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//hikari to yami// /yami to hikari/ ~personal thoughts~ private thoughts



"Okasan, Okasan..." a little boy, with spiky tricolor hair that stuck straight up, which was black, outlined in purple, and his bangs were a soft blond. His large violet eyes shining with delight.

He run to a woman in the kitchen, she had long blonde hair, and soft purple eyes. "Okasan, looky, it fit." he hold up few gold pieces.

"Oh, that's nice Yugi, is this what Jii-chan gave you?" She asked, smiling tenderly at the little boy, taken his small hands in her own.

"Yeah, it's a puzzle." He replied excitedly.

"I am home!" A gentle voice came from the living room.

"Otosan!" Yugi called out happily.

"Yugi, how are you?" The man with short spiky black hair gathered the giggling boy in his arms, ruffling his son's hair while walking to the kitchen. "Hey, honey, what's cooking?" He asked, stolen a kiss from his wife.

"Me want kiss too." Yugi pout adorablly.


"No, not you..." Yugi giggles, pushing his father's face away, "Me want Okasan kiss, no Otosan!" he exclaimed.

"What? Why you little imp!" His father growled, pretending to be angry. He put Yugi down in order to threw his arms around him(Yugi) and began to tickle him(Yugi).

Yugi squealed and tried to get away from his father, but he couldn't, he was laughing hysterically and calling to his mother for help, "Okasan...haha...Okasan help...hahaha..."

"All right you two, stop fooling around, now go wash up for dinner." She said with her hands on her hips.

"Yes, ma'am." Her husband saluted to her playfully, then he run upstairs carrying little Yugi.

It seems like they are the perfect family, a beautiful mother who's caring, a handsome father who's loving, and their child is just too adorable. However, good things never last long.

It was midnight, little Yugi was sleeping in his bed peacefully, with a half completed puzzle in hand. His eyes snapped open when a loud crush was heard from down stairs.

Tumble out of bed, he went to his parents room, but there's no sign of them.

Another loud crush came.

Yugi tried his best to walk down stairs without making any noise. When he was on the first floor, he saw his mother lying on the ground, lifeless.

"OKASAN!" He knelt next to his mother, whimpering, "Okasan!"

The door suddenly burst open, making a loud 'bang'. A man in black robes was reveal, he had something like a stick in his hand.

Yugi quivered, his grip tighten around the incomplete puzzle.

The man approach Yugi step by step. Pointing the stick thing toward the crying boy, he chanted something and the tip of the stick began to glow, green lights coming at Yugi. Just then, before the lights hit Yugi, the puzzle also glow, and an golden eye appeared on Yugi's forehead.

"WHAT?! NOOOOO....."

At the time little Yugi was only three.


Nearly seven years had passed since Solomon had taken his only grandson in to lived with him. It was dreadful, he remembered those painful memories like it was yesterday's even.

He came back from a dig in Egypt one day, and the news of his daughter and son-in-law's death welcome him. All he had left was Yugi, his grandson.

He was inform by a social worker that when the police had arrived, his son-in-law was found dead on the front doorstep, his daughter in the living room, there was no trace of struggle, no sign of blood.

Little Yugi was found hidden in a tiny closet at the foot of the stairs. He was pale and obviously scared out of his mind when they found him.

The police believed that he had saw the murderer, but no matter what they asked or how many times they had try, Yugi wouldn't spoke. He just stared blankly into space with a golden box clutched to his chest.

Sighing for about the tenth time, Solomon look at his watch, it's time for Yugi to get ready for school. He sigh again, remembering the first night he took Yugi in.


It was very late in the night, little Yugi had fell asleep in Solomons arms after sobbing his heart out. Through the game shop to the living room and up the stairs, he put Yugi in the bedroom across from his.

When he decided to leave, the gold box caught his eye. It was the puzzle he gave Yugi before he left for his trip. He thought it wouldn't be comfortable sleeping with it, so he took the box from Yugi with a little bit of difficulty. Then he went to his room with the box.


Solomon jerked up from his bed from hearing the scream. He look around confused, suddenly his eyes widen and he run straight to Yugi's room.

The little boy was quivering under his blankets, He must be having a nightmare. It ache his heart to see his always cheerful grandson so sad, so full of sorrow. For heaven sake he was only three!

"Yugi, please don't cry, it's ok, everything is going to be fine..." Solomon was trying his best to calm his whimpering grandson. But it was no used, he was still crying, sometimes calling for his parents.

Please God, tell me what to do? Feeling hopeless, Solomon did the only thing he could, he prayed silently.

It was like God had answer to his pray. The golden box that contain the puzzle pieces, which was supposed to be in his room, on his desk, appeared from no where, and it was floating in mid-air!

Solomon stared, eyes wide. He was shocked to see the box floated upon Yugi, and lay gently next to him.

Slowly, whimpers became sniffles, and sniffles were taken by silence.

:::end flashback:::

Yugi was very attached to the puzzled for some reason. Solomon thought to himself.

Walking up the stairs, toward Yugis room, he knock softly on the door, "Yugi, are you up? It's time for school!"

"Yes, Jii-chan, I am up!" He heard Yugi responded rather grumpily.

Rolling onto his back, Yugi groaned.

He hated school, it means he had to pick on by bullies. He didn't tell his grandfather though. Because he knew his grandfather would be worried sick about him if he found out he was being bullied. He doesn't want that.

Yugi got out of bed and dressed in his school uniform. When he had washed up he went down stairs into the kitchen. His grandfather was waiting for him at the table.

"Ohayo Jii-chan!" Yugi greeted him cheerfully.

"Ohayo gozaimasu Yugi, you seem a little hyper today." Solomon teased.

"Oh, am I? I guess it's because it is almost done!" Yugi said, taken a bite of his toast.


"Oh, it's the puzzle, it's almost complete, only a few pieces left!" Yugi exclaim happily.

"Really, that's nice! But you have to hurry, you are going to be late."

"You are right!" Yugi wolfed his toast down, he run out he door after saying goodbye to his grandfather.

Solomon chuckled slightly, and the phone rang...


It was lunch period for Yugi, but he was not in the school cafeteria, instead he was hiding behind a bush, beside the school gym.

He took out the golden puzzle from his back pack, gracefully, he attached another piece to the yet to finish puzzle. Click, there, three more pieces, click...two one, he attached the last piece of the puzzle with his trembling fingers. Click, it is done!

He jumped from the ground with pure joy. His puzzle, the most precious treasure he had ever have it's now completed.


Yugi almost choked when someone called him by his last name.A muscular boy was coming at him.

Yugis eyes widen in fear. ~Kuso, it's Tanaka!~ Yugi thought hopelessly.

Tanaka was the biggest, cruelest bully in school, and Yugi was one of his favorite 'punching bag'.

"What have you got there, Moto?" Tanaka smirked.

"Not-nothing!" Yugi stuttered, hands behind his back with the puzzle.

"Give me that, what ever it is, GIVE ME!" Tanaka snarled.

"NO!" Yugi refused, stepping backward nervously.

"What?! How dare you twerp!" Tanaka growled furiously, without hesitating, he send a powerful blow to Yugis abdomen.

Yugi collapsed to the ground writhing in agony, he was dazed, but conscious enough to heard his attacker said, "so this is what you are hiding? Is it real gold?"

"No...not the puzzle..." Yugi plead, crystalline tears forming in his amethyst eyes.

"What did you said? You want this back, ne?" Tanaka sneered, " I don't think so!" with that he was ready to kick Yugi in the ribs.

With his eyes shut tightly, Yugi braced himself for another blow, however, it never come.

~May be a teacher went by, and Tanaka left.~ Yugi thought desperately.

Gentle warmth made itself know on the side of Yugis face. His eyes flown open, violet met crimson for the first time.

It was like looking in a mirror, except different. Kneeled before him is a boy who look extremely like himself, but the stranger was taller and his eyes are a ruby red, and more narrow.

The stranger lifted Yugi up to a sitting position, "Wh-who are you?" Yugi heard himself whispered, not darling to take his eyes off him.

A small smile tugged at the corners of the strangers mouth, his voice sounded deep and low but amazingly gentle, "I, my Hikari no tenshi(angel of light), am Yami." the next thing he knew, he was enveloped in a tight hug by this stranger name Yami, who was nuzzling him(Yugi) from sheer affection.

"I am sorry I was late, I wish I was here sooner to protect you." Yami whispered beside Yugis ear, sending chills to the small boys spine.

Yugi felt the sudden urge to cry, to sob onto this strangers chest, to scream out all his miseries.

~Is this really, can't be...I must be dreaming.~ Yugi thought to himself, or so he thought he was.

Yami chuckled, "I am sorry little one, but this is no dream, I am the spirit of the Sennen Puzzle, and you, you are my hikari, my light, you released me from my prison of darkness when you completed the puzzle."

"You are a spirit? So I am dreaming." Yugi muttered.

Yami pull away and gazzed into a pool of innocent violet, he murmured, "You are not dreaming, and I am real, I am your other halve, your dark side. Would you like to tell me your name little one?"

"Watakushi no namae wa Yugi Moto desu (my name is Yugi Moto)."

"Well little Yugi, I assure you that this is not a dream, and I, from now on, will be your guardian, your protector, no one shall harm you in any way as long as I exist." And no body is going to take you away from me. Yami added to himself, a promise he intented to keep the momemt he saw this beautiful being.

"You wouldn't leave me?" Yugi relaxed, he felt exhausted and sleepy. Unconsciously he lean into Yamis embrace.


Yugi sigh contently, ~If this is a dream, please don't let me wake up...~ With a smile on his face, he felt asleep.


Yugi woke up to find himself in his bedroom, ~I don't remember coming home~, he look around, he was alone, ~what a dream, too bad, Yami was kinna hot!~ He glanced at his digital clock, ~eight pm, no wonder I am so hungry!~

When he was ready to get downstairs, some one knock on his door, and his grandfather came in with a tray of food, follow by Yami.


"Hai, chibi ichi, how are you feeling?" Chuckling, Yami went pass Solomon, he sat down on Yugis bed, and brushed a few bangs off the little boys face.

"Hungry!" Yugi said with a bright smile.

"Good, I made you a big meal." Solomon handed the tray to his grandson, who started digging in like he haven't had a meal for days.

As he watched Yugi eat, he noticed Yami was also doing the same thing and a little more.

He was trying to brush off Yugis bangs with his left hand, afraid they might mix with the foods. A napkin was in his right hand, every time when the little one got grease on his face, Yami would wipe it off. And Yugi would look up at him, smiling adorablly, nodded for his thanks.

Solomon sigh, he was quite startled when someone burst into his game shop with Yugi in his arms earlier in the day. For a moment, he thought for sure he was going to have a heart attack.

However, under some specific circumstances, he couldn't. Number one: apparently something bad had happened to Yugi; Number two: for the love of god, Yugi was carrying by Yugi!? A not so Yugi like Yugi. Because his grandson had never yelled at him or even worst, cursed.

He guided them to Yugis bedroom, on the other Yugis command. When Yugi was safely tuck in, the other Yugi explained everything to him.

Solomon sigh again, he knew there was something weird about that puzzle. But who would imagined a 5000 year old spirit name Yami was trapped in it. Not to mention that his one and only grandson was the one that send him free!


"Hun? Oh, hai hai, daijobu, I was just thinking." Coming back to reality, Solomon apologize to his concerned grandson.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, and Yugi," an all but serious expression is on Solomons face, "why didn't you tell me you were being hurt in school?"

"Err...I...I was...I am sorry." Yugi lower his head, he hate to have his grandfather worried about him, that's why he didn't tell.

"It's ok, you had a rough day, you should get some more rest." Solomon gathered the tray of what was left of Yugis meal and exit, leaving the two look a likes alone.

"Yami, you big mouth!" Yugi throw himself on his bed, face down.

Yami was confused, he had no idea why his little light was mad at him, "Why, did I do something wrong?"

"Why did you had to told him?" Yugi muttered in his pillow.

"He is your grandfather Yugi, he had the right to know."

"I know, but...but..I..."

"Shh...I understand, you just don't want to worried your grandfather right, I understand." Yami used his hand to rub gentle circles on Yugis back.

Yugi rolled onto his back, facing Yami, "Yami, why were you trapped in the puzzle?" he asked.

"I was...I don't remember." getting up from the bed, Yami walk over to the open window, stared at the night sky, "I don't recall any of my memories, just my name and what seems like eternal darkness in the puzzle."

Small arms wrapped them self around the spirits waist, "I am sorry." muffled voices sounded sympathetic.

Yami turn around, gazed into those beautiful amethyst eyes, a smile crept upon his lips, "Don't be, cause I found you, my light, the other halve of my soul. I may not known my past, but I knew my future would be a bliss because you are with me..." He said as he embraced the petite boy in his strong arms.

Try to hide his blush, Yugi nuzzled his head agaist Yamis chest, yawning.

"You should go to bed aibou."

"Yah, 'think I'll do that, got school tomorrow." He yawned again, "Yami will you sleep with me?"

Eyes wide, Yami stared at his lighter version in shock!
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"Huh? Oh, err... yah, ok, er...go to bed, bed now, go, sleep..."
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Yugi woke in the morning to the sound of the alarm clock. He pulled the blankets over his head, try to turn the clock off like he usually did.


A groan was heard, and the clock continued to buzz.

~Wait, a groan? Clock can't gr-- oh, my!~

Yugis eyes snapped open, fully awake now. He jerk up from his bed, and turn to face a frowning Yami, who was massaging his cheek, red finger prints were seem on his tan skin.

"Oh, Yami I am sorry, I didn't know, I mean I know you are here, but I kinna forgot, no I didn't forgot you, I...I thought you were the clock, I...Oh, gomennasai!" Yugi lower his head in shame, he was sure Yami is going to hate him.

"No, aibou, never think like that." Yami raised Yugis head gently with both hands, "guess you are not used to share a bed with someone, ne?" He smirked teasingly.

"Yah, guess you're right, but how do you know what I was thinking?"

"You and I, we are bonded together, we share a special link, through the puzzle we can communicate telepathically." Yami explained.

//You mean like this.//

/Yes, you are a fast learner aibou./

//Thank you!//

"Yugi, are you up?" Solomon yelled from downstairs, "Breakfast is ready!"

"Coming Jii-chan!" Yugi called back. "I have to be ready for school."

"Yugi," the boy turn, "please bring the puzzle with you."

"I sure will do."

"Good, I'll be in the puzzle if you need me." Yami retreated to the Sennen Puzzle in a flash.

When he had washed up and changed into his school uniform, he put the chained puzzle around his neck, before he get down stairs.

"Moring grandpa!" He greeted Solomon when he arrived in the kitchen.

"Moring Yugi, how are you feeling?"

"Never better!" The small boy replied with a toothy grin.

"Good to hear that, now would you like so toast? And where's Yami?" The old man asked, looking around for the spirit.

"Toast's fine, and Yami is in the puzzle." Yugi answered, taking a bite from his breakfast.

"Oh, I see. Ah, I almost forgot, Kaiba called yester, after you left for school."

"Seto-kun? He's back?!" Yugi's eyes widen with excitement.

Yami on the other hand, stir uncomfortably, when he felt Yugi's emotion when this Seto person was memtion.

"Yes, he said he's coming to pick you up to school." Smile slightly, Solomon gave his grandson the message.

/Aibou, who's this Seto?/ Yami asked though their mind-link.

//He's my best friend! And he's coming over, so you can meet him soon, I bet you two will be good friends too!// Yugi replied smiling mentally.

/Err.../ for some reason, Yami felt unnerved by the eagerness in the hikari's tone, /you really like this Seto person,ne?/ Say no, please say no...

//Yep!// Damn! //He's been my friend for as long as I can remember, he's like a brother to me.// Yessss!


"Huh? Oh, hi grandpa."

"Are you alright, for a moment there you seems...zoom out." Solomon said with a frawn.

"Oh, sorry, I was just talking to Yami." Yugi said sheepishly.

"Okay, we--" He was interrupted by the door bell. "Must be Kaiba. You should probably get going now."

Yugi said goodbye to Solomon then run out the door, ready to begin a new day.


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