Suite No 2 in D minor

Asuka was pissed, and by pissed I mean that her usual bad attitude was, well, pretty normal.

So this is her normal bad attitude only a lot more pissed. Why was she pissed? One reason, the third child.

Though she would never let on to anyone, she had actually worried about the baka. She even liked him a little, though she would never admit it to anyone…especially herself. But as for right now her attitude towards Shinji was, well lets just say that if looks and wishes could kill, Shinji would be dead in every possible way known to man.

'HOW DARE HE! I can't believe he just goes into a coma, stays in the hospital for two weeks, and then just comes to school and doesn't even say "Hi Asuka, how are you doing. I missed you."' Asuka was, quite obviously, actually angry over the fact that she worried over him when she constantly tells herself that she doesn't care. The fact that she had the whole morning class to brood in her anger didn't help Shinji's case either. What also didn't help was her 'best friend' saying hi and seeming to care so much about the boy that Asuka constantly makes fun of.

'It's as if Hikari never listened to a word I said about him!' These thought puts the icing on the cake and Asuka became pissed, no, beyond pissed. Sadly for him, this anger is directed at Shinji.

Lunch time came and just as the bell rang Shinji got up and walked out the door before Asuka, Kensuke, or even Hikari could catch him. Asuka quickly ran to the door to find him and tell him off, but some of the new students who didn't know better yet blocked her path. By the time she got to the door (leaving a line of bodies behind her) Shinji was already out of sight. Still angry she went back to the room with and sat down next to Hikari, who began trying to calm her down so they could eat their lunches.

Shinji got up as the bell rang and began to walk towards the door. He had a blank look in his eyes and was just sort of moving instead of going somewhere. He was still sorting out some of the memories and his body was working on instinct. So he walked towards the door. After he was out of the classroom he walked in a random direction never knowing that he had barely evaded Asuka's wrath.

He made his way down the hall and around the corner to the stairs just as Asuka disposed of the last obstacle (that poor guy, he'll never use that leg again), barley missing Asuka's line of sight. He moved up the stairs meaning to only go up one level, but before he realized it he was standing on the roof. Not bothering to go back down he climbed on the roof of the small structure that surrounded the stairs, subsequently reaching the highest point on the school, and stood at the edge while staring out into the city.

"Lets check out the roof!" said a girl who was ascending the stairs at the school for the first time.

"I bet it has a great view!" came from another girl who was with the first. They got onto the roof, never noticing Shinji, and moved to the railing to eat their lunches.

"How do you like this school so far?" asked the first girl.

"It's not too bad. Besides it's really cool that the evangelion pilots go here!" said the second girl.

"Did you see that Shinji kid that was here today? I heard that he is a pilot, but it's hard to believe." said the first girl who giggled after saying the last part.

"I didn't choose to be a pilot." Shinji said to the girls. The girls spun around quickly to see Shinji standing just above them. Startled and embarrassed at being caught talking about him, turned to face him just as he dropped from his standing place to go back inside. Speechless, neither girl could think of anything appropriate to say as he walked away.

Asuka was eating lunch with Hikari and was still irritated.

"Asuka, why are you so mad at Shinji?" Hikari asked calmly hoping not to set of an explosion.

"'s because he was in his coma for two weeks leaving me to deal with Misato's food and cleaning, and then when he gets back he doesn't even give me so much as a hello!" Asuka said with a little thought.

Knowing how to some what diffuse the ticking time bomb named Asuka, Hikari said, "Sounds to me like you there's more to this than just that. Shinji just woke up from a coma it's only natural that he would be a little reserved, and it's not like he wanted to go into a coma so it isn't his fault that you had to eat Misato's cooking."

Not wanting to think about this obvious line of reasoning and where it could lead Asuka deftly made an attempt to change the subject, "Why are you so worried about Shinji lately? It seems like you have a crush on him or something."

"What! No, I just know that he has a hard time with piloting and everything 'everything mostly being you' and I just want to help him out." Hikari said blushing profusely.

"What so you want to help him because he has to pilot! What about me! I have to pilot too you know." Asuka said getting angry again.

Seeing that the German girl was heating up again Hikari knew she was treading on dangerous ground, "Well, it's just that you're a better pilot, and you don't need anyone's help."

Asuka accepted this answer and wondering why she was angry in the first place let the whole thing go. Hikari was surprised that she had let it go so easily. For Asuka this was really good. Deciding to not look a gift horse in the mouth...also wondering what exactly that meant...Hikari quickly changed the topic, and before she knew it Shinji walked back into the room and was soon followed by the teacher.

Shinji once again sat in his desk and laid his head on his arms for the whole period. If he had bothered to check the school intercom he would have noticed that the whole class was trying to talk to him for one reason or another, but, of course, he never did.

After the final bell rang Shinji headed for the door and was quickly followed by Asuka who said goodbye to Hikari then left. Asuka quickly caught up with Shinji who wasn't really giving chase. In fact if you had asked her, Asuka would have said that Shinji looked really out of it. He was just staring blankly into space and didn't even seem to notice when Asuka started walking next to him. Asuka, who was getting very annoyed at being ignored smacked him on the back of the head.

"What's wrong with you baka?" she said. Still getting no response she smacked him again harder. This time Shinji slowly turned his head to look at her and his eyes seemed to regain focus.

"What is it Asuka?" he said in complete monotone.

"Mein Gott! What's your problem! You wake up from a coma that you've been in for two weeks and you don't even give me so much as a hello!" Asuka practically screamed.

"Hello" Shinji said and continued walking. Asuka just stared at him blankly for a moment before catching up to him.

"Well I guess it can't be helped." She said. Suddenly Shinji stopped in his tracks.

"What did you just say?" He asked unbelieving.

"What? I just said it can't be helped." She stared at him oddly. Shinji seemed to think to himself for a moment and then continued walking.

"Why are you acting so weird?" Asuka asked.

"I don't think you've ever let something go that easily before, but I know why you did it." Shinji said.

"What was that supposed to mean?" But she never got an answer out of Shinji who had gone back to staring forward blankly again.

Shinji and Asuka walked into their apartment and were greeted by a slightly drunken Misato.

"How was school today?" she asked with a slight slur in her voice.

"Fine" replied Asuka. Shinji however didn't give a response. He just walked into his room and closed his door.

"What's wrong with him?" asked Misato.

"That's what I want to know" replied Asuka.

Darkness, totally encompassing, and totally complete. For the past hour or so I've been wondering whether my eyes are open or closed. It doesn't really matter anyway. Either way all there is, is darkness. How long have I been here? It seems like an instant and eternity at the same time. How long has it been since I slept? Am I asleep now? Have I ever slept? Is this all a dream? Nothing seems real. I know what memories are mine, but aren't they all? Every second another one arises in my mind. They come so fast some times I think I'm there. I can almost feel the pain of a knife or a fist or a bullet traveling at incredible speeds only to find it's way into my body. Every time a new one comes I am a new person with a different life. Are these all false memories that were given to me, or am I a false memory of theirs? Maybe I never got out of that Eva. Maybe I never got in that Eva. Maybe there is no Eva. Maybe there is no me. Is it all real? Is any of it real? Am I real?

Shinji laid in his bed thinking for hour upon hour. It had been three days since he had gone back to school. It had been three nights since he had gone back to school. Three sleepless nights. Three sleepless days. Years ago Shinji had attended a science fair at his old school. A boy had been having trouble sleeping and had researched insomnia for his project. This boy had said that there were three types of insomnia. The first type involved trouble sleeping and occasional sleepless nights. The second type involved waking very early in the morning and not being able to return to sleep. The final type of insomnia was the ultimate, no sleep. A man had asked the boy if you could die from lack of sleep. The boy's reply was that you couldn't die from lack of sleep, but from records of people that have had the third type of insomnia death would be better.

Shinji got out of bed not truly caring what time it was, just knowing that he couldn't take the emptiness any longer. He took a long shower and began to start making breakfast. He was halfway through cooking when he accidentally knocked a few pots and pans off of the counter which made a loud noise. He calmly picked up the things that had been dropped when he heard a door open.

"What are you doing?" came a female voice from behind him.

"Cooking." he replied emotionlessly.

"Do you know what time it is?" she asked.

"Actually I don't." he responded.

"Well for your information it is four in the morning and we don't eat breakfast until at least six." she said in a grumpy tone.

"Then I will store this in the refrigerator and make breakfast later." Shinji said.

"...whatever, I'm going back to sleep." She said and trudged back to her room.

"Goodnight." he said after she went back into her room.

By four-thirty he had finished cooking and, true to his word, stored the food in the refrigerator. Shinji then began to clean the house, a thing that had not been done in over a week and a half due to his coma and subsequent lack of activity. By five-thirty he had the small apartment very clean minus vacuuming and other such loud cleaning activities. Shinji began to cook again and by six when his roommates awoke he had a large and delicious breakfast spread out for them. Overjoyed at the abundance of food that Shinji had made, after having to deal with Misato's attempt at food for so long, Asuka sat down and began eating the small feast. Misato, seeing that Shinji had already put a beer on the table for her also sat down, drank her morning beer, let out a scream of how great it was, and began to eat the small feast also. Shinji sat down with them after a few minutes but didn't have anything to eat. Assuming that he had already eaten they continued down his well cooked food.

"Shinji, why did you make so much food today?" asked a curious Misato.

"I couldn't sleep and I had nothing better to do than cook and clean." Shinji said while staring at the table. Looking around for the first time Misato and Asuka noticed that the apartment truly was clean.

"I'm going to head to school now. Asuka your lunch is in the kitchen." Shinji said while still staring at the table.

"Oh and I'm sorry for waking you up last night." He said never looking away from the table. He then got up and left. Asuka turned to Misato.

"How did he wake you up last night?" Asuka asked.

"Me? I thought he was talking about you!" Misato replied confusion in her voice. The two girls just stared at each other for a while wondering what Shinji had meant. Then Asuka got up, got her lunch, and left for school.

Author's notes

For those of those wondering why Misato and Asuka are still acting kind of negligent they must remember that even though all their really bad memories are gone that doesn't mean that all their bad memories are gone, and this takes place right before third impact which is probably the most screwed up time in the whole series minus End of Eva.