Alison opened the front door as Manda walked through and out on her porch.

"Amanda, thank you so much for telling my father this piece of information. This could be the key to bringing Jesse James down, finally, after all this time!" Alison said happily leaning against the doorway.

Manda smiled back.

{Being the person that gave Jesse James the shaft and brought him down? I like it. History} Manda thought deep in her head.

"My pleasure, I know this man has been giving you and your father a hard time and I want to do anything I can to help you." Manda replied.

Alison smiled broadly.

"Come by tomorrow for lunch ok? By then father should already have caught Jesse James, he's moving in on Zerelda Mimms right now." Alison replied.

"OK see you then." Manda said smiling.

"Good night and thank you." she said then shut the door.

Manda grinned as she heard Alison perform a series of locks over the door. Suddenly a strong hand grabbed her mouth, covering it, and an arm wrap around her waist and pull her backwards off the Reign's porch.

"Uh huh, thought I heard someone listening." A familiar voice said quietly.

Manda felt herself being whirled around and she then realized she was inches away from Jesse James himself, his sharp brown eyes glaring on her, the cold metal of one of his pistols on her temple.

"I recognize you, you're that other girl that was with Reign's daughter, the stupid one that thought could take me down." Jesse said.

Manda didn't say anything.

"Well, she did tackle you to the ground Mr. James." Manda said after moments of silence, and gathering of courage.

To her surprise Jesse busted out in laughter.

"That she did." Jesse said then as fast as it started he ended and grew a serious and dangerous face again and clicked his gun.

"But alas she wasn't really quite strong enough, considering the position she ended up in." Jesse said staring at her.

"Go ahead………… Do it……shoot me." Manda said surprised that she even said that and remember what he had said to Zee.

Jesse's eyes widened, he was not expecting that to happen.

"Beg your pardon." he said his 'domestic' attitude fading.

"Shoot me, oh but that's right, tough Jesse James don't shoot women, that is one out of the many things I overheard with you and Zerelda talking about." Manda said relaxing knowing he wouldn't do anything to her.

Jesse chuckled.

"Excuse me miss, but just because I don't hurt women doesn't mean that the other gang members don't, I'll toss you to one of them. I-" Jesse's words were cut off once he saw the door open, he immediately shut up and hid behind the building taking Manda with him, his hand over her mouth.

He wasn't dumb, he might be as smart as Frank but he sure wasn't dumb, he knew she would try and call for help. Jesse observed and saw Reigns and Pinkerton jump on their horses and run off down the road with a couple of Pinkerton detectives.

"What the hell…" Jesse whispered to himself finding it quite odd that they were riding out into the night when it was this late.

"Now Jesse James, if you were smart, you would get that gun away from me and get out of here." Manda said with a big smile on her face, knowing where they would go.

Jesse turned his head to her in shock and confusion.

"Why?" he asked.

Manda looked at him, knowing he might regret knowing.

"They're going after Zerelda Mimms." Manda said.

Jesse's eyes widened in fear.

"Why are they going after Zee Mimms?" he asked.

"To get you." Manda answered.

Jesse clicked back his gun and returned it to his hoister and jumped up and took off to his horse. Manda stood up as she watched Jesse jump on his horse and disappear in the opposite direction almost as fast as lightening.

The rain started pouring, and in seconds Jesse was soaked but never the less he rode. Jesse galloped as fast as his horse could possibly gallop, he pressed closer to his horse once he saw the back of Zee's house come into view, he took a shortcut that took him behind the house, so he wouldn't have to make his pretense noticeable.

Jesse jumped off his horse before it even stopped and noticed his enemies galloping down the road to their house. Jesse's eyes widened as he ran to the back door and started to pound and beat on it furiously. Seeing no one come he looked around and then grabbed the drain pipe on the side of the house and shimmed up it, grabbing a hold of the side of the roof.

Once he had a hold of that he pulled himself up on the roof with his upper body. Jesse checked and saw that they got right in front of the house. Jesse ran as fast as he could without loosing his balance to the window and kicked through it. He heard Zee scream in terror and then jumped through.

"JESSE!" Zee screamed in shock yet relief.

"Zee, Mr. Mimms, I have to get you out of here, Pinkerton is coming and I-" Jesse's words were cut off yet again by then large sound of kicking down the door.

Zee moved into Jesse's arms and gasped in fear, clutching his arms.

"Jesse, what's going on?" Zee asked scared.

"I'll explain later. Right now you have to get out." Jesse said breathlessly leading her to the broken window.

"You kids get out, I'll stall, we can't get out now with the amount of time, don't worry and just go." Mr. Mimms said.

Zee hugged her dad and then allowed Jesse to lift her up and out onto the roof him following. Jesse jumped off the roof and landed on his feet and looked up at Zee who hesitated but jumped none the less. Jesse caught her in his arms easily the set her down, took her hand and the two started running to the woods where Jesse hid his horse.

Suddenly a loud bang sounded and glass shattering causing both to stop and turn around to see what happened.

"DADDY!" Zee screamed in fear as she saw her dad lying on the ground, not moving, dead.

"NO!!" Zee screamed making a notion to run for him.

"No Zee! Zee NO!" Jesse said grabbing her by the waist and stopping her dead in her tracks.

"Jesse let me go! I gotta help him!" Zee ordered.

"Zee no, there's nothing you can do! If you do, they'll catch you and I both! We have to go now! Zee please!" Jesse said not letting her go.

Zee gave up knowing she was no match against Jesse's strength and just turned and buried her face in his wet soaked shirt.

Jesse couldn't do anything but just embrace her, trying to comfort her.

Jesse's mind filled with thousands of thoughts, how could they do this?

Why would they do this?

Jesse then picked Zee up and helped her on his horse quickly then got on and rode away secretly.