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For only three months during the summer, this year so much has happened. It wasn't really part of her plan to fall in love, but it happened. Takashi Ayanokouji became part of her life at the very end of the summer and Koboshi felt so happy the moment she stepped through the door.

She looked around…

It was empty.

Koboshi dropped her luggage down, but the emptiness didn't really make her feel lonely. She knew that her heart was now filled with her love for Ten-chan. She walked over to the couch and sat down. Patiently, she waited. What would her family say if she mentioned what her summer was like? What is she supposed to say now?

She sighed and let her mind wander back to him.

Ten-chan had grown up the last time she saw him. He no longer called her 'Uematsu,' but Koboshi and it felt wonderful just hearing it coming out of his lips. She touched her lips and still felt the kisses they shared. She admitted, he was a wonderful kisser and she was quite proud of herself to find someone handsome for both the outside and the inside. The blond girl yawned. She was quite tired, so she stood up and walked over to the bedroom. It was good to be back on the bed and just sleep and dream the night away. She knew she would dream about Takashi, his smile, his voice and his kiss.

Koboshi smiled to herself and allowed sleep to takeover her. It would soon be another day tomorrow. She would have to unpack and start a new day.

"Hey man, how's it going?"

Takashi looked up and saw his roommate waltzing into the kitchen where he was sitting on the chair by the counter just having his breakfast. It was too early in the morning, but he couldn't sleep after a great night last night. Seika was quite surprised that his blond friend woke up that early, but then again he's done it on several occasions where he had to finish off a paper for his school. However, Takashi had no papers or books surrounding the kitchen counter, so he knew something was up.

"Something wrong?" Seika sat down on the other chair opposite of Takashi in the counter and studied him.

Takashi shook his head. "Nothing." He smiled and continued to eat his breakfast.

Seika knew that if he smiled like that, he didn't need to bother asking to elaborate on his decision to wake up so early in the morning. He shrugged. "Okay, if you need anyone to talk to, just knock on the door okay? I've had a long night shift-Ouch!" There was barely any light peeking through the window, nor there were any lights on in the kitchen, because it was still quite dark, that he had bumped into something soft and heavy slightly blocking Takashi's door.

The blond looked up. "Oh, sorry."

Seika shook his head. "Don't worry about it. I didn't see that luggage there." Luggage? Is he moving out? He didn't bother to ask, instead he moved the luggage so it wasn't in the way and sauntered over to his own bedroom right beside it.

After Seika had disappeared inside his dark room, Takashi finished with his breakfast and put away the dishes before walking to his bedroom. He grabbed the luggage and pulled it inside. He glanced over to his bed and walked towards it, plopping down gently. Takashi wrapped his arm over to the other side of the bed and hugged the sleeping form tightly in his arms.

Koboshi smiled, waking up slightly and placed an arm over his. "Sorry, I took over your bed. I'll call my cousin tomorrow about staying over at their place and I'll call my parents tomorrow."

Takashi kissed her cheek. "What do you think they'll say?"

The blond girl shrugged. "Who knows, but I don't think they'll care as much because they're always away at work."

"What time did you get home last night? Sorry I had to go and leave you here. They called me for an emergency shift and I had no idea anyone else was home either. I hope you didn't feel too lonely." He leaned his head against hers.

Koboshi smiled and shook her head. "No, it was fine. I wasn't lonely at all. Why didn't you tell Seika I was staying here?"

"Because I was tired of people asking too many questions. I'm sure he'll notice by tomorrow." He yawned and closed his eyes.

Koboshi closed her eyes as well and went back to sleep.

She could dream of those three wonderful things about Takashi, but nothing compared to the fact that she was really with him and that she didn't need to sleep in order for him to be beside her always.

She was no longer alone.

And he loved her. And she loved him.

Her Ten-chan.

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"I can't let you do this anymore!" She glared at her. "I love him more than you! He loves me!"

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"You can't keep doing this…What is your brother going to say, ne Kaoru? You are better than this. Your deceit will one day make you suffer."

"Am I really a bad person, niisan?"

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