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The high pitched ring a cell phone pierced through the silence and darkness of the night.

He fumbled for the phone next to his bed and finally managed to get the phone to his ear. "Hello?" answered a voice, sounding groggy and annoyed.

Rei smiled cynically, he was worried that he wouldn't be able to get in touch with him. "Good evening Brian," Rei said as he checked his pile on the floor, making sure that he had everything he'd need for the night.

There was a pause before Brian answered. "Rei? Is that you?" he asked, Rei could tell that Brian was nervous.

"Yes it is," Rei replied, his voice and attitude resembling one of a mafia hit man, perhaps it was from practice in his past.

"What do you want?" Brian asked him aggressively as if suddenly getting back his mojo.

"I ask the questions and call the shots understand? Now I want you to meet me in the alley behind the meat shop on Sunset Boulevard. Be there at twelve o'clock sharp. No excuses," he paused to give Brian a chance to absorb the order. "I'll see you then Brian," Rei said sweetly before hanging up the phone.

After taking a shower and changing into his work jeans and t-shirt then swung his black canvas back over his back headed out of his apartment and for the alleyway that he was supposed to meet Brian in.

Rei arrived ten minutes early, and he took this opportunity to rethink what he was going to do. The rustle of leaves at the foot of the alley way bore through his thoughts and he turned to see who was there.

"What's this about?" Brian asked as he cautiously walked nearer to Rei.

Rei bent down and took an iron chain out of his bag pack. "This is about my girlfriend," he explained as he held it out in both hands, the chain glowing in the moonlight.

"Uh... uh what are you talking about?" Brian asked him nervously, backing away from Rei cautiously. "I haven't done anything to your girlfriend!"

"Don't lie to me!" he roared as he placed the thick iron chain around Brian's neck and pulled him closer.

Brian winced, the iron was cold against his neck and made the fine hairs on his neck stand straight up. "Dude! What the hell are you doing!? You're freaking me the hell out!" Brian said as he tried to pull away from Rei's intense grip.

"Shut up! Don't speak until I ask you something! Good God you're annoying. You blackmailed my girlfriend, tried to make her break up with me to go out with you. I'm sorry to report that your little plan didn't work," Rei began. "You put us through a lot of crap."

Brian realized that Rei was dead serious and decided not to joke around. "Look, I'm sorry man. Can't we just forget about it?" he pleaded as Rei began to tighten the chain around his neck.

"Forget about it? But that wouldn't be fun," Rei insisted. He was almost completely different than who he was when he was with Kira. Rei's face was twisted with anger, his eyes cold and hard. He looked like a rattle snake ready to strike. "You don't seriously expect me to go easy on you?"

Rei smiled a devilish smile, causing a chill to run down Brian's back.

"Hey there beautiful!" Rei said cheerily as Kira walked up to their usual spot in the cafeteria. He was glad to see her again.

"Hey," she replied, a smug smile on her face. She looked more relaxed and happy that she did during the last few weeks.

"How are you?" Harumi asked as she munched on a celery stick.

Kira cast a loving glance at Rei and said "just fine." It was amazing that they were still together. She seriously thought that he'd have broken up with her the second he found out. Kira let out a happy sigh.

Rei couldn't help but blush as she held his hand underneath the table. The slightest display of affection from Kira made his day beautiful. He was very glad that things were going to be back to normal for them.

"There's going to be a party at Lisa's house tonight, you guys wanna come?" Tatsuya asked as shielded his plate of food from Rei's hungry stare.

"Sure, sounds like fun," Kira said with a nod. It's been a while since she'd enjoyed herself at a party.

"Yeah, sounds great," Rei said.

Tatsuya let out what sounded as a war cry and pointed his plastic fork at Rei's hand when he attempted to steal his cup of ice cream.

"Hey, I thought that friends were supposed to share!" Rei said as he began to pout.

"Share! Yeah right what about last week when you left me to starve to death! You had an extra four dollars, and you wouldn't lend me a cent!" Tatsuya complained.

"I thought you were over that!" Rei replied.

"Ha, never! You still owe me twenty dollars from the time...." Tatsuya added.

Kira and Harumi began to laugh at them. It was so childish, but cute at the same time.

"The boy's will never change," Harumi said as she shook her head at them. They began to laugh even more when Rei and Tatsuya began to thumb wrestle.

"Hey Rei, Brian wasn't here today. Did you say anything to him?" Kira asked curiously after Rei won his ice-cream.

"Huh? Me? No, no way. I haven't said or done anything to him," Rei said, crossing his arms across his chest and shaking his head for emphasis.

Kira looked at him suspiciously, but let it go. She didn't really care about what happened to Brian, but hoped that she'd never have to see him again.

"Thank you," Kira said as she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"For what?" Rei asked, acting completely clueless.

"For whatever you did," Kira said with a smile. She knew Rei better than anyone else, and he was a bad liar.

"Any time babe," he replied, giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

"Ugh, can you do that stuff elsewhere!" Harumi joked, flicking her peas at Rei. She laughed as Rei tried to get them out of his hair but only smashed them in the process.

"Yeah, you guys are giving me cavities!" Tatsuya agreed.

Although they felt a little embarrassed, Rei and Kira couldn't help but join Tatsuya and Harumi in laughter. Everything seemed to be fine again.

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