Another drabble from BI. The topic was about hair, could be funny, sad, angsty, what have you. I did try for a happy ficlet but for some reason, this is what resulted in my brain. Another thing regarding what I write, I don't care for deathfics so this is a rare piece to see from me.

Decided to write one up for a change, couldn't pass up the hair issue. I will warn you its a death drabble and my first one too. I can't believe I wrote one. Not a fan of deathfics since it always just hits too close to home.

Oh also while thinking about this, I have an actual 6x9 doujinshi that has Zechs looking like he does at the end of this. Kinda weird but still looks good on him.

But this isn't overly bad so I guess I can give myself a pat on the back.

Title: For Her
Rating: uhh... none? kinda sad, involves death
Word Count: 120
Pairing: 6x9

He was able to finally spend some time alone with her. Looking at her calm features put him at ease for the moment but touching her skin, he knew it was all too real. He missed her soft voice, and most of all, her beautiful blue eyes that had shone the love that she held for him. Their lifetime together was a joke and he hated himself so much for all that he didn't say or do. He placed something in her hand and closed her fingers around it.

"Nothing lasts forever but my love for you will always be true."

He walked away from the casket and ran his fingers through his short hair. It was all for her.