NOTE: I don't own these Gilmore Girls characters but I do love the show so much.

A/N: This takes place six years after season three of Gilmore Girls. I felt badly that Jess's spin-off series got cancelled so I decided to give him one. I hope you enjoy.

                                                       CHAPTER 1

          The late morning was bright and sunny, perfect weather. Jess drove down the streets of LA, the shining sun bouncing off his shades, glancing at the passing sights he saw. The twenty-four-year-old parked in front of a large building, glancing back at his black and silver Volvo, which was awfully large for one person but had been of low cost.

          Jess, gathering his suitcases, headed into the building, heading towards the second floor. He knocked on apartment 2B. A tall African American appeared at the door, a friendly expression on his face. He looked to be no older than his early thirties.

"Jess, hey," the man greeted. "Right on time. It's good to see you again."

"Punctual," Jess said dryly. "Always has been my thing. Good to see you, too, Mr. Heron."

"Nope, none of the formal stuff," the man smiled. "It's Rick."

"OK..." Jess trailed a little. "Rick."

"Come on," Rick guided, heading for the stairs that led to the top floor, the third. "The movers delivered your furniture about an hour ago."

          Jess sighed, silently thanking his uncle, Luke, for the help on getting the furniture. It would have been nearly impossible for Jess to buy the furniture and a car. Luckily he had a couple months salary left from working in Connecticut for half of a year.

          Rick opened the door to Jess's apartment, 3C, giving him his new keys as Jess went inside, the two men saying their see you laters as they went their separate ways.

          Jess walked through the apartment, carrying his luggage. His living room furniture had been scattered about, as if the movers thought that was the way Jess would want it. Jess figured he would change it later, much later.

          The dining room seemed to be only a little less larger than the living room. Jess couldn't understand why he had gotten an apartment with a dining room. What was the point? He had no plans to invite the queen of England over for tea and crumpets. The look on Jess's face at the peach colored walls read a mixture of annoyance and tiredness.

          When Jess finally made it to the bedroom he tossed his stuff down lazily and collapsed on the bed. It had taken him, or what he thought was, forever to get to Los Angeles with his car. Things had just been to tiresome and Jess released a contented sigh as he shut his eyes.

          A couple hours later, going into afternoon, Jess's eyes opened again, his stomach suddenly taking over his entire body as he realized that it had been over six hours since he had eaten breakfast.

          Grabbing his keys, Jess left the apartment, climbing into his car and driving off in search of any nearby restaurant. As he drove along he noticed it; a large convenience store. Jess entered and bought all eatable grocery items, ending up with enough to last him at least a couple of weeks yet he felt like cooking nothing.

          After dropping the food off at the apartment Jess spotted a pizzeria called the Spicy Meatball and ordered a large spaghetti meal, as the restaurant served several Italian meals.

          As Jess ate, which was very greedily, he thought about all the stressed that had been involved with moving. Even so the hardest part of coming to LA hadn't even started yet. That day would seem like nothing compared to what was coming the next day.

A/N: This beginning chapter is really short. I just wanted to set you guys up for a good beginning. Oh, and could someone please tell me what color Jess's eyes are? I can't seem to tell.