I tend to enjoy these drabble challenges on Blissful Ignorance. This time it had to be an angst piece and as if most would know, I don't write angst. The topic for this was write a "Break Heero's Heart" drabble. Any form of torture or unbelievable pain you can conjure up for Heero. Break his heart into a million pieces like he always manages to do to our beloved Relena.

I think I wanted to cry while writing this, I just can't be mean to any of the characters let alone let them suffer (unless its for a good reason ) I hope this sounds okay, I wanted to try something out for this one too.
*wipes snotty nose on shirt sleeve*

Also just so ppl know, I do have a make up fic in the making since this ficlet made me sad and I don't like to see 1xR split apart. I'm debating about either making it a lime or lemon so if I do, of course it won't be posted here, maybe I can post a link somewhere once I do get it written.

Title: Moving On
Rating: *shrugs*
Word Count: 123 (I tried to keep it at 120)
Pairing: 1xR

Standing along the shore watching the sun melt into the sea, the faint biting pain in his clenched fist only served as a reminder of why he felt so lost, so worthless and on top of that, pissed off.

Right when he thought it was the right time to ask her, he never imagined what the outcome was going to be.

The look of shock and then disinterest was clearly marked all over her face. Her blonde tresses danced along her back when she shook her head "I can't do this Heero. I've learnt to get over you and move on. I can't be living my life on "what if's."

She handed him the ring and turned to live her life without him.