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Summary: A fighting Miaka and Taka are accidentally transported to Kuto by Seriyu. On the way back to Konan, they run into Tasuki. Will Tasuki's past feelings for Miaka cause problems between him and Taka? Or Miaka?

Rated R for brief language and future adult situations

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Chapter One- The Beginning

"Fine! Leave and DON'T COME BACK!!!"

With these last words, Taka left the apartment and stormed down the street. --"That was the worst fight yet. I hope this ends soon. I don't know how much more I can take."-- He hated fighting with Miaka, it always turned out the same... him leaving, her coming to find him, and them making up. Except something was different this time. "Her beautiful green eyes, turned an icy blue." he said to himself. He came to a bench and sat there thinking.


--"What's been going on with me lately? I've never been this cold. Have I? Especially to Taka. I'd better go apologize"--

Miaka grabbed a black raincoat and an umbrella and left the apartment. As she was walking by the lake in the park, she kept seeing a glistening blue light, but when she looked it was gone. A little worried, she quickened her pace and forgot about it. --"I should've called Yui to come with me this time"-- She noticed she was passing the National Library. She couldn't help but remember. All the good times... and the bad. She whispered, "My friends, I miss you guys so much. I need your help right now to find Taka. I don't have the slightest clue of where to look." She closed her eyes for a minute waiting for an answer. It never came. She said thanks anyway and continued walking.

About 15 minutes later, Miaka's cell phone rings. She answers it to find Yui's voice on the other side.

"Where are you, Miaka?!" asked Yui.

"I got into another fight with Taka. I want to apologize but I can't find him anywhere."

Yui sighed, "Again?! Ok well I called you because I just saw Taka at a bench at the park on the south side of town. He didn't look too happy and you weren't with him so I had to see if you were ok."

Miaka was confused. "What?! I just passed that park!!!"

"Well, he's there. What was the fight about this time?"

Miaka had to think for a minute. "Hmmm.... it started with me wanting the last meat pie."

"WHAT?! YOU GUYS FOUGHT OVER A MEAT PIE?!!!" Yui couldn't believe it.

Miaka had to prove it wasn't, "No... it just started with the meat pie. Then Taka went into the whole 'You only think about yourself and food, Miaka' lecture." Miaka smiled to herself as she thought that it was a stupid thing to fight about.

While in to process, missed everything Yui just said to her. "Are you listening to me, Miaka? Do you want me to come pick you up and take you to the park? I bet you're soaked!"

"That'd be great, Yui. Thanks."


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