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It was a morning like any other, the students waited outside of the school before the first bell rang, and then noisily filed in and walked towards their classrooms.
Kira got to school late because she stayed up late talking to Harumi on the phone. She crept to the back of the classrooms quietly so that she wouldn't be noticed by the teacher. Sneaking into classes when late was a trick that she had learned from non other, but Rei himself. "Good morning class," Ms. Yazawa greeted the class. "Before I begin explaining this months project I'd like to give the new student a chance to introduce himself. Brian Isawa, please come to the front of the room." Ms. Yazawa then walked to her seat behind her desk and neatly folded her legs.
He slowly slipped out of his seat and walked to his temporary stage. His face changed from a tan shade to one of beet red as he made his way to the front. He kept bumping into his classmate's desk overlapping binders. When he reached the front of the room he began to shift from foot to foot, and kept his eyes glued to the floor. Brian then cleared his throat, ran a hand through his shaggy brown hair and began his introduction. "Uh... hi I'm Brian Isawa. I was born in Okinawa, but mostly raised in California. I moved here over the summer. Um... I enjoy painting and baseball and uhhhh that's about it.." he said nervously. He then ran his hand through his hair once more then shuffled to his seat. He exhaled deeply when he sat down again, then his face returned to his natural color. He could feel the burn of his classmates eyes.
Kira watched him for a moment, and then began skimming through her notes. She too understood his anxiety of being the outsider. She'd spent many years living with the awkwardness that he experienced a few minutes ago.
The day went by quickly and lunchtime was soon upon them.
"Hey! Kira wait up!" Rei yelled from down the hall as he began running to her. He was wearing the usual t-shirt and jeans.
Her heart skipped a beat at the sound of his voice. She was beginning to wonder when she'd see him that day. Her heart filled with warmth as she watched his long golden hair sway from side to side as he made his way to her.
"Where where you this morning?" Rei asked as he casually threw his arm around her shoulder.
"I got to school late because I overslept," Kira admitted as they walked through the halls and made their way to the cafeteria
"Tsk tsk tsk, shame on you Kira. I'd expect this from me, but certainly not from you," Rei joked while opening the red swinging doors of the cafeteria.
Kira smiled at him lovingly.
"Look! There's Tatsuya and Harumi!" she said as she walked towards their table.
Kira and Rei took seats across from each other and exchanged greetings with Tatsuya and Harumi.
Harumi and Kira immediately began making plans for shopping for the upcoming weekend.
"Um, hey you're Kira right?" a smooth and cool voice interrupted interrupted.
Kira turned to see who was speaking to her to find that it was the new student she'd meet in first period.
"Yes, I'm Kira. Hello Brian," Kira greeted him warmly.
"I was wondering if I could join the art club. I was told that you are the president," he told her.
"Okay, sure. There's a meeting today after school in the art studio. You're more than welcome to join us," Kira answered.
"That's wonderful," Brian answered with a smile.
Rei watched this interaction and rolled his eyes. It was so obvious to him that Brian was trying to hit on Kira.
Tatsuya cast a glance at Rei and snickered
"Hey! Aren't you going to introduce us Kira?" Harumi asked, in a sort of flirtatious voice.
"Oh yeah, how rude of me, Brian this is Harumi," Kira began, motioning in the direction of the short haired blonde girl.
"Hi! I haven't seen you around here are you new?" Harumi asked, extending her hand to him.
"Yeah, I just moved here from California," Brian answered with much more ease than he did earlier this morning.
"Really! California... Rei you used to live there right?" Harumi asked, trying to get a conversation going between Brian and Rei.
"Yeah, I did," Rei answered flatly as he pushed his chicken cutlets around on his plate.
"Wow, really? Which part?" Brian asked excitedly.
"Los Angeles," Rei replied.
"Hey, I'm Tatsuya. I'd be glad to show you around if you want," Tatsuya offered.
"So, how do you and Kira know each other?" Harumi inquired.
"Oh, we had first period class together. Also we're working on an english project together," Kira explained as she picked at her pork chop and salad meal.
"Brian, do you want to sit with us?" Kira asked.
"I'd love to," Brian answered cheerily as he took a seat in-between Kira and Harumi.
During the rest of the lunch period Harumi, Tatsuya, and Kira got to know Brian better. By the time the bell rang he was already like a part of the group.
"Hey Rei, wait up! Aren't we going to walk to class together?" Kira asked with a frown.
"I thought that you might want to walk with Brian instead," Rei answered coldly as he stood in place waiting for Kira to catch up with him.
"What? No way! What's wrong you seem angry. Did I do something to upset you?" Kira asked as she reached out to touch him arm gingerly.
"No, it's nothing," Rei said with a sigh. He could have punched himself when he saw how much he'd hurt Kira. It was stupid to think that Kira would go running off with another guy. "Come on, let's go we're gonna be late for class," he said as he grabbed her hand and led her through the halls.
Later that day Rei, Kira, Harumi, and Tatsuya were meeting each other at a local ice-cream parlor to hang out.
"What's he doing here?" Rei asked cooly as he stood at the edge of the table with his hands on his hips.
"Oh, didn't Kira tell you? At the end of school I invited him to come with us," Harumi answered.
"Whaaaat? I didn't know that there was a rule saying that you couldn't be nice to the new students!" Harumi cried when she was scorched by Rei's glare.
"Whatever," Rei said as he took a seat next to Kira.
"So, how did you like this afternoon's art club meeting?" Kira asked Brian. She noticed how uncomfortable he seemed with Rei around.
"Oh, it was really cool. The art clubs I've been to in California weren't half as good as yours. You're a very talented artist, what art college do you plan to go to?" Brian asked, staring at Kira intensely.
"Oh, um I don't know. It's just my mom and me, so we don't really have that much money. I may not be able to go to one," Kira answered breezily.
"That's a shame, to waste such talent," Brian said, his cheeks turning redder by the moment.
"Oh yeah, I forgot.. I have to go to work early this evening. I've got to go. I'll catch you guys later," Rei said quickly and got up and took his leave.
Kira looked after him in vast wonder. He hadn't mentioned anything about having to go to work today.
"Um, how come Rei doesn't like me?" Brian asked curiously. "I figured that we could be friends, you know since we had a similar childhood and all."
"Oh, it's not that he doesn't like you Brian... it's just that.. well..." Harumi started out, but couldn't finish. She couldn't find a way to excuse Rei's odd behavior.
"Don't take it personally," Tatsuya told him. "He may seem tough on the outside, but inside he's really soft, kind, and lovable. Just ask Kira."
"Huh? I didn't know that you were dating Rei," Brian said, putting his spoon down.
"Yeah, I am. We've been dating to close to a year now," Kira said, with a small smile.
"Oh, that's nice," Brian responded. He seemed a bit disappointed.
"Wow, look at the time! It's getting late I've got to go," Tatsuya said as he got out of his seat.
"Hey, can you walk me home?" Harumi asked, she too getting out of her seat.
"Yeah, I should be getting home now too. Can I walk you home?" Brian asked.
Kira looked from Harumi to Tatsuya as if she were looking for the right way to answer Brian. It was dark and it wasn't safe for a girl her age to go home alone now, but Rei would be annoyed if he found out.
"Don't worry, its not like I'm going to try something funny. I know that you're dating someone," Brian said convincingly.
"Okay," Kira said as she got up and left with Brian.
"Hey, don't you think that Brian looks cute with Kira?" Harumi asked.
"No way, I think that Kira and Rei are perfect for each other," Tatsuya answered, taking hold of his girlfriend's hand and leading her towards the door.
"Well, yeah they are, but I feel some chemistry between Brian and Kira. He's a really sweet guy, and good looking too, and he's also into art and all that," Harumi explained.
"Yeah I guess... but Rei needs her, and she needs him too," Tatsuya told her.
"True," Harumi said with a smile. You never knew what was going to happen next with Rei and Kira.

"So which of these apartments do you live in?" Brian asked her when the got onto her block.
"Um, it's the last one on the left," Kira answered. They spent most of their walk in silence.
She tugged at the ends of her sweater. She felt somewhat exposed being alone with a guy other than Rei. Kira made a mental note to call Rei when she got home.
"Well, here we are," Brian announced standing at the large gate.
"Yes, well thank you for walking me home. Good night," she said formally as she began to open the gate with her key.
"I'll see you tomorrow?" Brian asked.
"Yes, we'll meet in the library during lunch," Kira said once she got it open.
"Alright, bye... and I'm sorry if I've caused any problems between you and Rei," he said sincerely.
"No, it's alright," Kira said as turned away from him and walked into her apartment building.
"Good evening Kira," her mother greeted Kira from the kitchen.
"Hello mom," she responded as she took off her sneakers, and dropped her heavy book bag at the door.
"I saw someone drop you at the gate, that wasn't Rei was it?" her mother asked.
"No mother, it was a new student. We're working on a project together," Kira answered as she looked through the envelopes on the table, checking if any of them belonged to her.
"Are you hungry? I cooked your favorite meal," Kira's mother said as she began to set the table.
"Oh, no mom, I'm not hungry. I ate before coming home. If you save my share I'll eat it tomorrow for dinner," Kira said as she went to her room to make a phone call.
She dialed his number quickly and anxiously waited for him to answer. It rang four times before he answered it.
"Hello," Rei answered sleepily.
"Hey Rei," answered Kira dreamily. Her heart still fluttered when she heard his deep voice on the phone.
"Oh, hi Kira. Did you just get in or something? It's kinda late you know," Rei replied.
"It's nine o'clock," Kira said. "You didn't have to go to work did you?" she said, slightly upset that she'd been lied to.
"No... I didn't..." Rei answered. He could sense her hostility over the phone.
"Then why did you leave so soon?" she asked, Rei was usually the one begging everyone to stay for the extra hour.
"I dunno... I just needed to get out of there," Rei said truthfully.
"Okay, whatever," Kira said. "We didn't get to spend much time together recently... maybe you could come a little early tomorrow morning and we can hang out." Since Tatsuya suggested that she be more demanding she mastered the skill.
"Okay, meet me at the park at 7:50," Rei said.
"Alright, so I'll see you then. I love you Rei, good night," Kira said.
"I love you too, g'night," Rei replied before hanging up the phone.

Kira woke up bright and early the next morning. She loved spending time alone with Rei.
After she took her bath, washed her face, brushed her teeth, got dressed and ate breakfast she rushed out to meet Rei.
When she got to the park it was empty for the most part. She spotted a guy sitting on a bench. He appeared to be sketching something. Curiosity made her go over to see just what he was doing.
"What are you painting?" Kira asked shyly.
"Nothing really... I guess you could call it dabbling. I haven't found my muse," he answered. "How embarrassing, I didn't think that anyone from our school would see me here."
"It's okay Brian. I wont tell anyone," she said as she took a seat next to him.
"So, what are you doing here so early?" he asked her, never taking his eyes off of his sketch pad.
"I'm waiting for Rei," Kira answered.
"Are you sure that you'd want him to find us together?" Brian asked her/
"Uh? What do you mean? We're not doing anything wrong and I am allowed to talk to other guys," Kira answered him. "I thought that you didn't have a muse?" she asked him when she noticed that his dabbling was turing into a beautiful landscape.
"I just found it," Brian said, putting his brush down and turning to face her. He leaned in a little closer, as if he were trying to kiss her.
A hand flew up to her face instinctively. She sprung out of her seat and looked down at him.
"What were you thinking?" Kira asked, deeply frowning.

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