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Author: Meggy Potter


Title: Draco's Blood Mate

Summary: Draco Malfoy is a Vampire and he needs a mate to suck blood out of so he won't kill anyone else. Only his mate can survive and handle his bite without dying, only receiving a small mark on the neck as they were born with enough power and blood. Who is Draco's mate?

Category: Romance/Drama

Pairing/s: Draco/Harry, Hermione/Ron, Sirius/Remus, more to come

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Chapter 1: His Mate

He could smell blood everywhere. Blood of his mate. He could see the outline of his mate in front of him. But his mate was blacked out; he wanted to see his mate's face. He wanted to see his mate's nice juicy neck. He wanted to see what one day he would be sucking on, feeding on. He could just see his mate smirking at him as he moans with the thought. His mate walks forward, but he still can't see what his mate looks like.

His mate gets closer and leans forward, he knew his mate was about to kiss him. So close.

"Who are you?" he moans quietly.  His mate leans a bit more forward.

"Time to wake up Drake"


"I SAID IT"S TIME TO WAKE UP, DRAKE" Draco shot up in bed and looks at Blaise Zabini, his best friend.

"Why the fuck did you wake me up?" Draco hissed, Blaise took a step back. Blaise was one of very few people who knew that he was a vampire and knew exactly what Draco could do when he was angry.

"Were you dreaming of your mate?" Blaise asked quietly, trying not to make Draco angry.

"yes, it's a guy, I know, but I was so close to know who he is" Draco sighed, making Blaise look at him in sympathy.

"Come on, let's get down to breakfast


Draco groaned as he looked around the great hall. He could smell blood, beautiful blood. Everywhere people looked at him, but yet he could not smell his mate's blood. He would smell his mate, when he smelt the most beautiful smell of blood, the one that would turn off his senses, making he go crazy with want.

Draco sighed dramatically; making his Slytherin friends look at him with desire. Yes, Draco had the ability, like a Veela, to make people attracted to him. But it won't be easy to seduce his mate when he would also get hormonal teenagers swooning over him.

Draco popped his head up as a familiar smell reached his nostrils, his mate. Draco looked at the Great Hall Door and gasped as his eyes came in contact with the one and only Harry Potter's. Draco didn't care if it was a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw but why Harry Potter of all people. Draco moaned as he imagined sucking the blood out of that juicy neck that was exposed for him now. Harry gave him a smirk before walking with his two best friends to the Griffindor table. Draco growled jealously as he watched the mudblood and the weasel talking to Harry, his mate.

The jealously coursed through him like a firebolt, all he could see was red. His anger finally got the better of him, plates started to explode, glasses thrown around the room, people getting hit by glass. Draco was mad, REALLY mad. Students started to scream in fright, even the Slytherins started to scream like little girls. Everyone except Harry was running out of the Great Hall, Harry sat there the whole time, watching Draco as if he was interesting. When there was only Harry, Draco and the teachers in the room, Draco stopped while taking deep breaths. He looked up to see Harry looking at him; Harry glared, stood up and left.

Draco looked up at Dumbledore, who was shaking his head with amusement in his eyes. Snape sighed and got up from his seat, like Harry, he was sitting down, watching it calmly. You see only Severus and Dumbledore knew about Draco being a Vampire and now Draco was pretty sure they knew Harry was his mate.

"Mr Malfoy, could you please see me in my office and we will invite your mate" Dumbledore said calmly, he stood up and walked out with Draco following behind him.

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We learn more about Vampires from Hermione