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                                                    CHAPTER 10

          Down at the police station everything had been pretty much cleared. Shane had actually told the truth. She had admitted that Rosa really was Jess's child and that she really had been abusing the girl.

          Jess and Rosa sat in the waiting room of the station, waiting on what would happen next. Rosa's body took up an entire seat, as she held her knees up to her chest, hugging them tightly. Jess tried to look at different objects lying around the office but his mind could not stay focused. His mind was on Rosa, only Rosa.

A blonde police officer walked up to Jess and Rosa then. "Mr. Mariano?"

Jess looked up at her. "One guess what you're about to say," he muttered.

"It checked out, sir," the officer started. "Rosa here is your daughter. The mother just spilled it all."

"I guess I called that one," Jess sighed.

          The officers at the station kept Jess and Rosa there for a while longer, as they had to go over legal facts. Shane would not be allowed to visit Rosa unless she got the necessary amount of counseling. Until then Rosa would be entirely in Jess's care.

          When Jess and Rosa were finally released they headed out of the station they went to sit on the bench next to a bus stop so as to get back to Jess's building.

Rosa sat swinging her legs back and forth, confusion echoing in her mind. "Coach Jess?"

Jess looked down at her, still unable to believe that he was all hers. "Let me guess. Questions, right?"

Rosa's confusion became obvious when she said, "What's going on? Where's Mommy?"

Jess sighed and looked at her closely. "Rosa... Shane needs a lot of help right now. Do you know why?"

Rosa looked sheepish as she replied, "Because I'm bad?"

Jess shook his head. "No. It's not you. It's because she hurt you. We don't want her to do it anymore so we're just gonna get away for a while, OK?"

"O-OK," Rosa whispered. "Um, are you... are you my daddy?"

Jess actually fidgeted then, unable to believe his answer. "Yes... I am. I know that sounds crazy but I am."

"Really?" Jess nodded. "That's weird. Are you still my coach?"

He nodded again. "You're stuck with me."

"Are you stuck with me, too?"

"Yeah. I guess we both lucked out."

"I like that," Rosa murmured.

          Jess found himself reaching out and playing with her hair. Rosa suddenly rested against him, clearly tired from everything that had been happening. As the bus pulled up Jess lifted Rosa up and together, father and daughter headed home.

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