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"Ok mom. I'm out of here." Mark placed his luggage by the front door and went to tell his mom goodbye. He was going away on a skiing trip with Randy.

"Ok. Tell your brother I love him and give him a hug for me." She got up from the couch and hugged Mark tightly. "Drive careful."

"Don't worry mom, I won't."


"I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I'll see you Sunday night." He gave her one more hug, picked up his luggage and went out to his car to drive away. It was snowing outside again. Jill loved the snow, but this year it just didn't seem the same. Perhaps because Tim wasn't there. The phone rang.


"Hey honey."


"You doing alright over there in the snow?"

"Yeah, I built a fire and I was just having some coffee."

"I see. Al went to his mothers for the weekend. He offered me to go but I didn't want to."

"I can see why." Jill joked. "Listen, Tim, if your not busy, why don't you come over for dinner tonight?"

"Why are you going to poison me or something?" He joked.

"Of course not, unless you want me to." She said playfully.

"Haha. Very funny Jill."

"I thought it was." She looked at her watch. It was 3 PM already. She had to get ready if he was coming by. "So, are you coming?"

"Of course I will. How about 6:30?"

"That's good. See you then."

"Bye." They hung up the phone and Jill finished her coffee and started making dinner.

Tim knocked on the door. Jill answered. She was wearing a flowered navy blue dress. He handed her a bottle of wine.

"Oh, thank you." She smiled at him. Her mind was thinking so hard. Should I kiss him? Maybe not. I don't know? Gosh he's cute in that outfit. Hell, he'd look cute in a garbage bag! Maybe I should hug him? Maybe, I don't know. Jill followed her gut and gave him a hug. He didn't let go of her.

"Tim." She whispered while closing her eyes. She had missed him so much.

"Yes, Jill." He said while still hugging her tight.

"I missed your hugs." And as she said this, his big, tough hands that were so used to handling big power tools were now soft and gentle, caressing her back. He smelt her hair. It smelled so good. They stood there and hugged until she pulled away because the oven buzzer rang, telling her that the dinner was done cooking.

"What are we having?" He asked following her to the kitchen.

"Squash casserole." She smiled at him. He caught the smile and kept it in his mind forever. They ate their dinner being mostly quiet, just looking at each other. Music played in the background. Jill got up and collected the plates and began to wash them in the sink. He got up to help. "You don't have to-" He pressed his finger to her lips.

"I want to." She sighed and finished washing the dishes while he put away the leftovers and blew out the candles on the table.

"That was a good supper."

"Really? You think so?" She questioned while sipping what was left of her wine. His finger made it's way down her face, drawling circles around her cheeks and lips. She giggled and grinned at his actions. "Yeah, it was." He said after awhile.

"What?" She had forgotten what they had been discussing.

"The dinner, it was good." He reminded her.

"Oh, yeah. Thanks." She walked past him and sat on the couch. He joined her after a brief pause. His hand laid on top of hers and they eventually met eyes.

"Jill." He whispered first this time.

"Yes." She couldn't pry her eyes off of his.

"I missed you to." A single tear rolled down her cheek. Slowing they both leaned in still staring into each others gazes and their lips met. She took a deep breath while still kissing him, which drew his breath out of his own mouth. He found this very sexy and daring. "I love you Jill."

"I love you to." She responded with all her heart. They kissed passionately forever.

"Come on Jill, let's do this somewhere we never do it."

"That rules out the work bench."

"And the couch."

"And on top of the washing machine."

"And the hotrod."

"I know." She said sounding excited. "The bedroom."

He laughed at her and agreed. They headed upstairs and spent the night in each other's arms. Their marriage was going to be ok. They just had a slight problem but they both knew they couldn't live without each other ever again. The next morning Tim asked her if this meant that he was moving back in to his home. And she told him yes.


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