Summary: Challenge-fic. Max and Logan meet at a costume party instead of Logan's penthouse.

Disclaimer: I heart Cameron and Eglee.

Challenge: From ML Fan at DAR. Write a fanfic with part of the premise is that in S1, Max and Logan meet at a costume party instead of at Logan's penthouse.

A/N: I was browsing that board today and felt the urge to write, and this seemed a good a thing as any. Feedback always welcome. :)

Goddamn cotton tail. Max thought angrily as the fuzzy accessory yet again snagged on another table corner. Who the hell in their right mind has this many end tables anyway?

She perused the halls of the Worther mansion with glee. The place was a thief's dream land, with expensive knickknacks and paintings littering almost every square corner of the gigantic mansion. She had to pass on most of it though, because her infernal costume wouldn't be able to hide much.

She stopped in front of a mirror and shook her head, partly because she couldn't take the prize with her but mostly because she thought she looked like an ass and a half. Really, Sketchy probably wouldn't even be caught in this costume, even if he was stoned, but this was all Original Cindy could loan her. So, here she was at the biggest costume party of the year, an easy access chance to get some fine valuables, and she was dressed as a Peter Cottontail reject.

Not seeing anything worthy taking in the hall, she checked to see that no one was coming then ducked into nearby room. Her eyes adjusted to the dark immediately and she smiled when she saw it was a bedroom, knowing that there was bound to be something good in the room. She went over to the only bureau in the room and picked up the jewelry box with a smile. Quickly flipping back the lid and examining the contents, she knew exactly what she would be taking - all of it.

Thank whoever's up there for thinking in advance. She thought with a smirk as she pulled out the small black bag that she had rigged to stay hidden on the inside of the costume. She put the jewelry box back down and began dropping the valuables into the bag one by one, careful not to damage any of the little beauties.

The door opened suddenly and she froze, hoping whoever it was wouldn't notice her. She then realized that it would be impossible for anyone to not notice her, and she doubted that any blind individuals were attending the party, which meant she was pretty well screwed. Her eyes were frozen on the man, who was dressed as a pirate, standing in the doorway. She could see his smirk even in the dark.

He flicked on the lights and looked at her, his smirk still in place. "Get lost on your way to the bathroom?"

"Uh, yeah." She replied and shoved the last bit of jewelry into her bag, then hid it under her costume again. "So, I'll just be going to find that bathroom now."

The man watched her curiously as she walked up to him quite casually. He wasn't quite sure what to make of this girl, but he was sure he wanted to find out. Knowing that she was likely to just breeze right by him, he moved to block the doorway.

Max stopped in front of the guy and sighed. "Fine, go ahead, call security. I'll just kick their collective ass."

He arched an eyebrow. "Oh, really?"

"Yes, really."

"Are you sure? 'Cause I've seen Dan's security team, and no offense here, but you don't look like you could hurt a fly."

"Maybe not a fly." She agreed. "But I'd have no problem with a kicking a person's ass, especially not someone who's annoying me, like you, Mr. Johnny Depp knockoff."

"Logan." The man grinned. "The name's Logan."

"That's very nice for you, Logan," Max replied. "But I currently don't care. I'm just a girl lookin' to get paid."

"You do realize that half of Carol's fine jewelery are cheap knockoffs... like myself, apparently."

"I'm aware, but you don't tell my dealers, I won't tell 'em either." She said. "Now, are you going to move or will I have to move you myself?"

He smirked again (Lord, how much Max was growing to hate that smirk) and crossed his arms. "You're going to move me, huh?"

Instead of replying verbally, Max used her fist. It connected squarely with his jaw, sending him flying backward into the hall and into one of the end tables. She stepped out of the room and bent over him, now smirking herself.

"For the record," She said, her voice dripping with false sweetness. "If I wanted you to be unconscious, you would be."

She tapped his face lightly, then stepped over his legs and disappeared down the hall.

Logan rubbed his throbbing jaw and watched her go, knowing that he would certainly have to learn everything about that girl - and the barcode on her neck would have to be a start.