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This was a response to the drabble challenge posted on blissful ignorance. Topic is Heero's first what? And the word count for the most part can only be 120 (if not a little more).

Title: Sticky Sweet
Rating: G
Word Count: 120
Pairing: 1xR

Relena walked back to him with her purchase and went on to explain how she made sure she got some when the Fair came to town. She held a piece to his mouth waiting to see what he would do.

He reached out and plucked it from her fingers. It was light and fluffy to the touch but melted in his mouth with sugary sweetness. A bit stuck to her fingers when she offered him some more. To her surprise, he brought her hand to his lips and sucked on her finger, getting the last of the spun sugar.

He licked his lips and smiled at her. "I think I can get use to this stuff you call cotton candy."