This is a totally new approach I'm taking to Inuyasha. The idea just came to me all of a sudden right before I fell asleep, kind of weird huh? I have never read a story that had this kind of plot so I'm hoping I'm not ripping anybody off. If I am, I'm very sorry but I'm still writing this story no matter what. So enjoy! (oh, and a quick note, in this story miko's can be guys and they age very very slowly)

Chapter 1: The Sealed Away Girl


Her azure eyes snapped wide open at the pain as a small purple jewel fell to the dirt. She peered down at the arrow embedded in her heart and gently touched the fletching at the end with clawed fingers.

"Kagome!" a harsh voice rang out in the clearing.

She looked up to see a young man in a red hakama and gi. Silver hair was pulled back in a rough tail which showed the strong planes of a handsome face. A long bow in his callused hand revealed that it had been he who had loosed the arrow. He limped closer to her and she smelled blood in the wind that coursed through the trees around them, creating a sound similar to wailing. A trail of blood drops showed that he had walked all the way from the village.

"Teme!! I should have never trusted you!!! Because of your greed, you will lay dead on that tree till the end of time!" he shouted, animosity showing in every line of his body. His angry
cursing was the last thing she heard before she dropped into the sleep he had ordained. The man picked up the jewel that sat on the ground and closed a tight fist around it. He grimaced
at the deep cuts in his back and tears began to fall from his golden eyes. It wasn't the pain that he was crying for , no, pain he could withstand. It was the death of his only brother that
those droplets of salt and sorrow fell. The brother who had died in the hands of that despicable hanyou who stood just before him. He cursed her one more time before slowly
limping back to the village.

He hefted his heavy bag over his shoulders and stepped out into the morning sun in jeans and
a long black coat. The air was crisp with the scent of falling leaves and the coming of fall's cold
breath. As he walked into the shrine's courtyard he noticed a small figure crouching before an
old door that led into the ancient well shrine. He gave a sigh and walked over to the sniffling
child that looked forlornly into the darkness of the small building.

"Rin, you shouldn't play in the hokora." he said as he stepped behind her. A small girl of 8
tipped her head up to look at her tall brother. Tears stained large brown eyes that begged for help.

"But Sesshoumaru...Buyo..." she pointed down towards the steps. He gave a sigh and clomped down the stairs in his sneakers. A meow gave away Buyo's hiding place and he picked up the chubby feline with a hand. When he turned to look at Rin she looked past him in surprise and there was the crashing sound of broken wood.

"Rin? What is it-"

Before he could finish hands grabbed his shoulders and Buyo dropped to the ground as he
was pulled back into the well. A strange blue light surrounded him and there was the odd
feeling in his stomach of floating. A woman with a long set of rib-cages stared down at him
and began to lick his cheek with her tongue.

"How powers are coming back. have it, don't you?"

"Let go of me!" he demanded, completely disgusted with this monster of a woman. He pushed
her away with a hand and something shot out of his palm, tearing off one of the woman's
numerous hands.

" I won't let you go......Shikon no Tama!!!"

He hit the ground lightly and was on his hands and knees. What the hell was that?? He
looked up to see not the ceiling of the wellhouse but sunlight? He picked himself up when something fell to the floor with a plop. He looked down to see the monster woman's arm
laying down, the fingers slightly moving. He desperately looked around the well for a way out and spotted long vines growing up to the well's opening. When he finally made it to the top his
mouth dropped open from the sight. A lush forest surrounded the well and all manner of
wildlife was everywhere.

"Rin?" he murmured as he observed the forest all around. What had happened? Where was the shrine? Where was the city? Did he hit his head? Maybe he was dreaming? He gave a sigh of relief as he spotted Goshinboku, the Sacred Tree. He pushed through bushes and stepped over tall plants as he made his way to the familiar landmark. But when he pushed his way
through the last bush he stopped in his tracks.

What he saw was not his home but a girl that was held to a tree by large roots. Her delicate head was tipped to the side as if she was merely asleep and her clothes were of the style worn five hundred years ago. The kimono was a brilliant blue and she wore white pants underneath but both articles of clothing looked a bit worn. He climbed up the roots to have a better look at the first human life he had seen so far. Then his quick eyes caught sight of two black furred ears in a sea of ebony black hair. He was about to touch them to see if they were real when arrows thudded near his head and he turned around to see a group of men dressed in more old style clothing. All had bows in their hands and had arrows ready to fly.

"Who are you? And are you from a foreign province?" one of them said. He was about to ask them if they were actors when the group of men moved aside to let someone through.

This man appeared to be the leader but was quite young for such a position. He had to be around 18 years old and was wearing all red. What was really strange was that this stranger had the same golden eyes and silver hair as himself, a trait that he had never seen in anybody else. The leader must have noticed this because his eyes grew wide.

"Who are you? Are you a youkai?" he asked.

"A youkai? Have you gone crazy?" Sesshoumaru said, starting to get annoyed. First they shot arrows at him and now this boy was accusing him of being a demon???

"Tie him up and take him to the village." the stranger turned around and began to leave as the men circled around him with rope. After much struggling and threatening, the men managed to tie him up and pushed him down a beaten path with a spear jabbing into his back. Sesshoumaru took one last glance at the sleeping girl before another push sent him stumbling. The village was in view within seconds. There was no city, no buildings, absolutely nothing of Tokyo. Cooking fires made tiny spirals in the air while woman and men alike stared at him while he walked by. They finally stopped in front of an old hut and pushed him inside where the leader sat waiting.

"What is the meaning of this? I could have you in court for this kind of act." he hissed as the stranger scrutinized him carefully.

"What were you doing in Kagome Forest? And why are you strangely? And why do you look like my dead brother?" the stranger demanded.

Night fell fast in this country. A fire crackled nearby as Sesshoumaru looked outside the tiny
window. The past, somehow, in some impossible way, he had landed in the past. It was
Sengoku Jidai, the feudal war era, that was the time now, five hundred years shy from the
future he had come from. Both the men couldn't believe each other, that one was from the
future and that the other had come to the past.

"He died 50 years ago by the hands of someone I knew." the boy poked at the fire with a metal rod as a soup bubbled merrily.

"50?" Sesshoumaru remarked. "How could you know your brother 50 years ago when you're so young now?"

"Are you sure you're from the future? Did you have a fall and hit your head?" the boy asked from across the fire, eyes narrowed in disbelief.

"I'm VERY sure I did not hit my head. This strange centipede-like woman grabbed me and then I was here. Shortly after, your 'men' shot dangerous weapons at my head which could have resulted in my untimely death." Sesshoumaru said slowly in an accusatory tone. The boy ignored his comments.

"I think you might be the reincarnation of my brother. But if that's true, then that means-"

There was a huge crashing and the boy sat up, cursing at himself as he grabbed the bow that stood nearby. Shouts rang out and several men burst into the hut.


"I know I know, gather up the men and get as many weapons as you can. Bows, spears, anything!" he ordered and followed the men outside.

"Inuyasha?" Sesshoumaru murmured to himself as he followed them as well, an odd name. The centipede-woman from before stood in front of them, over a hunded feet tall. She spotted Sesshoumaru quickly and gave a smile that showed off razor sharp teeth.

"You! Hand over the Shikon no Tama!" she said and started to duck down towards him. He got out of the way just in time and dodged to the side. Damn it, she's targeting me! He began to run, hoping to draw the woman away from the villagers. His legs pumped to their maximum speed as the monster followed right behind him. Just as she was about to strike he dove into the forest and missed her attack by inches. He hurriedly stood up to see himself in the clearing with the sleeping girl. Only she was awake.

"Inu....yasha?" she blearily said, her thick lashed eyes still half asleep. Then they snapped open and he noticed how blue her eyes were for the first time. Almost the same color as her kimono.

"You bastard!!" she choked out, struggling to get free of her bonds. "Inuyasha, you bastard!! I hope that centipede woman kills you!"

"What are you talking about? I'm not Inuyasha!" he argued back.

"Yes you are, nobody else smells just" her nose wiggled as she breathed in.

"You're...not Inuyasha?" she asked weakly, the fury gone from her voice.

"No, I'm not. My name is Sesshoumaru. Sessh-ou-ma-ru. Got it?"

Before she could answer the clearing exploded in a cloud of dirt and leaves as the centipede woman burst in. She slashed at Sesshoumaru's waist with an enraged scream. Blood shot out
in a short burst as he grabbed his side. Then suddenly he felt a small ball coming out from the
wound. As the red liquid dripped off he held the ball in front of his eyes. It was a purplish
jewel that sparkled even in the darkness of the night.

" Tama!!!!" the centipede woman screamed and swiped at him again. He ducked
just as the villagers arrived and shot at the woman. The roped arrows caught her and they
began to pull her towards the well.

"Give me the jewel!" the girl shouted from behind him.

The woman whirled her head to the new voice and began to chuckle while pulling away from the villagers.

"Khe he he, I've heard that some half-youkai brat called Kagome or something was after the Shikon no Tama. Is that you?" she asked.

"Don't take me lightly, you centipede wench. When I fight, a small fry like you has no chance against me." the girl said while grinning confidently.

"Oh? We'll see when I take-this!" the woman snapped the ropes and whipped her tail around Sesshoumaru and the tree the girl was tied against. He slammed against the girl's chest and
the woman picked the fallen jewel up with her tongue, swallowing it. Sharp laughs echoed in
the clearing as the centipede woman's skin fell off to reveal dark black skin underneath. Her
eyes grew red and bulbous, teeth growing larger and sharper. Her tail squeezed tighter and
Sesshoumaru could feel his breath lessening.

"Hey." the girl said, he looked up at her.

"This arrow....can you get it out?" she didn't take her eyes off the shapechanging monster.

"What?" he gasped as he could feel himself blacking out.

"If that thing completely absorbs Shikon no Tama then it's the end. Unless you have plans on dying here-"

Images flashed in his mind, short memories of practicing in the dojo and playing with Rin. Rin, he had forgotten all about her. He couldn't die here, who would take care of her? He slowly raised his arm and grasped the arrow. There was no way he was going to die here. The arrow disappeared under his touch in a glitter of magic. And the clearing exploded for the second time, only with chunks of the centipede woman's body. The girl stood there, glowing from her own magic and reveling in her freedom. Claws glittered from her pale hands as she walked to him. She stuck out a hand and he took it, pulling himself up. She was about to say something when she froze and looked past him. He turned around to see what it was and saw the leader boy frozen in his tracks as well.

"Inuyasha." she whispered.

"Kagome." he whispered back.

Teme-why you!! (usually used in anger or annoyance) hokora-small shrine

So everybody's role has reversed. But don't worry, not everything has changed. I'll probably have Sesshoumaru meeting people the same way Kagome has in the anime. I might have to reread this chapter and change a few things later, but how do you like it?