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Author: Meggy Potter


Title: Draco's Blood Mate

Summary: Draco Malfoy is a Vampire and he needs a mate to suck blood out of so he won't kill anyone else. Only his mate can survive and handle his bite without dying, only receiving a small mark on the neck as they were born with enough power and blood. Who is Draco's mate?

Category: Romance/Drama

Pairing/s: Draco/Harry, Hermione/Ron, Sirius/Remus, more to come

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Chapter 6: A Chat with Sauna and Nathaniel

"I think we should go to a room," Lucius said, looking at Harry calmly. Harry looked at him suspiciously, but finally nodded. Lucius turned and walked down the hall with Harry trailing behind him. They went down many staircases and walked down lots of halls until they finally came to a portrait of a vampire showing his teeth in the dungeons. Harry hated the dungeons, they were cold and creepy. Lucius turned and looked at Harry. He studied Harry with his Silver eyes before smirking.

"This portrait you see, is of Sauna Sesano" Lucius said pointing to the portrait who started looking Harry up and down. "Sauna this is Harry Potter, Draco's mate. And a very respected person in the wizarding world" Lucius explained, smiling at the portrait. Harry looked at the portrait carefully. Sauna Sesano was a normal sized man with long blonde hair; hair of a Malfoy. Sauna had sparkling blue eyes and was very pale, once again like a Malfoy. He shone he gleaming sharp white teeth as he smiled.

"It is very nice to meet you Harry Potter" Sauna smirked; he stood up from the chair in which he sat. Harry could now tell he was quite tall and muscular. "I am very glad Draco has chosen a boy that could show love to him and not to his money" Sauna had a strong accent; Harry couldn't define what it was.

"How do you know that?" Harry asked suspiciously, it's not like this portrait knew him. Sauna once again smirked.

"I knew Kristof Potter, a long ago relation of you. All Potter's are the same," Sauna explained, waving his hand. "He was a good friend of Nath, my husband" Harry nodded understandingly.

"Me and Malfoy aren't dating, we are not even friends" Harry pointed out. Sauna raised his eyebrow.

"And why not?" he asked, his blue eyes sparkling. Harry snorted.

"We are enemies, nothing but enemies" Sauna laughed and shook his head.

"That is not what he told us" came a voice to the right of the portrait. A tall short blonde haired man walked into the portrait. He had silver eyes and he was quite tanned. "Draco had told me over and over how you hated him and how each day he fell more and more in love with you" Harry looked at the short blonde man for a minute before turning to Lucius.

"Mr Potter, meet Nathaniel Malfoy-Sesano, Sauna's husband" Lucius explained, looking up at Nathaniel "and he was telling the truth, Harry, Draco does go on about that" Harry turned and once again looked at Nathaniel Malfoy.

"You do look so much like Kristof, so much, except your eyes of course" Nathaniel smiled, looking Harry in the eye.

"Nath, stop it darling" Sauna said, looking at Harry pointedly. Nathaniel gasped and looked at Harry apologetically.

" I am sorry for talking about your family" Harry nodded understandingly and then frowned.

"The only reason Draco was saying them things were because of the vampire blood, right?" Harry asked, looking up at Nathaniel. As much as Harry hated, he was starting to like Nathaniel.

 "No, he comes into his heritage at the age of 16, he was saying these things when he was 12. He has always liked you Harry. He saw past your fame and fell in love with your heart and mind" Nathaniel said softly. Harry didn't know why, but he was happy to hear this. He smiled up at Nathaniel; Harry really wanted to hug him but knew he couldn't. "Give him a chance Harry, that's all he wants, he loves you, truly he loves you" Nathaniel went on. Harry nodded and smiled.

"I'll give him a chance" Harry smiled; he actually, truly wanted to give Draco a chance. "Thank you Nathaniel"

"Please, call me Nath" Harry nodded as the portrait opened, both Harry and Lucius walked inside to see Narcisse sitting on the couch. She looked up and smiled.


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- We find out what Damon is (you guessed it guys ;) )

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