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The Kamiya apartment

For a layout of the Kamiya/Yagami apartment go to www(dot)geocities(dot)com/fanfic(underscore)extras/Kamiya-Yagami(underscore)Apt.jpg (ffn wont let me type the url. what a hastle!!) just a vague idea of what it looks like. This is how I imagined it to be like
just a vague idea of what it looks like. This is how I imagined it to be.

Careful when you type, geocities is case sensitive

It was a fine mid-spring afternoon, with the sun shining and not a cloud in site. The spring warmth was creeping into its final stages, ready to turn into its seasonal summer heat. Older students could be seen walking home from school while the younger ones of elementary played in the parks and ran up and down the streets in the district of Odaiba.

In the midst of all this fine weather and happiness, two pairs of feet trudged along the residential parts of the district. The pair in front walked in a reluctant manor, as if wishing to never reach it's destination, while the pair behind followed suit however, making sure to stay back at least ten to fifteen meters clear of the leading pair.

Sora Takenouchi was extremely drained by this time of day, and her blood sugar level was starting to run low. As she walked along the side of the street, she could feel his eyes occasionally glance upon her, leaving her with a strange sensation as if he were right behind her, breathing down her neck. It annoyed her deeply.

Slowing her walk to a stop, she turned around and saw that he had stopped as well, looking to the ground as if he was observing something of interest on the sidewalk. His attempted ignorance continued to agitate her, and she couldn't take it any longer.

"Could you stop following me!" She said in an angry and protesting manor.

He replied in his calm, cool tone of voice, as if her anger were not apparent to him at all. "I'm not following you, I just happen to be going the same way."

And of course it was obvious to the both of them that their destination had been the same from the very start, but Sora couldn't help but feel annoyed with the way he went on about getting there. His walking behind her made him look like some kind of weirdo, or stalker. She hated to admit it to herself, but she would rather him walk beside her, than behind her.

She extended the invitation, but remembered to add "Don't get any ideas from this Kamiya."

As he got closer to her, she could see his features much more clearly than she could from afar. A sudden feeling of nostalgia came over her. A little shocked she stood still as he passed her by.

As she shook off the feeling and turned to follow, he in turn said, "could you stop following me?"

"I'm home." Tai announced as he stepped through the doorway of his apartment, Sora following after him.

"Onii---chan!" Kari said as she hopped through the family room doorway and into the hall, grinning from ear to ear.

"What is it...?" he eyed her suspiciously.

"Actually, nothing." Her grin fell into a straight line as she went on to greet Sora, but she couldn't help herself from giggling giddily as she went for the front door.

"Going out?"

"yup!" she said as she walked out the door, only to let her head pop in once again. "Oh yeah," she remembered. "Yamato's here." Then, her head disappeared just as quickly as it had popped back.

Tai was a little surprised at the news, but it was like Matt to pull his surprise visits every once in a while.

Tai turned to Sora. "Go home"

Caught off guard she dumbly said, "What?"

"You can go home for today. You're off the hook." He repeated himself.

She was in no position to complain or protest. She was just given the remainder of her afternoon, but she couldn't help but feel a little annoyed, she did take the trouble to walk there after all.

"I'll be going then," she turned to leave.

"Leaving so soon?" a new voice called out.

Sora turned her head to see who was addressing her, only to see the amateur rock star Yamato Ishida standing in the doorway to the family room.

Yes, she had known the visitor's name was Yamato, but she never imagined it would be the Yamato Ishida of the teenage wolves. This only caused much question and suspicion to arise in her mind. What was he doing in the Kamiya apartment? Well, to visit Tai of course, but why? She decided to ask.

"I don't mean to be rude or anything, but...why would you," she pointed to Matt, "be here to visit him?" she pointed at Tai.

"Well, Tai and me go waaaay back y'see, we were in the same school for about a year."

'That's not long at all...' (--")

"Since my Dad had been moving from place to place, I had to transfer schools really often...blabla"

This, Sora already knew, due to the fact that she had also attended the same school as him in previous years, him being in a different class. She decided to keep that piece of information to herself.

Seeing as to how he was going on about things entirely irrelevant to her question, she decided to escape while she could.

"Sorry to interrupt your very 'fascinating' story, but I have to take my leave now. If you'll excuse me." She stepped out of the apartment.

"So, what's the deal with that chick?" Matt asked as he settled himself on the couch.

"I'm sure someone mentioned it to you, that's the girl I'm supposed to tutor."

"Tutor?....HAHAHA!! that's pretty funny Tai, you? Tutor?? Hahahaha!"

"I see... so no one told you." Tai said, slightly annoyed with his friend's reaction.

"We'll I've been real busy with the band and all y'know? This is the first break I've had all month, which reminds me," he looked to his watch... "gah, I gotta go. I'm on a tight schedule and I still have to stop by Izzy's" he explained getting up and heading towards the entrance. Tai followed to see his friend out.

"Here." Matt said, handing Tai two tickets and two all access backstage passes, undoubtedly for his next concert. "Kari's already got her tickets, these are for you."

"But I don't need two..."

"The other one's for that cute girl" Matt smiled slyly.


"Mama, I'm home." Sora called out from the back room of the store. She set her bag down and went to the front where her mother was tending to a customer.

"Hello Mrs. Hasegawa, how are you this evening?" Sora kindly greeted the elderly woman, one of their frequent customers. "Oh I'm doing fine dear, and just look at you. You're so much more prettier than the last time I came." The old woman smiled. "But something seems to have changed." She brought her hand to her chin, inspecting Sora. "No glasses today!"

"Oh those, they're right here." Sora pulled a case out of her pocket to show her.

"My, I must say you look very different with your glasses off, but just as pretty! If I didn't know better I'd have thought you were a completely different person." the woman continued to compliment as she readied herself to leave. "I'd best be going now, It was nice to see you dear." She gave both women a bow, and they too bowed in return. "Thank you, Mrs. Hasegawa"

"No club today Sora?" The older Takenouchi asked her daughter.

", not today" Sora replied, almost forgetting that she had told her mother that she was in a club, rather than telling her she was getting tutored after school. "I'm gonna go upstairs and get changed, be right back." She started up the stairs.

"Oh yeah, Sora," her mother called her back down. "Your friend from America called, Mm..."


"Yes that's right. She called a few hours ago while you were in school. She said to call her back as soon as you got home." She handed Sora a piece of paper.

Completely overjoyed at this news, Sora hugged her mom and rushed up the stairs to the phone.

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