How To Be Bad

by x0firefly0x

Summary:Sick of being "innocent little Ginny", Ginny decides to change her ways with a one Draco Malfoy. I won't ruin the ending with the summary. I hate when people do that. Okay...

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Chapter 1: The Deal

"You're so sweet,'re like my little sister, Ginny..." Ginny Weasley grumbled, her shocking red hair swinging forward like a curtain to hide her pale, freckled face and doe-brown eyes.Her feet were clad in shiny black Mary-Janes (unfortunately part of the uniform) clacked noisily against the cold, stone floor.

She swung her bag furiously against the equally cold, stone wall. Ginny was satisfied to hear her ink bottle shatter. She heard someone gasp from the other side of the wall she was passing and broke into a run. She didn't stop until she reached the staircase and,panting slightly, began her ascent, still mumbling, almost incoherently. "Dean...that ass...I'm like his sister, he says..."

She headed for the library, hoping she wouldn't meet anybody she knew. She headed for a table in the back shrouded in darkness. She grabbed an oil lamp and swung her bag unto the wooden table.Not very far away, Harry Potter (her brother's best friend), her brother, Ron, and her best friend Hermione Granger (and her brother's love interest, although he hated to admit it) looked up in alarm. Ginny ignored them, and especially Harry's sheepish grin, which was also the one that used to make her weak in the knees, especially second year. Hermione started to get up, but Ron gently touched her arm and said something in his low rumbling voice that Ginny couldn't catch, and Hermione turned lovesick eyes unto her brother.

"Sick," she thought, "I'll never be like that."

Ginny plunged her hand into her bag for a quill and cursed furiously when she extracted a hand dripping in ink.

"Your anger should be kept in check, little Weaslette," a cold, drawling voice said from the shadows.

"Fuck off, Malfoy." Ginny snapped as he emerged from the darkness, smirking.

"Language, Weasley, or I'll have to write you up." Malfoy smirked.

"I told you to bugger off, didn't I? And why were you watching me anyway?" Ginny sneered, making a face most unlike her.

"Yes. But you see, I am a prefect. I'm *supposed* to watch people I don't like to try and catch them doing something bad. It's the way of life.

"Whatever," Ginny turned back to her empty parchment. She would never get that Transfiguration essay done, it seemed. Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan were sliding into seats a few feet away. 'What's with everybody I know coming into the library?', she thought furiously. Dean saw her, smiled and waved. Feeling her temper flare, she turned back to Malfoy, who was leaning on a bookshelf behind him, arms crossed.

"Actually, you don't have to go," said Ginny in a simpering voice not unlike Pansy Parkinson as she patted the seat next to her.

Malfoy's eyes widened as he himself slid him into the seat. Lavender and Parvati walked into their section and started whispering madly, darting looks at the pair. '*Why* is everybody in the library today. MERLIN,' Ginny thought angrily, gazing past Malfoy to fixate on Dean's dark face (which from what she could see, seemed to be in shock). Malfoy turned to see where Ginny was looking and once he had, his face moved into his infamous smirk, though his eyes were still a bit wide.

"Inviting me to sit with you to make your prat of an ex-boyfriend jealous, eh? Not bad...with a little more work, you could be as bad as I am."

"Bad kid?" Ginny snorted, but that had caught her interest, and her brown eyes turned to meet Malfoy's cold grey eyes. ('Actually,' Ginny thought, 'They're more like warm grey with bluish flecks.')

"Really?" She said curiously, cupping her long flaming red hair back with her inkstained hand. "You'll teach me how to be bad?"

"I thought I'd never see the day." Malfoy smirked, then cocked his head, "All right." He ran his hand through his platinum blond hair, causing tendrils to fall in front of his eyes. As he shook his head to get the hair out of his eyes, Ginny's stomach clenched. 'Must be the pumpkin juice I had for breakfast,' she wondered.

"But it'll be a challenge."

"No, it won't," Ginny said firmly, her jaw set.

"O.K. Let's meet right here, this table, on Tuesday."

"Can't we meet earlier?" Ginny asked eagerly.

"Quidditch." Draco said simply.

The bell rang and they headed out of the library together.

"Remember -- Tuesday!!!" Malfoy called as they were carried separate ways by the massive throng of people heading down the hallway. Looking at his retreating back, Ginny realized her mood had considerably picked up.

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