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Become The Ninja

Chapter 6: Broken

By: Dragon Lady9

I can't move, Hotsuma thought. Could it be that I'm afraid of him, or has he put some kind of spell on me?

This was the terrible demon-lord, Sogaro Maruto. Certainly fitting the terrible part. He could be called handsome, but you would have to look past everything else to see that. His kimono, open to the waist, depicted scenes of war and massacres, people, succumbing to horrible wounds - your general death-oriented unpleasant things. His bare chest showed a number of serious looking wounds. They bled constantly, but he seemed to be unfazed by them. His hair could only be described as the color of the violent sea. And his eyes were the hardest to behold. They were entirely black except the irises, which were yellow.

'Hotsuma Musashi-no-Oboro,' he said in a deep, yet almost whispery voice. 'Heir to the Oboro Clan and…Akujiki. Poor little Hotsu-Chan! You've suffered so much at my hands. But it had been so long since we last saw each other…I just HAD to come visit you.'

Sogaro leisurely made his way over to Hotsuma and raised his chin with a slender hand. 'You're so cute. I should take you with me now…but I think you're a bit too young for my tastes. What IS the word… unproven? Hm…Maybe I will…just one final test, though. Yes. One last trial. Then if you are ready….'

Hotsuma was bewildered. 'What the HELL is he talking about?' Sogaro's expression hardened as soon as the thought crossed the shinobi's mind.

'I'm going to make you mine, Hotsuma. How much do I have to simplify it for you?' his face lightened again. 'So wet-behind-the-ears. It's charming.'

All Hotsuma could do was stand, frozen as Sogaro drew in and kissed him softly. The next ten minutes were a blur, as he vigorously brushed his teeth.

'Sogaro is gone… but…..AGGGGH!' He began brushing again.

A bed never looked so good. Most of the night he had spent sanitizing himself. Hotsuma pretty much died on the futon, and awoke…to Hidre (literally) jumping up and down on his stomach.

'No wonder you didn't wake up sooner! You've got hard abs.'

'Erm….Thank You?'

'Anyway, Hotsuma-san. Master Tao has called a meeting to all persons in the dojo,' she said brightly.

'Of course,' he replied sharply. 'By all means, let's skip on down…'He caught her disapproving look. 'Sorry.'

Hidre led Hotsuma to a room he had not yet been in. It was large, round, and had no windows. Everyone in the room stood or sat facing Master Tao. As soon as Hotsuma entered, the deafening roar of irate voices lowed to a hush, and Tao cleared his throat.

He began. 'As you all know, yesterday the hydra struck again, this time taking training hall 5. If we allow this to continue, many more lives could be lost. Does anyone have a plan of action? Anything to slay this menace or possibly seal it somewhere?'

It would have been appropriate for a tumbleweed to roll across the room.


'Master, the next time it appears, let me handle it.' Quiet whispers began it build in the circular room.

'Hotsuma? Are you positive you can handle this?'

'Only fools are positive. I'm completely sure.'

The entire dojo was buzzing about Hotsuma's announcement.

'It was that ninja-boy. Is he mad? That beast killed seven of the beast students last time!'

'He's surely be killed. He's just a kid.'

What the hell WAS that boy talking about? Everyone in the dojo knew that monster was invincible! No matter how many times it was dealt a fatal blow, it still managed to survive. It came to the dojo and left as it pleased. The students feared that one day it would appear, and not depart until it had destroyed the entie compound, and taken every single human life.

I want to tell, she thought. I really do. All these people. They're my family. But if I told, I'd never be able to come back. That would mean leaving Hotsuma, too. He's the first boy who's paid attention to me like that. Even if it is just a little crush…the thought of never speaking to him again…

Hidre's eyes widened. 'Not today! No, please!'

I have to tell Hotsuma. Now.

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Chapter Title: Broken

Hidre is upset, torn between the saftey of those she cares about, should she stay with them and put them in danger? She's broken her spirit with the weight of her troubles. Also a Seether song. Yea. I ran out of J-Rock songs.