How To Be Bad

by x0firefly0x

Summary: Ginny Weasley is sick of being innocent. She's sick of being forgotten by boys. What to do? Take lessons in being bad of course! Her tutor? Draco Malfoy. Sparks fly as lessons go on. DMGW. Rated PG-13 for cursing.

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Chapter 14: Deal With It

Ginny walked down the crowded corridor slowly, trying to put together the words she would use when she broke the news. There were many people she felt should know first...Harry, for one. He wasn't speaking to her (and who could blame him?) but she figured he had a right to know. After all, he was like a brother to her. An annoying, irritable, Quidditch-obsessed brother. 'Except,' thought Ginny, grimacing, 'for the fact that I kissed him.' Ron, well...he *was* her brother. He'd find out eventually, and she figured it'd be better if she just told him now and got his rage over with. Hermione--*that* was who she was worried about...

Ginny said the password ("pumpernickle") and headed into the portrait hole. She took a deep breath, and headed to the fireplace, where the trio was sitting quite contently; Harry and Ron were playing Wizard's Chess, while Hermione watched, knitting more infernal house-elf hats.

"Ron, Harry, 'Mione...Can I talk to you privately?"

"Um, sure, Gin..." Hermione said fondly, though she sounded a bit worried. Ron and Harry just looked at her suspiciously, and they both got up, grudgingly.

They followed Ginny to an empty corner of the common room. She motioned for them to sit down.

"What's up, Ginny?" Harry asked, looking worried. After the Chamber of Secrets incident, they were not likely to ignore anything Ginny tried to tell them again. Ginny took a deep breath, and thought, 'Here goes!'

"I'm going out with Draco Malfoy!" Ginny blurted out, a bit too loudly.

The responses were predictable. Ron jumped up like his arse was on fire and yelled, "You're WHAT WITH MALFOY?" while Harry just looked like a kicked puppy (A/N: AWWWWWW....) and Hermione's expression was mingled anger and hurt. But that was nothing compared to Colin, who looked like he had been punched in the stomach. Maddie and some other various people in the common room just stared. 'Apparently', Ginny thought, about to throw up, 'I said that too loud.' Ginny panicked. She didn't know what to do next. She looked around the common room at the awestruck faces.

"Uh..." Ginny stammered, "I've gotta go!" and bolted out of the common room, jumping out of the portrait hole. Talk about a quick getaway! She met a very pale Draco outside of the library, where they had agreed to meet.

"I think Slytherin is seriously considering kicking me out," Draco greeted her.

"That bad?" Ginny sighed, leaning back unto the wall behind her, painfully cold through her white blouse.

"Let's put it this way," Draco said, sighing also, "The word catastrophic would put it too lightly."

"Ick," Ginny said mournfully.

"How did your 'mission' go?" Draco asked, smirking, regaining his color slightly.

Ginny groaned.

"That sucks," Draco said, interpreting her groan.


Draco leaned over to kiss her. "Well, I'll guess they're going to have to deal with it."



Quote of the Chapter: "Love is the willingness to undergo sacrificial difficulties for the sake of another." -James Stenson


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