Can You Bring Them Back?..

Author's Note: Everyone knows about the history of Trunks movie am I correct?. Well in the movie does anyone ever wonder what if Trunks after he had destroyed the Androids, he went to planet Namek and used the dragonballs there to wish everyone back. I know a lot of people are going to say, well that happened before he was old enough to know about it right?, well what if he got a message from the past telling him about Namek and the Dragoballs?, find out in the story.

It had been two years since Trunks returned and destroyed the Androids, the city had started to thrive now, most of the ruins were still in place, but people weren't running in fear anymore. Instead he was amazed at how much the human race worked together to make it through such horror that the Androids had caused. People had buried there dead and tried to build a new life. Trunks helped them a lot, they praised him for saving the world and maybe even more than they would ever know. He helped build houses, buildings etc. Trunks was there hero, he had done so much for the human race since he returned, he only wished his father and Gohan were here to see it. They would be proud of him. He had missed his father so much since he returned, he had finally met and fought along side his father, he was proud of his accomplishments.

Trunks was sitting on the porch watching the rain splash to the ground, he sighed heavily, he had been thinking about his father and mentor for a good few weeks now, he couldn't get it off his mind, he started thinking about going back to be with them, but he couldn't leave his mother and he knew she wouldn't go back. He sighed once again and leaned back in the chair. If only there was a way he thought, he shook his head and started to get up when BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!. There was a loud pop almost like an explosion, he immediately powered up. Even though it had been a few years, his Saiyan reflex hadn't left him. He glanced around and spotted what looked like a small object a few feet from the porch, he cautiously approached it, he had been a fighter long enough now to have patience and caution. It was a small metal ball about the size of a basketball, he leaned down when it started beeping and small metal legs sprouted out from underneath it pushing it up a few feet off the ground. It stopped and the top slowly opened and a small screen appeared and on the screen was his mother???.

"Hi Trunks." Bulma said. "Mom??" Trunks said gasping for air. "Hey honey, God I missed you, I thought I might send this to you, In this you'll find the directions for planet Namek." She said. "What's Namek and which mom are you?" He asked. "I'm your mother from the past, remember the Cell Games?, and Namek is the planet that Piccolo is from and it is also were you can find the Dragonballs of that planet." She said. Trunks eyes lit up "So, I'd be able to be wish everyone back?" Trunks said having barely contained his excitement. "Yes dear, but make sure you wish for Piccolo to come back first." Bulma said. "How Come?" Trunks asked. "Well, If you wish piccolo back first, the Dragonballs for Earth will return, because you can only Grant 3 wish's with Namek's Dragonballs, understand now son?" Bulma said. Trunks nodded. "But how will I get to Namek?" Trunks asked. "Get my future self to help you, I built plenty of spaceships in my time, she should be able to." Bulma said. Trunks smiled. "Well what do I do with this machine?" He asked. "There's a couple of Data Capsules containing the location of Namek and the hazards that you could face, take care son, this machine only has enough power for another minute than it will shut down." She said. Trunks nodded and took the data capsules out and placed them in his pocket. "Take care son, wish your father back, oh by the way did you destroy the Androids?" Bulma said. Trunks nodded. "Yes Mom, there gone from this world forever." Trunks said. Bulma smiled and said goodbye as the machine died and collapsed onto the ground. Trunks stood staring at it for a minute longer before rushing in to tell his mother.

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