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Here we are - we've just begun

And after all this time - our time has come

Ya here we are - still goin' strong

Right here in the place where we belong

Here I am -Bryan Addams

A loud noise woke her up.. she didn't know if it was the sound of the alarm clock or an ambulance, but the noise, more and more unbearable, forced her to open her eyes.. astonished, she looked around her.. that wasn't her room, obviously.. the blue sky above her and the fresh air moving the grass were signs of "outdoors" and not a flat..

"What the hell..? Where am I?" In the distance she saw a crowd, riding horses and making the horns sound.. or this she thought. Scared, she turned around looking for a shelter, but the most similar thing was a deep and dark forest extending towards the high mountains.

"I'm becoming crazy, that's it "She ran, coming into the woods, feeling a bit more protected and, all from the sudden, she panicked.. was she kidnapped? Drugged? Where was she and what was that? It looked like a landscape extracted from a Tolkien's story.

"Yeah.. someone has kidnapped me.. and now they left me here who knows why, I'm lost and I don't have any idea of where I am.. or maybe they' re filming a movie, or is the Army playing tricks on me" Her own whispers didn't calm her. She closed her eyes and put her hands over her face. The noise of the horses and the shouts of riders disappeared as they were leaving the field.

"Thanks god.." She stood up and walked in a narrow path, and as soon as she walked some steps she heard a male voice that forced her to stop and keep still , more than ever before.

"Who are you and what are you doing in those lands?" The stranger turned out to be a known person for her.. and she stared at him, so puzzled. He was taller than her, dressed in green clothes and with tight trousers ,a kind of shirt that covered half of his body. His blonde hair shining under the sun , his muscles in guard. No doubt, he was her favourite elf from the movie and the book.. she couldn't believe her eyes.

"Legolas!" She shouted "My dream has come true!" She approached him slowly, but he suddenly took his bow, an arrow, and before she could notice it, something dangerous was pointing her. She stopped breathing for a while, shocked. Those things didn't happen on her dreams, where he was the nicest and sweetest thing in the whole Middle Earth. But the elf seemed to relax a bit, and now he looked at her in astonishment..

"How come do you know me?" He asked in a whisper, his cold blue eyes staring at her.. she was a human girl, maybe 20 years old, maybe a bit more, he couldn't tell. She was very tall, slim with some curves, and the most strange things were her clothes. She was nervous, so nervous, laughing and almost crying at the same time, saying stupid phrases he couldn't understand . She looked lost, like if she came from another world. His friend Gandalf had told him that sometimes people from the future came to Middle Earth , people who changed things, destinies of people. But Gandalf never told if those people returned to their homes or if they were condemned to stay there forever.

"Yes, definitely, they gave me some drugs, they brought me here.. yes, a TV program! One of those shows where they play tricks on people ..you look like Orlando Bloom and you wear an elf costume, but if this is a joke it's enough, it's already enough! " She was shouting to the trees, to the sky.. "Ok , guys! Stop this!" But she got no answer. Legolas stared at her, he was worried because she looked completely crazy..he was wondering how would he carry her to his home , because she seemed to be mad.. but fortunately for him, he saw how her knees failed under her and she fell on the ground. She had fainted.

"Great.. silly woman..-"He whispered . "Lets go home".