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chapter 7

starfire's prov

the next day went by quickly and it was already Monday morning. As usual I was running all over the place trying to get ready for school in a new record for my self, 10 minutes.

And some how I did it!

Yes, some angel was watching over me that morning. But it didn't stay long enough. It all started at math class....

As usual I was minding my own business sitting patiently for the class to begin...

Okay maybe not..

Maybe I was chatting away with Christina who was giving me the latest gossip on Lance. I sware that girl eats and sleeps gossip. She knows everything and anything worth knowing about. How she got that way I did not know.

So anyways I am all good until HE comes in. I mean the guy is so coincided. He thinks that everything revolves around him and from the way it looks everything does. The girl start to giggle or scream what ever one you prefer I prefer calling them barbies.. But what does my opinion account for anyways?


So anyways he comes up to me and puts his hands on the desk making a big thud and his eyes glaring at mine.

"Yes?" I asked buirdly looking up and trying to ignore the glare.

"We have to work on the project today."

"No we don't" I said monotonously

"Yes we do!" he screamed no longer keeping his cool and it seemed like the whole classroom went quiet and no teacher was in site. Which was odd but what did I care?

"Now you want to work on it? After me asking you millions of times last week? Well you know what I don't want to." I said looking to the side to see Christina smiling and giggling slightly she seemed to find this conversation interesting.

"You brat!" he yelled and I had enough

"Excuse me?" I screamed standing up and glaring know my hands bold in fists.

I really have to do something about this anger management problem.

"You heard me." he growled

and then my worst nightmare happened the teacher walked in and gave us detention.

So here I was sitting in a empty classroom with him next to me and not very pleased considering I had to right a 500 word essay on how special and unique Robin is and that's not all. The teacher is making us have "quality time together."

"Why me?" I thought and fell back on my chair and looked lazily on my paper at what I had on it so far.

Robin is stupid and has no heart. There is no good qualities to him.

"Well I think that pretty much sums that up." I thought lazily and gazed over to robin who was rocking back on his chair and looking out the window.

The teacher left knowing that he didn't have to worry about us because we despised each other and would probably take a line of tape and line it down across the room and to be honest that really wasn't a bad idea.

"You know this is all your fault." I finally said. I was sick of the silence. I mean you would to if you were in that place for a half hour already.

"Whatever." he mumbled not picking his head up from the window. I gazed down at his paper to see it blank with nothing on it.

Robin's prov

"This is all your fault" she said and looked at me for a second and then gazed at my paper.

What nerve

This is all NOT my fault if anything its hers! I mean what nerve does she have?

But I did not dare say anything. I didn't feel like being slapped again because that girl was abusive and know I had to write a 500 work essay on how starfire is special. Ha ha ha! Not happening! She is not special so I think she should get over it.

"Then why do you think about her 24/7?" the voice in my head chirped and I couldn't help but frown.

"Didn't I go over this its because she so damn annoying!" I said fighting back with my err other half. 'Great know I know I am losing it," I mumbled and put my head on the desk and banged it slightly hoping all these stupid thought would go away.

And they did

But you want to know what was there instead?

A picture perfectly cut in my mind of her fiery expression and God was she beautiful.

"Beautiful huh?" that voice sang again and I sighed there was no way of denying it anymore.

He liked her.

Starfire's prov

"Who does he think he is ignoring me? No one ignores me!" she growled and after a good five minutes she stopped scowling and looked back down at her paper. What a beautiful masterpeace it was. At least she thought so.

But something seemed to nag in her brain.

"Is he really that bad?" I thought softly and I immediately replied to myself "of course" and started cursing about all the horrible qualities about him.

"but he's cute." it said again and I groaned "you know I am right."

"This is ridiculous I am having a conversation with myself!" I thought shaking my head rapidly and was wondering if Robin thought I was a freak.

"But I am the sensible half." it chirped up and I sighed there was no way of getting out of this. Wether I liked it or not.

She liked Robin.

To be continued.....

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