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A Confession

So hot...so dirsty...so hungry...must no fail...must go on...must......


Hogwarts School, the Headmaster's Office

Remus Lupin stood outside of Dumbledore's office, waiting patiently for the ancient headmaster to call for him. A few minutes passed by, and Snape came out of the office, without a glance toward Remus, and left for his new mission.

"Remus, please come in!" Said Dumbledore. He did as told. "How is your search coming?" the headmaster asked, his gazed at the young auror.

"I've found the Millennium bearers' whereabouts, however the magic energies from those items were...different." Remus paused.

"How so?"

Remus began to explain what he had saw in the park, he told him about the condition of the Death Eaters, his strange feeling from what had left of the trace of magic from the Millennium Items. He described how it felt like, and what he thought of it.

"Then, I followed the trace, and it lead me to a Muggle game shop. The magic energies surrounding the building were very strong, Headmaster, and I thought it would be best to consult with you before we approach them." Remus stopped, but Dumbledore remained silent, like he knew the young man hadn't quite finished with his story.

"When I was searching I came across a museum. And I sensed the same kind of magic energy from within, but weaker. I went in, following my senses and I found myself in the basement...


Remus glanced around for any sign of movement, the basement was dark and quiet, but his werewolf instinct told him he was not alone.

Taken a few steps forward, he muttered a spell and the basement was lit up by the brilliant light that had formed in his opened palm. At the back of the basement stood a tall figure, a man with a turban in long gray robes.

"Welcome stranger, I have been waiting for quite a while." The turban man spoke.

Lupin was confused and curious at the same time, before he could reply, the turban man, now only a few steps in front of him, continued, "My name is Shadi,(lance:there you go!) the guardian of the Millennium Items."

Lupin's eyes widened,
"If this man is the guardian of the items, then he must know who had the items, and maybe what are their powers!" He thought to himself, his (lance:could you tell me what color his eyes are?)eyes sparkled with hope. However this man--Shadi--seemed to know what he was thinking.

"Am I correct that you had come to this city, seeking for the item bearers." He made it a statement rather than a question.

"Yes." Lupin answered without hesitation.

"May I ask why?"

"As you can see...Shadi, I am not one of you, not those people you see everyday. I am a wizard. It is very important for me to find the bearers, before Lord Voldemort does. He is very dangerous, and he seeks the power of the Millennium Items---"

"You seek them in order to protect them, am I correct?" Shadi interrupted.

"Yes." Lupin looked at him straight in the eyes, he felt like he was being read by this man, and for some unknown reason, he could not lie to him.

"Very well," Shadi said, as he handed a piece of parchment to Lupin, "These are the names of the bearers. As their guardian, I thank you for your concern. But take great heed, Mr. Lupin, there is great danger ahead, it is in your best interest to get more help than you thought you needed, I do belived that you'll need their help more than you realized. Now I must warn you, and this is a warning you must remember at all times in the presence of the bearers: You must not anger the dark ones, and you must not harm the light ones. You have been warned, take this warning cautiously or you shall suffer the consequences!"

***end flashback***

"And he disappeared in some sort of dark portal Professor."

Dumbledore seemed to be deep in thought, and his expression was unreadable. Lupin sighed, and put a folder on the headmaster's desk, "These are the bearers, they had quite a reputation in Japan, as well as other countries like England. Especially Yugi Moto, who's known as the King of Games.

All five of them have a deep connection with a card game call Duel Monsters. It is the most popular game in Japan, there were even prized tournaments involving this game. Duelist Kingdom was started by the creator of Duel Monsters, Maximellian Pegasus (lance: Did I spell his name right?) there were thousands of teenagers, from all around the world who entered the tournament, the winner would be entitle the King of Games and also, 3 million yen prize money.

It was well known that Yugi Moto won against Pegasus, and Joey Wheeler came in second place. And according to my research, Seto Kaiba was there as well, they are all in the list of the bearers. And so was Ryou Bakura, although he did not enter the tournament.

And a boy told me Yugi Moto also defeated the creator of Dungeon Dice Monsters, Duke Devilin, it seems like Yugi Moto has never lost a game. And later in the Battle City Tournament, started by Seto Kaiba, Malik Ishtar made his first appearance. All the Millennium Bearers had enter the tournament, and Yugi Moto, once again, the winner. There was something disturbing about all this though..."

Dumbledore look up from the folder, and gazed at the young man in front of him, waiting for him to continue.

"In both of these tournaments, there were several reports of missing teenagers, as well as adults. Especially in Battle City, there were strange signs, and reports of missing and injuries were higher then usual, and they all connected with the tournament...What shall we do Dumbledore?" Lupin asked with a frown.

"We do as we first intended to do. The boys are all around the age of sixteen, they could stay in Hogwarts as transfer students, and join the six years." He paused, and took out one of the papers in the folder, gazing intently at the small photo, "Does the last name Moto sounds familiar to you?" He asked without looking at Lupin.


Dumbledore motioned Lupin to take the paper, "Look at him closely Remus, look at his eyes."

He did as told, staring at the eyes of the young boy in the photo, and he frowned. He had no idea what the headmaster had seen which he had not. He heard a sigh.

"Do you remember Alexus?"

Upon hearing that name, Lupin raised his eyes to Dumbledore questionably. "How could I not?" He said with a sorrowful look.

"Then you must remembered his wife, Serika?" Lupin nodded. "Do you remember her last name?" Dumbledore asked again.

"Her last name is M--, no..." His eyes widened in shock, "What are you trying to tell me Dumbledore?!" He said, his voice a little bit harsher than he meant.

"The day when Alexus and Serika left, they paid me a visit. He had adopted her last name when he left his past behind..."

"Are you telling me that...this boy is..." once again, Lupin stared hard at the photo which he was holding.

"Yes, he is the one." "But...why...if he is who I think he is, how come he...was Alexus still--"

"No. Remus, you and I both knew that. And this boy, the reason you haven't known him, it's because his present guardian had asked me not to involve him in our world." Dumbledore sigh sadly.


"He didn't trust us, and he had a right not to." He said, meeting the young auror's gaze.

"What should I tell him?"

"Tell him anything he wants to know," Lupin nodded heavily, "Get some rest Remus, you've had a rough day." Dumbledore said thoughtfully.

"Yes...Professor, do you have any news of Harry yet?" Lupin asked suddenly.

"Ah, I wonder when you are going to ask," The headmaster said with a little smile, "It seems like Harry's two best friends have beat our search party to it."

"Ron and Hermione?" Lupin raise a brow.

"Quite clever those two," said Dumbledore, his eyes twinkling, "No worries Remus, the crew will find them in due time."

"If you say so." Lupin muttered before he exited the headmaster's office.


Somewhere in Egypt


He opened his eyes, all he could see is black. He turn around, trying to find some sort of light. There, ahead of him, he saw light!

It felt years had passed, when he finally had reached the light.

Standing in front of him are the two people he loved the most yet know so little of.

A man with messy black hair, and a woman with green eyes. They were smiling at him, a smile just for him.

"Mon...Dad....." He whispered.

They nodded with a gentle smile.

He took a step closer toward the two...


But somehow the distant between them is beginning to stretch...


"Mon, Dad...no..." he chased after them.


"Please don't go..." he kept running.


"Take me with you..." he collapsed, they were out of his sight.


"Don't leave me..." he plead.

~~~End of Dream~~~


His eyes snapped open, he had to blink a few times before his vision became clear.

"Ron...Hermione...?!" He said, his voice horse.

"Harry! Thank God, we thought you were...Oh!" The girl cried with relief.

"What...are you...doing here?" he asked.

"To find you," Ron said calmly, "If we had came a minute too late...You WOULD be a HUMAN JERKY right now!!!" he shouted, unable to keep his temper in check.

They were scare, no petrified after they had arrived in Egypt, and the reason they were here, was lying on the over heated sand, unmoving.

"Oh, Harry, you don't know, we were so worried..."

"Why didn't you tell us? I thought we were friends." Ron asked seriously.

"We are, you are my best friends. I didn't tell you because I knew you guys would stop meā€¦Please understand, this is important to me..."

Ron sigh in defeat before he flashed Harry a knowing grin.

"So what are we going to do now?" Asked Hermione, looking at their surroundings...which is sand.

"Are u able to walk sleepy-head?" Ron teased.

"You bet I am..."

Ron and Hermione supported Harry toward their destination. Unknown to them, they were being watched.


The Kame Game Shop

It's night, the group had departed to their separate way home about two hours ago. They all decided to come back tomorrow, because little Yugi--with the magic of the Sennen Necklace--saw that they would be expecting a guest tomorrow, a different kind of guest, a wizard mostly.

"Aibou, I'm done, you can use the bathroom now." Said Yami, coming out of the bathroom with a tower around his waist, and another one in hand for drying his hair.

His gazed landed on his beautiful light, who was staring at the night sky, the little one seemed to be in a trance. I wonder what he's thinking? The dark one mused. It is very easy for him to read Yugi's thoughts, however, he respected the little one's privacy, although he really wanted to know what his Aibou was thinking that can cause him to frown. Besides he could just asked him, he knew Yugi will tell him most anything, the little boy wouldn't lie to him.

/Aibou?/ Yami reached to the small Hikari through their mind-link.

Yugi blinked a few times before turning to face his darker half, //Yami?//

Yami sat down next to his light on the bed and sighed, "What were you thinking?" He asked softly, gazing into a pools of beautiful amethyst.

"Nothing...nothing important, I am going to take a shower now." The little boy bolted into the bathroom, avoiding Yami's eyes.

Yami just stared hard at the closed door to the bathroom.

Inside, little Yugi decided to take a bath, since he felt so tired, and somewhat relieved. To talked about his parents. For the last thirteen years, he had never mention about his parents, tough he knew his grandfather was very eager to know what happened the day his parents died. Yet he never asked, and Yugi was grateful of that.

And now, after all these years, he finally figured out who was that man that had killed his parents, that and nearly killed him. He felt somehow, very confused. On one hand, he wanted to know why the Death Eaters killed his parents, he couldn't understand! From what he knew, his parents were the most trusting and caring people you could possibly befriend.

And on the other hand, he wanted revenge. He hated the Death Eaters, he hated Voldemort, who made him lose his loved ones, who made him an orphan. And this kind of feeling was unfamiliar to him, he had never hated anyone, not even Pegasus. He was scared of this strange feeling, he didn't like it, but he wanted it, needed it.

Out of the blue, Yugi started to cry. Once the tears started, he could not control them. Great sobs welled up, shaking him with their intensity. Yugi deliberately went under the water, hoping to wash away the tears. It would be humiliating to have Yami catch him crying. I forgot to close the link! At that thought, he came up so fast, that he hit his head on a faucet. Yelping, Yugi stood up in the tub, water running off his body.

Yami materialized directly in front of him, dressed in his navy blue pjs, his ruby eyes anxious as he reached for a large bath towel.

"Yami! How did you get in here?! You didn't even use the door!" Yugi gasped audibly.

Silently Yami enveloped him in the towel. His little Aibou was far too much of a temptation standing there naked, confused, his eyes enormous and water running off his slim body. Pulling him into the shelter of his large frame(a/n:compared to Yugi, he is!), Yami began to dry him. "Doors aren't really that necessary, little one."

Yugi look up, and tilted his head to study the dark one's face, "I'm tired, Yami. I need to lie down."

Yami swept him into his arms. The little one looked so fragile, like one good, strong wind might blow him over. "If you cry anymore, aibou, my heart is going to break." He meant it too. His heart ached for the small light. Cradling Yugi close to his chest, he went back to his bedroom, this time, he used the door(^^). Very gently he placed Yugi in his bed.
(lance: Is kinda confusing with the him and he, isn't it?~_^)

Yugi allowed the ex-Pharoah to help him into his pjs. Yami's fingers spread flames everywhere they brushed his skin as he buttoned it for him. Resolutely, Yami pulled the covers up to his chin.

"Sleep now little one." He whispered as he placed a kiss on Yugi forehead. Yugi blinked, and asked, "Why?"

Yami look at him, confused. Yugi closed his eyes, "I know you wanted to know why I was so upset, but why didn't you ask?" His long lashes lifted, with the shimmer of tear drops in the depths of his eyes.

He ruffled his wild hair, "Do you want me to?"

(lance:Should I make him confess now? Readers:YES! lance:Huh...maybe later^^ Readers:NO!!!*throw whatever they were holding at the authoress* lance:AH!I AM SORRY!Okay, here you go...)

He continued, not really expecting the little one to answer. "You are my light, Yugi. The other half of my soul. I knew whatever that was on your mind had cause you tears. And the thing I hate the most is to see you cry. I would rather die than ask something that would cause you sorrow." (lance:My ice cream just melted!)

Yugi help up a hand, palm covering Yami's mouth, tears running down on his flushed cheeks like rain, "Don't...please don't say that...please don't leave me...I don't know. If I could take it.....I miss them so much Yami, don't die...not before me....."

Yami took his small hands in his, turned them this way and that to inspect them carefully. He brought Yugi's palms to the warmth of his mouth, then pressed a kiss into the center of each hand. "I am very sorry little one, I won't leave you, I promise. Not even when you are tired of me. You are going to stick with me even when you no longer need me. Even when you get old, and die, I will follow you to the underworld; I will kill Anubis himself, if that's what it takes to stay with you." He leaned down to brush the corner of Yugi's mouth with his.

He then smile, his hand was back in Yugi's hair, stroking, twisting strands, his fingers occasionally finding the nape of his neck to message him, "You are my life. My miracle, my heart and soul, the light to my darkness. We are bound for all eternity, one to the other, body and soul. I am madly in love with you, Tenshi*, you are the only thing in this world that matters to me." His hands framed Yugi's face, he bent to taste his tears. He ached inside, his heart clenching with actual pain.

Yugi felt his love for him through their share link so clearly; he felt Yami's reaction to his tears was genuine. He felt Yami's distressed of his sorrow; he felt his fear of rejection. Very slowly Yugi raised a hand and rubbed at the frown on the dark one's face, "Why would I want to reject you my beautiful Darkness?"

"Thank you." Yami whispered, and placed a kiss on the little one's soft lips.


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