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The only thing I really think I need to say before you start reading is that the story is based in the seventh season… sort of. At least after "Divide and Conquer". But enjoy and please R/R.

Summary: Some people dream of Utopia: the perfect world to live in. But when SG-1 becomes an alien race's newest experiment, is the Utopia a true paradise? Or is it a living Hell?



Chapter One:

Peaceful Slumber

Slowly, Jack O'Neill stirred from peaceful sleep and opened his eyes. When he did so, he saw a mess of blonde hair in his face. He smiled as the bundle in his arms moved slightly and caused the hair to tickle his nose.

He brought one of his hands up from her stomach to her neck. Gently, he caressed the smooth skin that lined her check bone. As he moved it closer to the back of her ear, his fingers rested on the small, square chip connected to her skin. He traced the chip with his fingers but thought nothing of it for he too had one in the same place as she.

He felt her begin to wake. After a few seconds, she turned in his arms to face him, making them no longer spooned together. She smiled, as well, when she noticed that he was awake. Leaning forward, Jack gave her a light kiss on the lips.

"Morning," he said to her as he rubbed her clothed back.

She sighed with contentment as he did so and replied, "Morning. What time is it?"

"Uh," Jack answered as he ungracefully looked over her shoulder at the clock mounted in the wall. "Six thirty-five."

"We should get up."

"Do we have to, Sam?" Sam smiled at his plea to stay with her but they both knew the rules: you must be to work at eight. She gave him her 'look' that told him they had to no matter how much both didn't want to. "Alright, alright. I'm moving."

Sam got off of him and slid off the bed. Her nightshirt slid down to cover her stomach that had been exposed while she slept. Then she headed toward the bathroom, Jack watching her as she went.

She paused at the doorway, then turned, leaning up against the doorway. She smiled at him suggestively and asked, "Are you coming?" Jack, too, smiled as immediately sprung out of the bed. He then walked around the bed and followed the same path Sam had taken in his boxers.

**Information Center, Level Four**

Sam Carter sat at her desk watching the screen in front of her. It wasn't quite eight yet which meant that they wouldn't have their orders back and, therefore, no work to do. So, instead, they played the same thing repeatedly until it was eight.

On the screen was some man repeating the laws and rules. Every school child had had them drilled into their heads. It was the first thing they had to repeat in the morning and the last thing before they could leave.

"You will always be at work or school at eight o'clock and report in with your superior. You will never be outside your homes later than nine o'clock at night. You will never disobey anything the Council tells you. You will never mate or marry anyone the Council does not approve of. You will only have two or less children unless approved by the Council," the toneless voice went on.

Sam had heard these things hundreds of time before. She knew especially about the second to the last. She and Jack had meet at work four years ago. They had to work together on something but never thought they would be too close of friends nor would they meet again.

But the two had been wrong. The Council had deemed them 'compatible'. They had good chances of learning to live with each other and producing strong and intelligent offspring. So they were more forced together than had fate decide. But, then again, no one let 'fate decide' that often.

Also, they had recently been given permission to get married. Something they had to go to the Council to get approved. Then had to go through 'the tests' to see if they would truly make good spouses now that they had lived together. Which was approved of and they were allowed to be married. Something that would happen in three months.

Finally the computer stopped repeating its incessant words. Everyone was seated at his or her decks by then. The doors opened and they allowed two people to walk in while pushing a small cart filled with labeled chips- one worker she knew personally, the other she did not.

The two walked down the only two rows in the room, each containing ten people. The two workers had to stop at each person to hand him or her the correct chip. The man that always walked down Sam's row- the one she knew- reached her quickly, seeing as she was the second person in her row.

The man was tall and well built. Not in a thin way but more bulky and had huge muscles. His skin was dark, not that unusual for their area. On his name badge, his name was written as merely Teal'c. He didn't have a last name, which seemed odd to Sam but she never thought to inquire about it.

He handed Sam her chip, which she took with a smile and quietly said, "Thanks, Teal'c." After which, she eagerly went to work. She took the small ship off of the index-sized paper it was attached to labeled Carter, Samantha; Level Four. Placing the paper on the side of her desk in which she could turn in later for tomorrow. She then brought the chip to the left side of her neck and put it in the chip surgically attached to her neck.

She felt the small shock that it caused seconds before she started to feel the data flow into her mind. She quickly processed it and started to input the important information into her computer.

That day, she was monitoring fifty people.

The point of her job was to keep an eye on others' chips to know where they were and how they were. Incase they got into an accident or became sick, she could inform the proper people and have them helped immediately.

That was what the Information Center was all about. They monitored the chips in everyone to make sure they were all right. On other floors, people were trained in the art of designing and building the chips, repairing a broken one, or implanting them into newborns or those who damaged theirs.

But Sam just monitored. Which she did for four hours until she could go to midday meal and then from one to five. Afterward, she could be with Jack.

**Information Center, Level Two**

Daniel Jackson looked over his latest project, which had been a real challenge. A thirteen year old had accidentally rode his bike over a large bump. Which caused him to crash into a railing and hit his chip hard against it.

He just finished repairing it and was about to test it. Carefully, he picked it up in his gloved hands to keep from contaminating it. Then he gently set it down on a small device. The device sent it impulses duplicating the brain and body functions. On his screen, it showed the correct data and Daniel was positive that it was in working order.

'Another fine job,' Daniel thought to himself. After which, he took it off the device and set it onto a small tray. Once he had done so, Daniel lifted the tray up and walked it to the elevator. Pushing the 'three' button with the back of his hand, the elevator began to move upward.

Level three was built solely to implant these things and remove them when necessary. Daniel often had to come to this floor to deliver a chip he had recently repair. Which was the only reason why he knew the doctors he was about to visit.

**Information Center, Level Three**

Jack stood in front of his newest patient. A thirteen year old who crashed into a railing, damaging his chip in a bike accident. His name was Charley Miller and he seemed a bit nervous about what was going on. Although the link provided no mental or physical stimuli, Charley seemed to morn its absence. And the surgery, thought not too extensive, seemed to make him a bit nervous- shown by the fact he kept running a hand through his light brown hair that was hanging close to his eyes.

Jack had only just meet the young boy but took a quick liking to him for he reminded him of someone but he couldn't place on name or face on them. Even though, Jack tried his customary sarcasm and charm to cheer the kid up and make it less of a scary wait before the surgery would start.

"So, have you ever had to have your chip removed?" Jack started.

"No," Charley mumbled.

"How 'bout surgery?"


"Been in the IC besides when you were born?"


Jack thought for a second then said, "Haircut?" Charley finally looked up at him with a strange look on his face. "Sorry, couldn't resist. It seems that you kids want your hair longer and long every year."

Charley shrugged and said, "I guess it's just cooler."

"If you say so. So, how do you like it here?" Charley just shrugged. "Are you afraid of doctors or something because you seem a little freaked out here?" Charley just shrugged again. "Okay, you've got to stop doing that."

Charley immediately looked up at Jack. One other rule that was drilled into everyone's memories was to respect, obey, and listen to those older than them. "Sorry."

"No, don't apologize. Just answer me. So, have a bad experience once or something?"

"No, my friend did. He kept breaking all these rules and they had a Police Officer and a Doctor come to take him away. Then he came back a week later all different. He never broke another rule ever again!"

Jack sighed and told the young man, "Well, that Doctor who took your friend, he didn't hurt him or anything. He made him better. He…fixed what made him break those rules so he never did it again. Which is why he's a little different. You should know that by now."

"I know. I know people who break rules are sick and all but…why do they get sick?"

Jack just shook his head, "We don't know yet, but at least we can fix it." Charley nodded and looked up as the door was pushed opened. Jack looked as well and saw a familiar figure walk in.

Daniel Jackson, a good friend of his from the second floor, was holding a small tray in his hands that contained Charley's chip. "Uh, hi, Jack. Here is Miller, Charles's chip. I do, um, believe that is another g-good save, um, on my part."

"Yes it is. Good job," Jack told him as he headed over to take the tray only fifteen centimeters in length and width. He took the tray over to where Charley was laying and said, "This is your chip. Not bad for being three pieces when I removed it."

Charley looked over the top and saw, for the first time at that angle, what his chip looked like. It was a tiny, square computer chip. The material was a grayish silver laced with black lines. Charley smiled and said, "That's what is on my neck?"

"Yep, and now I'm going to put it back there." Charley seemed to get a little bit more nervous but also seemed relieved as if he couldn't wait to have it back. "Alright, I'll just need to give you this- it will let you sleep right through everything. Ok?"


"The effects will take a few minutes so don't worry." Charley nodded as Jack gave him the injection. When he finished he turned back to the door and saw that Daniel was still there. "Anything else I can do for you, Danny?"

"Oh, uh…no! No, I'll be going." Daniel turned to leave just as the door opened again. It was another doctor that always assisted Jack. Dr. Janet Fraser.

"Dr. Fraser," Daniel said before he walked out.

Fraser turned her attention toward Jack who was busy sterilized the chip. "This our patient?"

"Yep. I'll be ready in three minutes." Jack finished programming the computer and looked up at Fraser. "So, how's life?"

"Not bad. You and Sam? When's the big day?"

"Three more months. I can't wait."

"You know, that's sort of strange to hear considering that you complained about her constantly," Janet told him with a smile.

Jack smiled back at the memory. Sam had been insufferable. She knew a whole lot in almost everything and Jack couldn't understand how she managed to get the job she had. He hated the fact she knew everything and almost always was able to contradict him or correct him. But, after a while, he thought it was the most enchanting thing.

"So, shall we get to work?" Janet inquired.

**Control Room, Monday at 1231 Hours**

General Hammond headed for the Control Room the minute he had heard the kazons blare and the Sergeant announce there was an incoming traveler. He walked up behind the Sergeant at his computer and was told, "Sir, receiving SG-1's IDC signal."

"Open the iris," Hammond ordered and the Sergeant put his hand on the black pad to give him access to open the impenetrable shield covering the Stargate. The iris whizzed opened and they could see the water-like wormhole that had formed. The guards waited impatiently for someone to walk through and showed it by continuously adjusting their grip on their M-16's.

Finally, they could see that someone or something had begun to emerge. It seemed like the end of a table. As it continued to come out, Hammond could see it was a gurney of sorts holding Col. O'Neill. Then three more started to emerge.

"Medical team to the 'gate room A.S.A.P.," Hammond yelled into the mic. and headed for the room himself.

**Information Center, Level Four**

Sam had been starring at her screen for three hours and fifty-nine minutes now. Out of the fifty people she had, one had evidence of a viral infection, two were elderly and collapsed, but the rest appeared fine.

All except one: Charley Miller. He was one level down having his damaged chip repaired and reimplanted. She had watched two hours ago when the signal spiked and had the readings the device that tested them always showed. It wasn't until just a minute ago that the signal came back strong. It was then obvious he had had his chip reactivated and was doing fine.

Sam's chip gave her a slight shock- the pattern indicating that it was time for her to eat her midday meal. She, along with half the room, sent their data to the person next to them and left to eat.

Sam walked gradually out of the room. She knew that if she did, she would be able to get on the same elevator as Jack. Which meant she would be able to eat with him without a problem.

She entered the next elevator that came and was followed by three others. The elevator began its descent and paused at the next floor, picking up two new passengers. One was Jack and the other was a female Doctor he was talking to. Jack looked around the elevator for the person he wanted and excused himself from the woman to join Sam.

"Hello," Jack said as he saw her, resisting the urge to kiss her right there. But that wouldn't have been appropriate or polite.

"Hi." Sam too was having a hard time being 'polite'. She wanted the workday to be over right then, but she still had four hours left. The lift continued to move and they finally made it to the first floor after they picked up two more passengers.

Everyone piled off and turned to their left to head for the cafeteria. When Jack and Sam had gotten their food and sat down at an empty table, Sam asked, "Who was it that you were talking to?"

"Hmm? Oh, just another Doctor I work with," Jack answered absent-mindedly as he started to eat his food.

An unfamiliar figure, to Sam, approached their table and greeted Jack. "Uh, hi, Jack. Um, would you, uh, mind if I sat with you? All the tables are filled."

"Sure, Danny. Have a seat." Jack pushed the seat to his right out toward Daniel and he took after he set his tray down. "Danny, this is my fiancée Sam Carter. Sam this is Daniel, he works on Level Two."

"Oh, nice to met you," Sam said and extended her hand out to his.

"Yea, you too." Daniel took her hand as he said that and shook it timidly. "I had no idea you w-where, uh, getting married," Daniel admitted to Jack once he released Sam's hand.

"Really? I thought you did." Daniel just shook his head and started to eat. Which the other two soon followed, leaving the table in a comfortable silence.

After about five minutes, Daniel asked, "So, how did, um, Charles's implantation go?"

"Uh, well. He's doing fine. I think they're letting him go soon," Jack responded.

"You mean Charles Miller?" Sam asked.

"Yea, why?"

"He was just one of my people today. That's all. You preformed the implantation?" Sam asked.

"Yep, and Danny here fixed his chip. You should have seen it after he hit that railing. It was cracked in four place," Jack said with pride.

"Wow," Sam said in awe. She had never seen any damage to a chip, especially like what they must see every day.

After a short pause, Daniel asked, "So, uh, you w-work on Level, uh, Four, right?"

"Yes," Sam responded briefly while Daniel just nodded and went back to his food, finding it a bit awkward to be sitting with the both of them. But in some strange way, he felt as if he knew her. Knew her like they were the best of friends. But that was silly- they only met ten minutes before.

Again, the table lapsed into a comfortable silence. They merely eat their meals and looked away from each other hoping someone would start up a conversation.


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