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Under the CherryBlossoms: A Rin x Sesshoumaru fic

Chapter 7: A Fluffy Moment Under the CherryBlossoms

Part 21: Fluffy: Sesshoumaru

He heard Rin's footsteps draw near, as Jakken's excessive talking. The sun was setting and the crackling fire was the main source of light for the moment. Jakken went on an don and on until Rin entered the scene. She smiled and said,

"Good Morning!" She sang happily. Not only did the stare at what she just said, but at what she was wearing. They stared. Rin blinked innocently.

"So… What do you think?" She started to twirl.

"No! Don't go around! Don't spin!" Jakken panicked.

"Huh? Why?" Rin asked. Jakken stared. Rin looked to Sesshoumaru for Jakken's answer.

"Your skirt is short and so is Jakken."

"…Oh. It's not that short! It's like Kagome! You… still remember Kagome, right?" Rin asked. Jakken rubbed his head, remembering. Sesshoumaru didn't need to answer that. It was unimportant. He had better things to do than to talk about skirts.

"So…? It doesn't look stupid, does it?" She whined and got onto her knees to Sesshoumaru's sitting level and placed her hands on his arm, giving him the puppy dog eyes. To avoid those pleading eyes, his own eyes wandered… all over Rin. The first thing he noticed was how short her top was. It showed several centimeters of her stomach, and… elsewhere… Next he noticed her skirt… thing. Whatever is was, it was short as well! Not horribly short, but much shorter than a kimono's length. It didn't bother Sesshoumaru that it was short though. The outfit she had created would enable her to keep up when they traveled. And Rin liked it, so he would like it as well. Besides, she looked cute in it,. Sesshoumaru thought.

"It's fine, Rin. Jakken, is the meal for Rin prepared yet?" Sesshoumaru merely shifted his eyes to Jakken, and kept them perfectly poised as Rin leaned on him, hands on his arm.

"Oh, Sesshoumaru-sama, I would have been able to cook a meal for myself." She said and looked to Jakken.

"See? She wants to do it! Here! I'm not your cook." Jakken held up chopsticks and a bowl as well.

"You were late, Rin, Jakken, finish what you started." He commanded.

"Wha!.. Ye-Yes, Mi-lord." He whined and went back to stir whatever it was. Rin watched for a few seconds and looked to Sesshoumaru, who looked back. Rin smiled and sat down next to him under the tree. Sesshoumaru noticed Rin glaring at him. He lifted a brow.

"How come you're dry?" She asked, tugging on his kimono.

"The wind."

"There's no wind."

"I went fast."

"That's not fair."

"Plenty fair, Rin."


"… Do not argue with me, Rin."

"Argue with me, Sesshoumaru." Rin said boldly. Sesshoumaru went silent. There. He won. Too easy.

"Grr! Talk!" Rin tugged on his kimono sleeve. Silent Sesshoumaru strikes again.

"Do you have a comb" Rin asked and smirked. Without speaking, he removed his comb from his kimono and gave it to Rin. Yes, of course Sesshoumaru has a comb, look at all that wonderful hair! Rin held the comb in her hand for a minute, before actually combing. She pulled her ribbon out and put it in her mouth, letting her raven fair falling to its full length, almost down to her waist because it was still damp. She started to comb through it and watched the fire crackle. The fire reflected in her caramel colored eyes, as Sesshoumaru observed. He also observed with great satisfaction that his scent had replaced that human's scent. She had finished brushing now, and the sun had set completely, giving the sky a deep blue look.

"Mm.." She mumbled and handed back the comb, Sesshoumaru putting his hand over hers to take the comb back. He squeezed her hand lightly until she looked over to him in which her eyes softened and smiled. He had probably seen her smile a hundred timed that day, but he never grew tired of it. It was just so kind. That same look she had gave him when they first met, nearly a decade before. He smiled just a little bit, so little that only Rin knew that smile. She laughed a little ad looked at him.

"You are so cute sometimes, Sesshoumaru-sama." She said a blushed a bit, turning her head away.

"I am… not cute." Sesshoumaru said back. She turned back to him, her hair twirling around her cheeks and neck, giving him a determined look.

"Do not argue with me, Sesshoumaru." She mocked a bit as she tied back a small portion of her hair with the ribbon.

"That is Sesshoumaru-Sama to you, Rin."

"That is Rin-Sama to you, Sesshoumaru." she copied. Sesshoumaru was surprised by how amazingly defiant she had become. Very confident, in fact.

"Are you mocking me?"

"Yes, I am. Now bow down to your master." Rin laughed and pointed to the ground. "And beg for mercy." She added.

"And if I decide not to?" Sesshoumaru countered. There was nothing Rin could do.

"Then you must suffer the most evil and agonizing death of all, Sesshoumaru, my dear." Rin threatened with kindness. Sesshoumaru would play along with the girl's games… and win. She had to learn her place.

"I'm terrified, Rin." He said, golden eyes showing amusement.

"You should be. Now, beg for mercy, my cute little servant." Her eyes showed the same. Sesshoumaru was surprised once again. Who was she to call him her 'cut little servant'?!

"No." He said. Rin grinned.

"You are going to get it now." Rin threatened. "The punishment for my cute little doggie youkai seravnt is…" She smiled as she leaned close to him.

"A slow and agonizing death full of…" She whispered and lifted up her hands.

"You ear tweaking!" She declared as her hands flew up to Sesshoumaru's ears and started to rub them gently. Sesshoumaru barely had time to think, the attack came so fast that it was unavoidable. Then he felt the sensation in which was created when Rin started to play with his ears. When she was young, she had only once met Kagome and InuYasha, but she had witnessed Kagome putting InuYasha under a spell that rendered him useless. The tweak. She tweaked his ears as Rin now copied onto Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru's body went warm as he closed his eyes, unable to resist the comforting feel of Rin's touch. After a few moments, Rin heard exactly what she wanted to hear. A purr. Yes, a purr. Sesshoumaru couldn't help it! It was just so damn comfy!!

"A…Ha… So, beg for mercy." She said and her fingers began to scratch above his ears.

"R-Rin, stop." He said as his hand went to move up to stop her but fell back down.

"Nope. That's not my na~~me!" She sang and scratched throughout his head, still tweaking his ears with her thumbs.

"N-No. But stop. N-Now R-Rin." Sesshoumaru twitched. Rin's eyes narrowed as she grinned, leaning close to his ear and whispered.

"Say it, Sesshoumaru. Who's your master?" She whispered softly and brushed her cheek against his, nudging him a bit. This made him melt.

"Rin-Sa--" he started, but by the time Rin heard him start to say it, she dropped her hands to her sides. First rule of battle: Never let your guard down. Without finishing the last syllable and with his youkai speed, his hands moved to her bare stomach and with a motion of his hands, sent a tickling sensation up to Tin as she let out a laugh. He repeated until she was laughing so hard, she reached out and tried to push him away.

"Noooo!" She laughed. "Not faiiir!"

"Say it Rin. Who's your master?" He mimicked. And whispered in her ear and brushed his cheek up against hers a few times. He almost immediately felt Rin's cheeks get hot.

"Hm? Who is it, Rin?" He whispered again and held onto her by her waist. He moved his thumbs to rub her waist which made her smile turn into a grin.

"I'm not telling." She said and laughed.

"Tell." He commanded and licked her ear, nudging her cheek a bit.

"Mm… A.. ha.. You'll have to make me." She said glancing over to see the golden eyes of Sesshoumaru looking back.

"Then so be it." He said and moved his hands up to her shoulders.

"Huh..?" Rin whispered to herself as his hands rest on her shoulders. Gracefully, Sesshoumaru pushed her backwards to the ground and hovered before Rin let out a laugh. His thumbs moved at her shoulders, tickling her more. She laughed and squirmed, trying to get away, but Sesshoumaru had her gently pinned underneath him. He continued to tickle her and listened to her beg for mercy.

"N-Nooo! P-Please! Stop iiit! I'm sorrrrryyyyy! Y-You can't do this! You're so mean!" She struggled to say between laughs.

"You still have yet to tell. Who do you belong to? Who do you serve? Who owns you? Who am I?" He said softly, but with a will to win.

"I forget!" She giggled. Sesshoumaru growled lightly and nuzzled her neck, and by now, his hands were back at her waist, fingers extended, lightly scratching her. He dug his face into her neck and shoulder, nuzzling and nudging.

"Remember, Rin." He ordered and moved his face to hers. Her eyes looked up into his. Her hands moved up to lightly touch his ears and brushed them with her fingertips.

"Remember what?" She asked innocently, before her eyes gleamed with wickedness.

"If this is the best form of torture, you really SHALL become a cute little youkai doggie servant to me." She said.

"I assure you, that will not happen." He said and leaned forward to that at where their noses touched, his body brushing up against hers.

"Can you guarantee that?" She whispered.

"Yes." He whispered down upon her lips. Once more he moved his hands up to hold her face in his hands. She looked up into his golden pools and searched around in them. With his fingers, he brushed away the strands of hair away from her cheeks and leaned down upon Rin, the space between their lips almost gone.

"Sesshou..maru..sama…" She whispered as she leaned forward to bring his lips to his. As soon as Rin's touched his, he leaned forward, pushing her as far as he could against the ground. Closing his eyes, he tiled his head to the side and licked her lips. She let out a small moan as her hands slid down his back. As soon as she opened her mouth, Sesshoumaru slid in his tongue, deepening the kiss as much as he could. He pulled back, sitting up. Rin's eyes fluttered open as she looked at him.

Sesshoumaru looked away, but he found Jakken staring at him. Traumatized. Sesshoumaru stood and lazily sat back down under the tree. Rin sat up, looking at Jakken. She seemed a little shaken up as well, but Jakken was the one that was trembling. She rubbed the bridge of her nose, trying to get that blushy feeling off. Jakken gaped at Sesshoumaru.

"Is my food ready yet?" Rin mumbled as she sat up. Jakken snapped his head to her.

"It.. Was ready 10 minutes ago…"He said. He said., He would of served it, but his youkai master was too busy 'occupying' the human girl who was to eat it.

"Right then… Can I eat then, Jakken-sama?" Rin blinked. Jakken blinked and nodded. He could only wonder what kind of hell would be created for him if Rin were to stay…


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