(After) Recreating Hell
The Adventures of RJ & Hunter
By PasifikStar

Author's Note: I SHOULD be working on Thief's Treasure...and I am. But I got carried away writing THIS. I said I wouldn't write a sequel, but I did anyway. Okay, so there's going to be a small little sequel. Small as compared to the rest of the story. I'm SO sorry...-_-;; I didn't mean to drag it on like this!!...Although, I still think I'm killing the original story with this.

* All Standard Disclaimers Apply: I do not own Final Fantasy or it's characters.

"Hello, Hunter."

His green eyes couldn't be torn away as her red lips curled into a vicious smile. She stood up in front of him, taller, but still slim. She had gained some curves and in some places MORE than just SOME curves.

"Hunter, don't just gawk at her!" his mother's voice cut through his empty mind and he shook his head slightly. Everyone seemed to be looking at him with an amused look on their faces.

He narrowed his eyes and stood up straight. There was no way he was going to let HER of all people make a fool of him. "RJ," he stated with a nod of his head. "I'd love to say it's a pleasure to see you again, but I just can't bring myself to LIE at my sister's party."

"HUNTER!" Quistis growled with embarrassment.

"It's no picnic seeing you either, meany," RJ retorted proudly. *That's right... SQUIRM. That's what you get!*

"Hunter, it's so good to see you again," Rinoa cut in weakly. She smiled and studied the young man. He had grown taller and resembled his father more than his mother. Yet his hair wasn't slicked back and gave him a carefree look as it was layered around his face. "I bet you're very popular with the girls."

"I very much am, Mrs. Leonheart," Hunter smiled proudly. He glanced over at RJ who rolled her eyes. "I'm quite popular. As a matter of fact, I graduated top of my class."

"Oh!" Rinoa said, looking pleasantly surprised. "I'm very impressed, Hunter. Aren't you impressed, RJ?" She turned around and found her daughter missing. "RJ...?"

"Seraphim! Happy birthday!" The young blond turned around and smiled widely as she ran to hug RJ.

"You made it!" Seraphim piped happily. "I was afraid that Hunter would scare you away."

"It'll take more than his hideous face to keep me away," RJ said proudly. "We put your present with the others."

"Thanks! What did you get me?" Seraphim asked. RJ grinned.

"I'm not going to tell!"


"Well, I better go around and greet others," RJ sighed. She looked over Seraphim's shoulders at the group of students Seraphim's age. "Hey," she whispered. "Which one's your boyfriend?"

"None!" Seraphim squealed. She blushed. "Yet..."

"Hey! It's Aunt Tifa and Uncle Cloud's son!" RJ said with a surprised expression written all over her face. "Wow...for having short parents, he's pretty tall." She waved at her distant relative who waved back.

"He's my 'target'," Seraphim grinned stupidly. "Cute, huh?"

"Not bad..." RJ smirked. "Good choice on the bloodline though." She winked and Seraphim blushed furiously.

"Okay, I'm going to go talk to them," she smiled. "I'll see you later?"

"Yep, I'll be here all night," RJ gave Seraphim one last hug and then wandered back around the hall. She spotted the her spiky haired uncle and grinned. "UNCLE ZELL!!"

He looked up and smiled as he waved. She ran up and gave him a big hug. He chuckled. "It's good to see you, too, RJ!" he smiled. "How's school?"

"All done!" RJ announced. "How is Auntie and Torch?"

"Ah...well, Torch is in Balamb Garden, actually."

"Already!?" RJ gasped. *Man, how long have I been gone...* She thought about Zell's son. A hyper active, positive little boy. She absolutely adored him. He was named after her father, but to avoid confusion, they called him Torch. "So he's not here?"

"Oh, no he's here!" Zell said sheepishly. "He's just attending Balamb now."

"Oh...I see," RJ nodded. "So where is he?"

"RJ!!" She turned around, her long, full dress turning around her legs as she did so. She smiled brightly as a little boy with spiky blond hair that faded from light brown was running towards her in a little suit. His arms were held open wide as he rammed into her dress and hugged her waist tightly. "RJ! I missed you!"

"Torch! I thought you'd forget about me!" RJ said as she hugged him back. She used to baby-sit him when she still lived at home. "Look how big you've grown since I last saw you!"

He blushed as he let go and nodded. "I'm growing up fast..." he said quietly.

"I'm sure you are, sweetie," RJ said as she knelt down and looked at him. "Look at you, wearing a suit! You look really handsome tonight."

"Really?!" he asked with large blue eyes. RJ nodded and Torch blushed some more. "Will you marry me then?"

Squall, who was talking to Zell, nearly choked on his blood wine when he heard the little boy ask his daughter that. "Squall, you okay?" Zell asked.

"I'm fine..." Squall coughed as he hit his chest several times. He looked at the little boy and his daughter.

"Umm...sorry, Torch, I'd love to, but...you know..." RJ sighed tiredly. "Uh...I'm too old for you. You deserve someone MUCH younger and MUCH prettier than me."

"But no one's prettier than you!" Torch said with large, shimmering blue eyes.

"I'm sure there are," RJ corrected him. "You just don't know it yet. Besides, when you go to school, you'll meet someone whose better than me. I'd just be holding you back." she reasoned.

Torch thought for a moment and nodded. "I guess you're right...you are old..."

RJ jerked her head back and raised an eyebrow. *I'm not THAT old...geez...*

"Got that right, kid," Hunter said as he walked past them to get a drink. "She's an old granny. You can do much better."

"Go away, Hunter," Torch said, annoyed. It seemed that the young Dincht had inherited his father extreme dislike of Almasy men. "Like you would know."

"I'm with you there, Torch," RJ said as she stood back up and glared at Hunter's back. "I mean...look what he's wearing. He has NO taste."

"Hey, I have taste where it matters!" Hunter snapped as he whirled around.

Torch ran off, sensing hostility in the air that he, nor any of the other children, could ever handle. "Why don't you just fu-"

"RJ." her father scolded.

"Fu...ind someone else to bother tonight!" RJ glared and stomped her heeled feet on the floor. "Meany!" She whirled around and walked away from him.

"Hunter," Squall stated. The young man turned around and sudden felt as if the world had closed in on him. Squall was shorter by a few inches, but none the less threatening as he was in over protective father mode. "I would appreciate it if you kept your eyes ABOVE my daughter's neck line."

"Yes, sir!" Hunter practically squealed as he swallowed and took a step back.

Zell grinned. "You still can put fear in the hearts of others, Squall..."

Squall merely gave Hunter one last look of warning before walking off with Zell. Hunter let out a breath. "I see you had a little talk with commander puberty," Seifer said as he approached his son. "You shouldn't let your eyes wander like that, boy, she'll know you like her and will have you under her control."

"I don't LIKE her, DAD," Hunter grumbled bitterly. "WHY would I like HER?"

Seifer raised an eyebrow. "If you don't find her at least a little bit attractive, you are obviously not my son and I will have to question Quisty as to who your REAL father is."

Hunter rolled his eyes. "Unfortunately, the blood tests show that I really am your son."

"Smart ass."

"Like father like son, mom says." Hunter grinned.

"At any rate, your Aunt Selphie and Uncle Irvine are looking for you," Seifer said. "Go greet them."

Hunter nodded and headed off to find Selphie and Irvine as Quistis reached Seifer and put her arms around his shoulders as she leaned over behind him. "Did you see the way he looked at RJ?"

"He seemed in shock," Seifer shrugged. "Now he's doomed."

Quistis rolled her eyes. "WHY is he doomed? Enlighten me, please."

"Once they know you love them, you'll be nothing more than their slave," Seifer explained. "The boy is lost now."

"I think that they're a cute pair," Quistis smiled thoughtfully. "I always have."

"Yeah, well...I don't like it," Seifer frowned. *If they get married that means I'll be related to...* His eyes moved over to Squall and narrowed. *Dammit...*

Quistis read his thoughts and smirked. "Aw...how cute...the father-in-laws have MATCHING scars."

Seifer pulled away and glared at her. "I am SO close to divorcing you..." he mumbled.

"Hey, the papers are all ready," Quistis told him casually. "They've been signed, dated, and notarized, baby."

"You think of everything, don't you?" Seifer grinned as he leaned closer to her and put his arms around her waist.

She smiled as she licked her lips slightly. "I am the SMART one in this relationship..."

"Oh, HYNE, get a room!" a voice piped behind them.

Seifer groaned. Quistis smiled even more and looked over her husband's shoulder to Selphie, who was making a sickened face. "We've been married for a while now, Selphie..."

"No PDA!" Selphie announced.

"Selphie, honey, do you want me to get you some punch?" Irvine said softly in her ear as he put his arms around her waist and pulled her against him.

Selphie smiled brightly and tilted her head back to kiss him on the lips. "Please, Irvy? Thank you!!" she sang softly.

Seifer narrowed his eyes and glared at Irvine. He merely smiled and waved at Seifer. "Hey, brother!"

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" *Must not kill...must not kill...will make niece cry...niece crying BAD.*

Seraphim looked around the room and saw everyone talking. She smiled and decided it was time to put things up a notch. She looked over at the Strife's son. *He hasn't asked me to dance...why the hell not!?*

RJ looked over at Seraphim and found her frowning as she looked over at the Strife's son. The gears clicked her head and she made the connection. Without another thought, she went over to her cousin and cheerfully made conversation.

"Yeah, I heard that Seraphim loves that song..." RJ sighed. "Hey! You should dance with her!"

"ME!?" he gasped nervously, his pale face turning red.

RJ grinned menacingly. "Don't try to act all shocked, I saw you looking at her."

He turned even redder. "But...but...but her DAD..."

*He seriously fears Mr. Almasy? What a wuss...that is SO not a Leonheart trait...* RJ sighed. "I'll take care of it." She walked over to the band that was playing and began to request a song.

Rinoa was talking with Squall, Zell, and Zell's wife when THE song floated through the room. She paused in mid sentence and looked around. Everyone was chattering all at once as couples pulled each other into the dance floor.

Smiling, she saw Cloud and Tifa's son ask Seraphim to dance. She nodded ecstatically and grabbed his hand, practically dragging him to the dance floor. She looked over at Seifer, who seemed about ready to cut in and drag his daughter away, were it not for Quistis, who was holding him back.

The lights dimmed slightly as 'Eyes on Me' played in the back ground. RJ leaned against a column casually as she observed the couples dancing. *Damn, I'm good...* she thought to herself proudly.

"So, the spoiled brat isn't dancing to her favorite song? What's the matter, too ugly for partner?" a voice prodded behind her.

"What's the matter with you?" RJ said without turning around. "Too stupid to ask?" *Wait...that didn't come out right.*

"Is that an invitation?" Hunter asked, now intrigued.

RJ let out a scoff. "Oh, please," she said. "Like you can keep up with ME. That's a laugh."

"You're right," Hunter sighed. "You never were the most graceful person out there."

RJ narrowed her eyes and slowly turned around. "I am the BEST dancer at Galbadia's academy," she hissed as she glared at him. "Are you saying that I suck?"

"Aside from blood? Yes."

RJ looked absolutely shocked. Her eyes narrowed and her hand shot out, grabbing on to his wrist. "We'll see who sucks, meany!" she hissed as she dragged him to the dance floor. "Just don't scuff my shoes."

"Then don't crush my feet." he snapped back.

Selphie raised an eyebrow and smiled, immensely pleased, as she saw RJ and Hunter seem to square off in the center of the dancing couples on the dance floor. Their eyes were locked.

"I never thought I'd see that..." Selphie said, surprised.

"Their eyes are locked on to each other," Rinoa said. She frowned slightly. "But not in a romantic sort of way..."

Quistis nodded. "More of in a 'you're going down' sort of way."

"Yeah..." Rinoa and Selphie agreed. "That's it."

"Let's just hope Hunter doesn't pull a Squall out there." Irvine said as he sat on his chair at their table. Squall glared at him.

"Whatever..." he mumbled. *I wasn't THAT bad...*

"Too bad Edea's not here." Zell said.

"What do you mean?" Irvine asked. Zell looked over that them.

"Didn't you hear? You know how Squall got better on the second leg of the song? It turns out Edea cast a spell on him so he wouldn't keep running into people... and running into Rinoa." Zell explained.

Squall struggled keep his composure. *Holy crap...I really was that bad...*

Back on the dance floor, RJ raised her hand and pointed to the band. "START OVER!" she barked dangerously, her need to beat Hunter overwhelming her usual attitude.

Everyone looked around and murmured as the band slowly came to a stop and looked confused. Hunter then turned around as well. "START PLAYING!" He growled.

Immediately, they lifted their instruments. "Don't embarrass me, meany." RJ told him with narrowed blue eyes.

"Don't embarrass ME." Hunter retorted.

The music started. He placed one hand on her hip and the other took her right hand. She put her left hand on his shoulder and together, they began to take the steps of the waltz.

Side to side, their steps were equally matched. "You're not half bad." RJ admitted.

"Same for you." Hunter retorted.

They moved from side to side, switching hands as they went around each other in slow, calculated movements. He held on to her hand as they parted and flew to each other's side before coming back together and switching hands. She went under his arm.

They took steps on either side of each other's body as they finally let go of each other and stepped around each other. RJ reached out and Hunter's hand wrapped around hers, pulling her into his arms.

They reversed and repeated the movement on his other side. RJ's long dress whirled around her body like gown of liquid as elegant arm movements and turns of her head showed she had professional skill and immense talent.

At the end of the song, RJ was held close to Hunter. They were both a bit out of breath and he looked at her. Their faces were extremely close as her eyes studied his face. *Oh, Hyne, he really has gotten better looking...*

Hunter swallowed as he felt her breath on his face. *Oh, Hyne, WHY was I so mean to her all those years ago?*

"Ahem..." a voice coughed, immediately breaking the couple a part. Everyone had been watching them and when they stopped, everyone had clapped. Squall was now standing by them. "May I cut in?"

"Uh...yes, sir, of course!" Hunter stammered as he practically tossed RJ into Squall's arms.

He rushed off of the dance floor quickly, trying to hide his nervousness. Squall began to dance with his daughter as the music picked up again. "Uh... how was my dance, daddy?" she asked weakly.

"You were fine, princess," he assured her. "But why exactly did you dance with Hunter?"

Immediately, her eyes lit up with flames. "He said I sucked I just wanted to prove to him how WRONG he was."

*Sometimes I wonder if she'll ever change,* Squall thought to himself as he found himself letting out a relieved sigh. *Hopefully she won't.*

"You were having fun out there," Irvine grinned as Hunter sat back at their table and reached for something to drink. "How do you feel seeing RJ for the first time in a while? She's grown up pretty good, hasn't she?"

"Please don't even joke about that, uncle," Hunter grumbled. "She's still a spoiled brat."

"Hunter and RJ sitting in a tree," Selphie sang suddenly as she smiled from her seat next to Irvine. "D-A-N-C-I-N-G! First comes a love, then comes a marriage-"

"Then comes Squall with a gun blade," Rinoa cut in with a grin. They all laughed as Hunter tried to surpress his blush. "Well, Laguna won't be to happy to hear this either."

"Nice job, Hunter," Irvine smirked. "Pick the girl with the over protective father and the grandfather whose the head of the most powerful vampire clan in the world."

"I do NOT LOVE, let alone LIKE RJ!" Hunter exclaimed.

"Really?" Quistis sighed casually. "Too bad...she's thinking about you right now."

Hunter turned to his mother. "That's not funny, mom."

"I know this is wrong," Quistis said. "And I shouldn't tell you or read her thoughts, but it's interesting to hear."

"What?" Hunter asked.

"So you're interested now?"


"Let's just say she agrees with the fact that you've grown up quite nicely, honey," Quistis smiled. Hunter blushed slightly.

"So?" Hunter said, trying to ignore that. "I still don't like her."

"Denial." his father sneered.

"I'm going to the balcony!" Hunter announced. *Crazy old people...* He was grumbling as he reached the cool reaches of the balcony. He frowned as he saw the person already there. "This night just keeps getting worse and worse..."

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me..." RJ turned around and narrowed her eyes. "Stop stalking me, you sicko meany!"

"I'm not stalking you, whiny brat!" he snapped. "You're in my space. Get out."

"I was here first," she stated sharply. "YOU get out!"

"Fine! Anywhere away from YOU is BETTER anyway!" Hunter snorted. He turned on his heel and headed back into the hall. *Stupid little...*

RJ rolled her eyes and turned back around, watching the thin crescent moon in the distance. She smiled slightly and inhaled the crisp night air. Slowly, her eyebrows furrowed as a foreign scent entered her senses.

She looked around and leaned over the balcony. She didn't see the gloved hands coming towards her.

"Ugh! Don't get me wrong, I'm not coming back out here because I LIKE you, I just don't want to be in there with those crazy old people!" Hunter said as he stormed back out on the balcony. He paused and looked around.

The young vampiress was no longer the balcony, but could've sworn she was still out here. He took a whiff of the air and his lycan senses detected another scent. He walked back inside, thinking that RJ was still there and looked around.

She was no where to be seen. He walked back outside and looked around. He put his foot down and heard something crack slightly. He lifted his foot and narrowed his eyes. Kneeling down, he picked up a garnet earring and his heart stopped.

"Hunter?" Quistis smiled as she saw her son rush back towards the table looking weary. "What's wrong?" she frowned slowly.

Hunter tossed the earring on the table. "Where's RJ?" he gasped out.

"Out on the balcony..." Squall mumbled. He narrowed his eyes. "I saw her go out..."

"She's not there," Hunter breathed. "I found THIS where she was standing...and there was this foreign scent..."

Squall and Rinoa looked at each other and rushed towards the balcony. Quistis, Seifer, Selphie, Irvine, and Zell all followed with Hunter leading them. Upon reaching the balcony, Squall had paled considerably.

"Whose scent is that!?" Rinoa gasped as she smelled it.

Squall's eyes narrowed as his hands turned into fists at his sides. Long fangs emerged from his mouth as he jumped on the railing and scanned the expanse of greenery and shadows in front of them. "SEPHIROTH!!!"