak without reason," Darien noted darkly, shaking his head.

"She can help if you would but allow her to. Need I show you?" he wondered, never one to pass up a challenge. He knew what he'd felt and it was a want and need that matched his own, burning deep within her where she thought that no one would discover it.

He determined then to draw it out, make her realize that working together would be much more worthwhile than trying to kill one other off.

With a parting nod to his companions, he retired to his room, his bed seeming to be more empty than ever before. As his eyes closed, she appeared, the fierceness in her eyes making his blood run hotly through his veins.

Sleep evaded him totally throughout the night, his only waking dreams of her, that angelic face and the blasted pride that was standing in the way of so much.

Time would tell the victor of this battle and he satisfied himself in imagining how her bare body would feel pressed against his own, as he remembered the small taste of her he'd stolen earlier. He would indeed play this game as she so wished, making her beg him for what her heart, her soul, her body so desperately desired.


Serena slammed the door behind her, causing the blue haired Amy to look up from the pile of notes and figures before her, eyes gazing at the uncharacteristically flustered Serena over her cat's eye glasses.

"Rough night, huh Sere?" she asked, wondering what or who could have had such a profound effect on her half ling friend.

Though Amy was but human, possessing no supernatural prowess, she wasn't afraid to submerged herself in her line of work. She was a bloody genius after all. No code existed that Amy couldn't crack with the exception of one: the genetic mutation that caused the hunger to control the body.

The brain child had been working on it for years, since she was in grade school in fact. She'd always been interested in such matters, and after meeting Serena when she was fourteen, they'd not parted company.

Another friend of theirs, Lita, dwelt there as well. She was well aware of Serena's position, yet was still sympathetic and very helpful to her cause. Lita was a terribly strong woman, and Serena shuddered to think what she'd be like if she were an immortal. The Amazon was out on the prowl tonight as well, not having yet returned from her hunt.

"You won't believe me if I tell you, though I wish now it were a lie," she said, un strapping her guns and setting them on the cold metal counter before her. Her beloved dagger came off next and she set it next to the twins, wishing to the gods that she'd just shot the accursed immortal earlier.

But no, her damn heart had to interfere. . . or had it simply been her body protesting the urge to put a bullet in his head? No man, human or vampire had ever had such an effect on her, made her pulse quicken and her breath shallow as Darien had in the few short moments of their somewhat intense encounter.

"What happened?" Amy wondered, getting up and walking over to her. She placed a gentle hand on her arm, looking into her eyes for any answers.

Serena went over it again in her head, every angle and line of each visible muscle of his body. Eyes, so blue and piercing and full, as if they would trap her very soul and not let go. Hair black as a starless night, or perhaps the color of the sea beneath a starless night better described it.

His chaste kiss still burned upon her lips and she found herself wishing to feel more of his body against hers, more of his touches, yet something killed her thoughts suddenly, without mercy.

"He's a fucking vampire!" she shouted, angry with herself for allowing him to continue stalking the night.

Amy stifled a laugh, squeezing her shoulder as she recovered from her small eruption.

"He? So that's what's upset you so badly? A man?" she giggled, not capable of believing such a thing. Serena fumed, unable to express her emotions properly.

"Not just any man, Ames. A damn vampire. And not just any average vamp, this is Darien, Amy. THE Darien. You know, the one who's name the wind howls? The one reputed to kill more frequently and efficiently than any other? That would be him. That's him and I should've killed the bastard but I couldn't. I couldn't fucking do it, and he kissed me! Right on the mouth, while I held my blade to his throat. He's already playing mind games with me, Amy. . . He thinks he has me where he wants me. Why would I want a damn vampire?" she huffed, and Amy fanned her face a bit, noticing her flush as she spoke of him.

"I don't know. Why do you?" she retorted, and Serena pounded her fist so hard on the counter that it stung.

"I DON'T! He just wants to make it known that he seduced and killed me, to all his blood sucking friends. I know what game he plays," she said defiantly, causing Amy to smile.

"If that's the case, why didn't he just kill you then? Why would he waste all that time for the purpose of killing you if he could at any time?" Amy asked sensibly, and Serena gave up, throwing her hands in the air with a flourish.

"I don't know, ok? And that bothers me, Amy. I allowed him to get that close, and still we both walked away. What does that mean?" she muttered, heading to her room to brood. Her door slammed shut with a crash and Amy sighed mightily before returning to her work.

"Darien? Of all damn people, Serena. What kind of mess will this become?" she wondered aloud. She couldn't wait to talk to Lita about this. Who knew what he really had in store for her?


"That's the most fucked up thing I've heard all week," the tall brunette declared as she flopped down on the couch with a Zima in her hand.

"Isn't it? I don't know what they're up to, but I do know that it isn't good. Why on Earth would he be trying to get close to her if he didn't want to use her for something?" the young genius wondered, sipping her own green tea delicately.

"A better question would be, why didn't she shoot his ass? He was right there in front of her, and instead of blowing his carcass away, she stood there and let him kiss her! Serena let a man touch her, and not just any man. A damn vampire and Darien to beat all that to hell and back! It isn't like her to let her guard down like that with one of them. What am I missing oh Wise One?" Lita wondered, throwing back her beer as she contemplated the newest developments of the day.

"I couldn't tell you. I can figure her out just about as well as I can their genetic code," Amy answered, scribbling furiously at her failed formulas in front of her.

"Ames, chill out, ok? You're working way too hard. All of us are, I suppose. Sere looks like she's going to drop at any moment. I worry about her when she gets like this," Lita grumbled, looking toward Serena's closed bedroom door with a frown.

"So do I. She's not thinking clearly and I'm afraid that she'll let her guard down at the wrong time and get herself trapped in something she can't escape from," Amy said with concern apparent in her voice.

"Serena is every vamp's worst nightmare, but the most dangerous one of all seems not to fear her or to want her to fear him. What does he want, then, besides the obvious I mean?" Lita asked, her head starting to ache.

"I don't know, but she needs to be careful. He's tricky and we have no idea how to handle him, especially if she couldn't even do that. She'll be ok, because we'll make sure of it," Amy said clearly and Lita nodded in agreement.

"Sure. Heh, a blood sucker's got a crush on our girl. How sickeningly romantic," Lita noted, and their laughter filled the room, breaking the mood nicely.


A few days later, after brooding nonstop for hours on end, Serena was out again, walking the dimly lit streets, the twins and her dagger keeping her company as usual.

The damned immortal had been dancing through her mind constantly, his gorgeous image never fading to allow her any peace. For some ungodly reason, she longed to see him again, to feel his touch upon her skin.

She could sense a vampire's presence, and she knew that they were near. Stopping suddenly, she felt an icy wind at her back, chilling her very soul.

As she turned, blade in hand, she was knocked nearly senseless by a blinding stroke to the back of her head. The ground met her fiercely and she rolled to her feet without hesitation to face her attacker. She hadn't seen this one before.

"You must be a newborn," she mused, drawing her guns fluently as she stared down the newcomer.

"Half ling. You disgrace our world. Your pretty face won't save you," the brown haired vampire growled, his eyes glowing blood red before her.

"Don't make me retch, you clumsy fuck. Haven't you heard? I am death to you," she growled, her aim taken at his head. His bitter laugh rang out, enraging the small woman- child that meant to bring on his quick demise by her own hands.

Serena's had yet to begin functioning properly. Darien had seen to that with his forward actions and tantalizing words days ago, and she had yet to recover from the encounter.

So it was that she found herself caught completely off guard by the unfamiliar vampire as he seized hold of her wrists, proceeding to unceremoniously disarm her before she'd realized what was happening to her.

She wished more than anything that she had simply killed that bastard Darien and spared herself the mind torture that had gotten her into her present situation. This would be a bit more difficult than she had previously thought.

This one was so full of hatred for who and what she was, the hunger showing plainly in his eyes. He was reaching the peak of his blood lust and she knew that she didn't have much time to make her move.

"I'm going to enjoy you, day walker. How sweet will you taste?" he growled, slamming her hard against the hood of a nearby parked car. Serena thrashed about, trying to free herself from his monstrous grip.

"Don't touch me, you beast!" she snarled, her fangs bared and ready to aid in her fight. Another blow to her face stunned her long enough for him to pin her down, and shortly thereafter his hands were exploring her body in places that no one had dared to go in quite some time. He was so cold and droid-like, causing a bout of nausea to wash over her. If only she hadn't allowed her guard to fall. Damn vampires and their accursed head games.

While she continued to struggle, her irrational thoughts were interrupted as the breeze stopped entirely, the very Earth seeming to cease its rotation and an eerie stillness settling over the area.

The inexperienced vampire drew his attention away from disrobing and violating Serena long enough for her to kick him away from her and to get to her feet, though a little shakily. She looked up, only to find a familiar shadow standing close by, his stillness almost menacing.

"Aren't you a bit out of your league, child? The day walker is too much for you, I do believe," came his velvety voice, making Serena's heart begin to pound furiously within her chest. Why the fuck was she allowing this? Blasted vampire and his foul deceptions.

"Back off, Darien! She is mine!" the rage driven demon spat, lunging for her again. This time, however, she was prepared for the attach, her blade at the ready by her side.

She collided with him full force, nearly knocking him to the ground with her momentum. Her hunger was burning inside her now, prompting her to take advantage of it and show Darien what happened to naughty vampires that tried to have their way with her.

Serena grabbed the back of the unknown vampire's head, forcing it back with her blade to his throat. Her legs wrapped nimbly around him as Darien watched, incredibly turned on by her every motion.

"I belong to no one," she said definitely. She locked eyes with Darien, as she sank her fangs into his neck, streams of blood flowing unchecked down her chin. She drank until there was no life force left, removing herself from her position before the corpse fell upon the pavement.

She stood, wiping her mouth with the back of one hand, holding her silver blade firmly in the other as she gazed into the glowing blue orbs of her adversary.

"Feel like being next, darling one?" she asked, her voice smoky, seeming to echo all about him. She took a step forward and he did the same, not concerned by her intentions in the least.

Serena felt her body beginning to argue with her mind again, as she started to lose all control that had previously been hers. The grip on her blade grew weak as his stormy blue eyes bored into hers, her meticulously erected defenses crumbling around her.

"Stop," she managed, unable to articulate further than that one word. But still he persisted, just as she knew he would.

"You're hurt. You may be reputed as such, but you are not invincible, fair one. Let me help you," he offered, extending a hand to her in earnest.

She eyed it warily, as if it were a cobra intent on biting her, fighting the urge to become lost in his all seeing eyes.

"Go now. You are my enemy," she said shakily, silently cursing her voice for betraying her so. He raised an eyebrow at her comment, a smile spreading slowly across his face.

"Is that what your heart tells you? Or is that the whisper of the world?" he asked, taking her shaking hand in his. Her shocked gasp filtered into his ears, a small yet unbelievably pleasing sound. She was attempting to keep her feelings in shadow, but to no avail whatsoever.

It was amusing to see the normally composed beauty struggling so much with her emotions. The immortal steadied himself, realizing that she was more fragile than he'd ever realized. He decided that the gentle approach would be necessary, else she would simply flee like a frightened bunny being pursued by a wolf. That always seemed to be his mistake.

"What are you trying to pull, you shady bastard? Do you think me to be so blind?" she nearly shouted, though her eyes easily gave her away.

"Why so hostile, dear heart? Why will you not accept my aid?" he wanted to know, not releasing her hand.

"You are what you are, and I am what I am," she said coldly, and he cringed at the all too familiar words.

"There you are grossly mistaken. We are much alike, you and I. We can be welcomed by peace, if you would for once put your bloody pride aside," he said just as coldly as she herself had spoken.

She felt a heat consume her heart, a most disturbing sensation indeed.

"The sun is nearing. Aren't you out past curfew?" she asked, trying to remove herself from his firm grip. However, he wasn't going to relent so easily.

"Are you so concerned?" he questioned, appearing touched. She huffed and glared up at him, her eyes positively maddening to him.

"Do not flatter yourself, you. . ." she began, before shortly being silenced.

"I know. . . bastard," he finished for her, causing her to become even more flustered.

"How much of that blood is actually his?" he wondered, gesturing to the corpse on the ground. She swallowed, licking her lips in a way that had his own demons raging in moments.

"Only this," she answered, running her tongue along the corners of her mouth. He chewed his own bottom lip anxiously, feeling his hunger growing inside him. Gods, she was an impish tease. He had a feeling that she damn well knew it too.

"Come along. I'll hear no more protests," he informed her, tugging on her hand.

She resisted, of course, as he'd expected from the beginning.

"I'll not go anywhere with you," she said plainly, her blade resting upon his neck again, though the shaking of her hand was soon obvious. He sighed with annoyance before gently pushing it away, in no mood for her obstinate ways.

"Don't argue. You're going to fall over in about thirty seconds anyway, so you may as well allow me help you," he said sensibly, taking her dagger from her and leaving her staring in shock as he smoothly sheathed it.

"You are either very bold or very stupid, though I know not which," she grumbled, feeling her wounds beginning to ache for the first time since they'd been inflicted.

Serena could feel her own warm blood trickling down her face and she knew that once again, he was right. She did in fact need his help, as badly as she hated to admit it.

"You have all the time in the world to find out," he promised, lacing a strong arm about her waist as her own arm draped itself around his neck.

Her body defied her again, crying out its approval of his touch despite the revulsion she knew she should've felt.

Without any reasoning or fear of betrayal she allowed him to lead her off down the dimly lit street, his steel like arm wrapped firmly around her, giving her all the support she would ever require. Her feet were unsteady, ears ringing from the blows she'd been so cruelly dealt, and the neurotic emotions overtaking her.

The pair disappeared into the last traces of night, just before the first rays of the sun bathed the Earth with their fiery light.


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