Disclaimer: This is a work of *fanfiction,* therefore, I do not claim ownership of any of the primary characters *except* for Chelsea - she's mine alone. Last I knew, Filmation was now a part of Hallmark so they get all the money, not me! I'm unemployed and don't have any money! :-p

Lost in A Lost World
The Moody Blues, © 1972

I woke up today, I was crying,

Lost in a lost world,

'Cos so many people are dying,

Lost in a lost world.
Some of them are living an illusion

Bounded by the darkness of their minds,

In their eyes it's nation against nation,

With racial pride, sad hearts they hide,

Thinking only of themselves,

They shun the light,

They think they're right

Living in the empty shells.
Oh, can you see their world is crashing?

Crashing down around their feet

And angry people in the street

Are telling them they've had their fill

Of politics that wound and kill.

Grow, the seeds of evolution.

Revolution never won,

It's just another form of gun

To do again what they have done

With all our brothers' youngest sons.
Everywhere you go you'll feel them searching,

Everywhere you turn you'll feel the pain,

Everyone is looking for the answer,

We'll look again, come on my friend,

Love will find them in the end.

Come on, my friend, we've got to bend

On our knees and say a prayer.
Oh, can you feel the world is pining?

Pining for someone who really cares

Enough to share his love

With all of us, so we can be

An ever-loving family.

Have you forgotten we're all children?

Children from a family tree

That's longer than a centipede

And started long ago

When you and I were only love
By The Power of Love
Filmation © 1984

Somewhere out there, someone needs me
I don't know how or where, but believe me.
I'd walk the universe to find her
For better or for worse beside her.

For the honor of love
By the power above
I have the power
I have the power

A stranger walked into my world
And when he talked I really heard.
He spoke of things like love and peace
The joy it brings will never cease.

For the honor of love
By the power above
I have the power
I have the power

The truth of love will always guide us
The strength above will be beside us
Forever more we'll be together
Our hearts will soar onto the other

For the honor of love
By the power above
I have the power
I have the power