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The Earth looked so peaceful from orbit, it's blue ocean's gleaming and the green of the land shining, A large round object came hurtling from it's grasp, clawing to be free of its strain. Trunk's clinched his teeth as the spaceship broke free of the Earth's gravity and picked up speed toward its destination, he relaxed and sat back in his chair. He looked around and a calmness came over him, he couldn't believe it, in just under 2 weeks he could be seeing his father again and everyone else. He smiled to himself come to think of it first great feeling he's had in a while other than his past mother sending him the blueprint's for this ship. Yes maybe things would be better now he hoped.

He sat in his chair for another 30 minutes or so before getting up, he watched as the stars flashed by at breakneck speeds. He walked to the stairs and walked down to his chambers, which was basically a bedroom,kitchen, and bathroom all rolled into one, though it was a good size. His mother tried to make the best of it with the space available to him, she didn't want to go to overboard. The ship was built very similar to the blueprints that the past Bulma had given Trunks, but with a few alterations made by the Future Bulma to give her son more luxury, training capablities, and an enhanced view screen. The orginal ship design had no view screen, in fact had a very small window to stare out of, everything on that ship was done back computer which being built by a Brief's is not suprising. But the Future Bulma is a lot different, maybe it's her age,maturity, or just because of what had happened to everyone it changed her and her opinions in a great way.

Trunk's walked to the Frig. and pulled out a soda, a foot long sub and a container full of strawberries, he licked his lips and procedded to the table with his food. He quickly woofed down the food, he would've put kakarot to shame at the pace that he ate, maybe even made his father quesy. He wasn't sure why he was so hungry but he was maybe it was just nerves. He decided to do a few workout's in the gravity chamber. In addition to the new features instead of the ship changing the whole ships gravitiy, it was now only located on one level, and with the ship being 4 levels, he had to climb to the very top level. He set the gravity to 80 times earth's gravity and began doing his workouts. He was a bit rusty from not training in a few months so he wasn't sure what to expect from his body. He formed a small Ki-blast in his hands and let it rip it spun around the spaceship and directly back at him, he put his arms over his face and braced for impact, the blast exploded with forced. From outside the spaceship a bright glow emmitted from the windows and then faded, Trunks stood with a small smirk on his face and went back to training. After about 8 hours of non stop training he was exausted and forced himself down the stairs and to his bed where he collappsed into la la land.

"EMERGENCY ALERT, EMERGENCY ALERT!" Trunks screamed and bolted upright, the ship was rocking and shaking uncontrollibly. He staggered to his feet and made his way up to the control room, he saw the diagram on the screen representing the ship spin madly out of control toward some planet, he checked his computer logs and this wasn't Namek, no to soon he was only a quater of the way there, he didn't know what this planet was but he was coming up on it fast, he checked the computer logs once more to find out what was going on, ahhh he found it, a small asteroid hit the ship causing it to vere off course. And judging by the damage done he was going to have to land in order to repair it. He heaved a large sigh and struggled to get the ship under his control. It rocked Violently and vibrated like crazy he was afraid it would fly apart, he leaned over and hit the blast shield but. A loud buzzing noise was heard as a large piece of steel slid out of place and Trunks was staring at the planet that he was heading straight for, it was blue with what looked like oceans and land!, yes a place he could land. He quickly punched in his trajectory trying to get the ship undercontrol to a certain point.

The ship hit the atmosphere with a hard snap and he was trown clear across the room, he quickly got to his feet working in calculations and finally the ship leveled out and began decending toward the landing quardinates, he watched out the window as a bright green blur appeared which soon turned to trees. He quickly scouted for an oppening in the canopy and spotted a small meadown, barely big enough for the ship to fit in but it would have to do. The ship landed with a loud thud and he breathed a sigh of relief. He went back to his computer and checked to see if the air outside was breathable and if it had any toxins in it, everything came back green or ok if ya want to be techincal. He walked back to his quaters and donned his fathers suite. He felt like he was stepping into his fathers shoes so to speak. he grabbed a portable scanner that would lead him to the elements he needed for the repairs, this ship was equiped with a generator of sorts, if he put the raw elements in the container it would create whatever object he needed of that element, his mom was a genusis you could say. He pushed the button for the landing pad, he stood waiting for it to stop and he slowly made his way down.

The Jungle was thick and as far as he could tell there was no advanced civilization here, but then again you could always be foold ya know. He checked his scanner and started off in the direction of the first element, he only enough of 3 elements then he could be back on course. He had gotten about 300 yards into the forrest, he could hear strange animal noises, birds, all kinds of things and then everything stopped. He looked around, nothing not a peep. This was bad, he could feel that something was terribley wrong here, he took a step back and stopped. He listened and stood very still and didn't make a sound, he looked down at the ground and saw the dirt shaking and now he could hear it in the distance appraoching him at fast speeds. He stood his ground and with a loud crash and ROAR, a gigantic reptilian beast burst through a cover of tree's and with madness in it's eyes it made a v line for Trunks. Trunks dodged it's first attack, the creature's tailed whipped at Trunks, it connected with a sickening crunch that sent Trunks flying through several tree's. Trunks got up slowly and shook his head, the creature had no pause and was nearly on top of him, Trunks sent a beam at the creature, it jumped and avoided the beam, Trunks stared at it in disbelief he realized that it was coming down directly on top of him, he quickly doged it and fired another ki blast this time connecting witht the creature and sent it hurtling toward the ground. The forest erruppted as the creature crashed and screamed in fury, Trunks decided not to waste any more time and powered up and sent a death ki at the creature, it roared and exploded in a ball of light, tremors ripped across the planet as far as 50 miles around. When the dust had settled nothing was left but a huge crater and bits of lizard meat. Trunks smiled and lowered himself to the ground and sighed. "YA know you should really think before blowing up other people's pet's!!!." A Voice yelled. Trunks turned to see a beautiful red headed girl staring at him with fury,"I..." he paused as he noticed the tail encircling her waist. "Your a Saiyan!".. He exclaimed..

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