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" A most excellent Dogma!"

Chapter 1: "the return of evil Bill and Ted."

We enter to see Bill and Ted at the circle K sitting on the curb eating microwave burritos.
" It's been a wail since we've seen Rufus." Said Bill.

" Well, nothings really gone wrong." Ted took a bite out of his burrito.

"But Missy dumped your dad for Rufus' old gym teacher, and then she dumped him for my dad again!"
"Bill that's a good thing. Remember how depressed your dad was?" asked Ted.
" Oh," Bill smiled, "yeah." They both laughed and finished their burritos. Ted looked at his watch, " Whoa! We got to get back to the princesses!"
" You set your watch?" asked Bill
"Yeah, and I didn't even have to go back in time to remind myself!" Ted said proudly. Bill put his thumb and index finger to his chin, " But how do you know that for sure?"
" Whoa," Ted's eyes widened, "that's deep."
"Yeah." The two stared off into space. After a good ten minutes Ted snapped out of his trance, "dude, we gotta go." Ted pulled Bill up who was still half dazed. They were just about to start off on their short journey home when an unfamiliar voice stated, "Not so fast." Bill and Ted looked up to see a man in a white suit and hat.
"Hello, gentlemen." He greeted with sinister grin.
" Do you know Rufus?" asked Ted.
The man looked puzzled, "the thirteenth apostle?"
" I thought there were only twelve." Ted started counting to himself confused.
"You thought Joan of Arch was Noah's wife too." Laughed Bill recalling a famous history class lesson.
The man's grin widened, "I'm afraid we've never meet. I'm Azreal," he said, "But I believe you do know my friends, evil Bill and Ted." The evil Bill and Ted stepped out from behind Azreal.
"No way!" Ted backed up.
"Sorry dudes but I'm afraid we're going to have to kill you. . .again!" said the evil Ted.
Bill and Ted stared at eachother, "AAAAAHHHGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!" they yelled

A/n: hmmm. . . lots of dialog, I know. I'll try to work on that. I may add some more crossovers from other movies or shows.