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"Shhh... He'll here you."

"No he won't, he's an old man... So he's deaf."

"Hey, how old is Zoolie???"

The pirate, the bird, and the annoying female interloper inched their way along a corridor on the Wraith. There was a thin light coming from the room where Zoolie was, and that happened to be their destination. The three of them were trying to be as quiet as possible, but these people aren't exactly ... 'delicate' in their operations...

"OW!!! That was my foot!"

"Sorry... Who's hand am I holding?"

"That's not my hand, and you know it! Let go!"



"I AM NOT!!!"

"YES, YOU A---"

The arguing was abruptly ceased when Zoolie stepped out into the passage, bringing the lantern with him. He found his three stalkers lying on the floor in a chaotic tangle of arms and legs. How they could get this way just by walking wasn't immediately clear, but that's how they ended up... Clumsy.

"Sooo, uhm... What exactly are you three doing out here?" Zoolie asked casually leaning against a wall.

Ioz was the first to detangle himself. But as soon as he looked at Zoolie he lost all confidence in this little scheme of theirs. Not able to think of a better excuse, he blurted out the first thing that came to mind.


Hearing this, Tula and Niddler quit shoving at one another and turned to stare at him. So did Zoolie.

"What was that?"

"We uh... We... Came to ask you if you'd seen any potatoes around lately." Only after he'd said it did Ioz realize how truly stupid this sounded.

"Uhm, no can't say that I have." Zoolie turned around to go back into the room. "By the way, you aren't going to eat me, so just quit trying before one of you hurts him or herself..."

Ioz, Tula, and Niddler all looked at each other, incredulous that the man knew what they were up to. When Zoolie got to the doorway of his room, Tula asked him the inevitable question.

"How on Mer did you know?" She seemed to be taking this issue much farther than was healthy. "I mean, did you hear us?"

"He couldn't have heard us, he's an old man." Ioz reminded her.

Zoolie turned around and rolled his eyes at them. "I'm 32, Lunkhead."

Zoolie turned around again and left, taking the lantern with him. Tula, Ioz, and Niddler were left in the dark to ponder this new information.

"He can't be 32... He's got to be older than that."

"Yeah, like 60, at least."


Wow, that was really pointless... But up until now, I've never heard anyone on the show use the phrase 'lunkhead', so I have accomplishde something there anyhow. Yup... That's then end. For now. Review please.

REN- Where was I through the whole thing???

Don Molony, the God'Shroom- You were sleeping... Peacefully.

REN- ......... Oh, okay. *runs off innocently, never suspecting a thing*