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Chapter 1 ((the exchange student))

Robin's Prov


Went Robin's alarm clock as it struck 6:30 a.m on a less then gorgeous Monday morning.

(great Monday morning. I hate Monday mornings...)) thought robin as he slowly rose out of bed.

He slowly opened his eyes to the red bed room. He had two big dressers a tv/dvd player and a big window on the right that was now filled w/ birds chirping from outside. ((uhhh I didn't think birds woke up at this time in the morning never mind anyone else waking up at this barbaric time.)) ((grrrrrrr)) *no he isn't a morning person* Slowly Robin walked over to his humongous walk in closet. Wear he lazily picked out a outfit. Which turned out to be a long red turtle neck sweater with a pair of brown khaki pants with pockets on the sides. After he got dressed he walked into his bathroom were he *tried* to groom his dark black untamable hair. Finally after using a good bottle of hair jell he got his hair to stick up pointedly. After this he ran down the stairs to get a light breakfast and catch the bus before it left his stop. Like it always seemed to do. This time he managed to get the bus to school.

I brush against the freckles that I hated so life goes on

8:10 School Starfire's Prov

I sighed softly as I looked up at the spacious clear as crystal blue sky. ((Here goes nothing.)) I thought as I took a step toward the red brick building. "Raven Dale Middle School" I read out loud. ((hmm I think this is it)) I sighed and took another step so that I was inches from the crystal clear glass door.

((hmm I hope I look okay)) I thought as I looked down at my appearance. I wore a white cami with light fringe out lining it with a green button up sweater that had only one button done in the middle. Then she had a brown mini skirt that was a couple of inches form the knees *okay more then a couple =)*. Then I gazed up at my face *she's using the glass door as a mirror* I had long purple hair that reached a couple inches form the shoulders but instead of her ususal style she decided to put loose crimps. ((okay clothes and hair check looks good I am ready I just hope everyone likes me...))

9:00 Math class Robins Prov

((this is sooooooooooooo boring)) I thought boringly as I looked out the window trying to drown my Math teacher's voice out. You could say it was going through one ear and out the other. That is until I spotted a Purple haired beauty walking into the school from the school window. I froze it seemed like time had stopped as I looked out the window. ((She's beautiful... stop Robin you idiot you already have a girl friend!)) As the two sides of his mind fought over what was right to do. (( I wonder who if she is a new student or something. I have to meet her...))

ROBIN!!!!!! yelled a voice

"Yes?" I asked sleepily as I looked up to see my Math teacher breathing down my back.


"Umm yes?" I asked stupidly

"What is 6a divided by 21-3v?"

"5?" I asked timidly just completely guessing. Then I flashed one of my heart throbbing smiles that the I love Robin club go mad over.

"NO!!! Now start paying attention in class or I'll have to fail you!" Yelled my teacher as he spat in my face.

"Okay I'll pay attention!" I said mumbling as all of a sudden I saw the purple haired girl at the door, with what looked like a transfer slip in her hand.

"What are you staring at Robin?" My teacher asked frustrated.

I pointing to the door and put a goofy smile on my face. My teacher must of obviously got the drift as he stood up straight. (Cause he was so frustrated) Knowing that he had just made a fool out of himself in front of a new student.

"This isn't over Robin I'll be watching you." He mumbled as he walked up to the door and started talking to the girl. I couldn't hear but I am pretty sure he was greeting her.

Now that I thought of it, she girl looked even prettier up close.

"Students! We have a new exchange student from England named Starfire. She'll be staying here for a little while so while she is here please make her feel welcome!

"Hi Starfire!" the class chanted as I heard a few people mostly boys mumble to each other on how she was kinda cute.

"Hey Robin!"

I turned around to see my best friend Cyborg calling me (take note that he isn't half robot he is just a normal kid with the name Cyborg. Not that I know any one that would name their kid that but still...)

"Yea?" I asked dully trying to make it sound that I wasn't interested in the new girl, that I knew he was going to talk to me about.

"Yo she's kinda hot. I say we try to get to know her and get a little close." he said with a small smile.

"Cyborg you have a girlfriend" I hissed.

"So?" He asked dully I was meaning to dump her anyways (okay I know this isn't Cyborg's personality but just work with me k?)

"Cyborg and Robin!" Yelled my math teacher again. "What is so interesting that you to are sharing instead of listening to me. Would you like to share it with the class?"

"Actually..." started Cyborg

((well that's Cyborg for you.))

"O0o just shut up and listen okay? Or both of you will have detention!"

"Okay we'll be quiet" we both said together

"That's good and since you Robin have all the time in the world to talk I would like you to take Starfire on a tour of the school after classes' today."

"What! But I have soccer practice today! My coach will kill me if I don't go! You know that!" I yelled (yea I know see robin playing soccer? But I don't know it just kinda makes sense.)

"Well that's to bad Know isn't it? Maybe you should have listened in class." My math teacher said with a smile everyone knew he loved getting Robin in trouble.

All I could do was glare as I slumped back into my chair.

To be continued


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