Manda sat boringly on the noisy and hot school bus. She rolled her eyes in annoyance as she felt airplanes fly over her head and all the kids screaming loudly to each other. She HATED field trips, the kids were always like this and to her it was annoying, very annoying. Besides field trips were always boring. Manda leaned her head against the bus, watching the buildings pass her by as the bus moved down the road.

"Mind if I sit here?" a small voice asked.

Breaking Manda's thoughts she turned and looked at the person who said something to her. She looked at the girl weirdly, one of the 'less popular' girls, one she NEVER talked too. She wore a red t shirt with cowboy boots on it and jeans, her dark, dark hair up in a ponytail.

"Um.. Sure," Manda said reluctantly moving her purse to her lap.

As the girl sat down Manda returned her eyes back to the things outside the window. Manda could feel the girl look at her then fidget.

"I'm Leanne," she introduced herself.

Manda looked at her and put a forced smile on.

"Manda" she said trying to keep talking to this freak a minimum.

"So how are you Manda?" the girl asked.

Manda sighed to herself, annoyed by all of her questions.

"I'm fine, but could be better, I'm n a big fan of field trips. Hey I never seen you around school before, are you new are something?" Manda asked noticing she wasn't familiar.

"Yeah, just got here yesterday from Missouri. I was excited to find that today was a field trip, I just love America history," Leanne said smiling, the thought of some historical events making her smile.

Manda raised an eyebrow in confusion at her, but let it be.

"Um.." Leanne began looking around from the front to back of the bus.

"On this thing, we're suppose to have partners or buddies, do you mind if I'm your buddy Manda?" she asked.

"No, I don't mind Leanne." Manda said after some thought, after all, none of her friends were on the same bus as she therefore was going to a different historical site than she was and she wouldn't have anyone else to talk to so, why not?

Leanne smiled widely.

"Great, it'll be fun," Leanne assured her.

Manda gave a fake supporting smile until she felt the bus stop.

"Ok kids, let's go learn!" the teacher shouted and before Manda knew it, all kids were up and crowding out of the bus.

Manda rolled her eyes and followed Leanne out of the bus.

Manda looked helplessly at the gift shop inside the small and clean museum.

"A museum? Everyone else got to go to historical sites and woods and I get to go to museum?" Manda asked herself in a pathetic voice.

"Manda! Come on we got so much to see!!!!" Leanne told her in thrills of excitement, running up to her and pushing her down some isles of history.

"I hate my life," Manda told herself.

Manda followed Leanne through out many, many areas of the museum, not believing how happy Leanne was. They were both standing, looking at some wax models of Indians when Manda let out her first yawn, a clear sigh of tiredness and boredom. Leanne looked to her left, her mouth dropped and she squealed happily as she immediately ran over to what she saw. Manda looked at her and slowly followed.

"Oh wow!" Leanne shrieked as she touched the glass. Manda raised an eyebrow.

"You know that guy or something?" Manda asked as she approached the girl.

Leanne looked back at her with the largest smile on her face.

"Know him, only my favorite piece of history, this is Jesse James!" Leanne said smiling.

Manda wrinkled her nose.

"Who?" she asked again.

"Jesse James, the greatest outlaw that ever lived, Jesse James is my great, great, great, etc 10 times grandfather!" she said turning her eyes back to wax model.

"Oh yea I remember reading about him, wasn't he a bad guy?" Manda asked.

"No, he was stealing money and robbing banks to stop the railroad from prowling through their town, he was trying to save his home, he wasn't a bad guy Manda, he was a hero!" Leanne said examining the wanted signs and reading the fats on the window.

"Yea, well he is another terriost in my eyes like that Bin Laden guy, he's a hero in someone's eyes but in most he is a murder, stealing bad guy." Manda told her.

"Murder? Jesse James never killed anybody unless he was forced too," Leanne said sticking up for Jesse.

Manda didn't say anything and just sat down in a chair watching Leanne gaggle over this Jesse James character.

Suddenly things became fuzzy.

"Excuse me, Excuse me miss?" a voice asked.

Manda opened her eyes her eyes squinting because of the bright sun. When Manda opened her eyes she found herself not in a chair in the boring museum, but sitting on a porch in the bright, bright sun dust everywhere with old fashion houses and old fashion cloths, her herself wearing a pink dress with cream lining.

"Where, where am I?" Manda asked horrified.

The young girl, around 18 wore a black dress with her blonde hair up halfway.

"I beg your pardon? You don't know where you are? You are in liberty Missouri." the girl replied.

Manda stood up in shock.

"NO I'm NOT, I'M IN A MUSEUM IN NEW YORK!!!" Manda shrieked.

"Calm down, no you are in Missouri, you really shouldn't be sleeping out on porches, it's dangerous, outlaws roaming these streets," the girl said ushering her off the porch.

Manda looked around horrified then everything went black.