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A/N: This is just my take on what I think these two are thinking regarding one another.

Tsuzuki's point of view.

I don't need it, not really. I don't need sleep it's not like it'll kill me. Though I did use to sleep, even though I no longer need it. I did however enjoy it, it felt nice, refreshing when I did sleep. When I was able to close my eyes and see absolutely nothing but an endless black void. A calming blackness like there is no where else, but in dreamless sleep.

Yes it was nice to be able to sleep. You change that, the moment I looked into your eyes. The moment when I saw you holding me at gun point. I was surprised, not that you would actually pull the trigger, it wouldn't have had much effect. I was surprised however by your age. I stared at you wondering what could have possibly driven a kid yes I'll used the word you loath to be referred as because that's what you seemed to me then. I wonder what kind of circumstances had driven a kid to be able to hold someone at gun point, immortal or otherwise, with out the smallest hesitation without any trace of doubt or fear.

No you stood there steadily pointing that gun at me. And as I looked into your eyes I was lost I knew I would never be the same again. After you became my partner I thought things would be different. I thought I could change what I saw. Heh life's a bitch it didn't work.

Your eyes are in short haunting. You might be able to feel every emotion coming from me, and even though I can't feel yours I see them in your eyes. I see all the suffering that you've been through, all the pain, the confusion, the rejection, the loneliness. All hitting so close to home. So many hurtful emotion, no one should ever experience. I made a silent vow to take them all away.

I wanted to take them all away and replace them with happy ones, but you wouldn't let me. I know you're scared and I will not give up. Or Perhaps I already have. I can't sleep anymore because every time I close my eyes I see you staring back at me with those haunting eyes those green pools of emotion. I rather lie awake forever than close my eyes and see all the suffering I'm afraid will never leave your eyes.

I'd rather lie here, among the crumpled sheets like the crumpled hope I still have for you. I lie in my mock state of sleep and wonder if perhaps one day I'll be able to enjoy that restful feeling when I'll close my eyes and see yours staring back at me with a smile. I don't know if that'll ever happen so I can only hope and keep trying. Keep trying until one day you let me in, let me help you. For now I'll say goodnight or good morning which ever doesn't matter anymore. Tomorrow is another day, another chance for change. It will change I promise Hisoka.

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