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I smiled, remembering those days.. the sun was shinning up in the sky, as I was laying in the sand. The soft sea breeze brought me memories from the journey. Five years had passed and my life was still surprising me. Every day I discovered a new change, a new person, but I already got used to it. Sooner or later, the unknown friends turned into my family, the only ones I had, since I moved to London.

"Why are you smiling?" I heard a voice, and I opened my eyes. My husband was there. It was strange but I only was able to call him Legolas, in spite of his new name in that century. He would always be Legolas for me.

"I was remembering" He sat next to me, his dark eyes staring in the distance.

"I also can't forget.. we lived big changes.. although it seems it was centuries ago, and only five years passed.." For a while, his face was nostalgic, but then looked at me again and a smile was drawn on his lips. "I can't believe things would end like this.. the first day I saw you in the forest I couldn't imagine how would things turn out.. who would have told us.."

"I wonder what happened to the rest of them.." Silence came. We didn't get any news in those years, any sign. Legolas and I lived apart, in a hidden nice house in London, away from centre. He was already used to stop in the street when his fans attacked him.. but since he had retired from that world, our life was a lot more calmed. It was amazing how people forgot.

"I sometimes wonder what happened in Middle Earth after we left.."

"You miss your home?" I was a bit afraid to ask.. I suspected, since the first day of our new life together, that I wouldn't be able to make Legolas completely happy. He had been an elf, turned into a human.. sure he felt worse with his new condition.. and even more, he was away from his paradise world. He looked at me again.

"You know that Destiny wanted this, Zana. I wasn't destined to return, I was destined to be here with you" He took my hand.

"You didn't reply me.." I tried to smile, and he avoided my gaze. A feeling of fear came to my head. He was doubting.

"You know I'm so happy with you, Zana"

"But?" I asked, more and more afraid.

"Sometimes I think we would be happier in Middle Earth.. things were better there..."

"In Middle Earth? Where I was a human and you were an elf? Where our love was impossible?" I felt the tears coming, and I stood up.

"Zana.. please, wait" He said, as I walked towards the water. The small waves led me inside, and I dived deep inside. The blue ocean brought me a moment of peace. When the oxygen in my lungs was almost over, I searched for the surface. The sun was hidden behind a cloud. I swam slowly, relaxing with the movement of the sea. And I closed my eyes, imagining how would things be far away, in the past Middle Earth. With Haldir, with Gimli.. with everybody. Even Romih.

I looked in the distance. Legolas was sitting in the same place, looking at me.. although distance was too big to be able to see perfectly. I loved him so much. But I knew I couldn't make him happy. I left the water wishing there was a way to fix things even more, but I knew there wasn't anything.

"Will you listen to me now?" He asked softly, as I laid down next to him. I nodded. "Zana.. I need time to adapt. I've been an elf for two thousand years, you can't ask me to change so fast because I'm not able. The important thing is that I'm here with you.."

"I know, I know" I replied, hugging him. "I'm sorry" After a moment of silence, he moved away, a shocked gaze in his face. "What' wrong?" I asked, worried. He pointed at the group next to us. I looked back, and held my breath. Galadriel. What was she doing there, in those islands?

"She saw us.. "Legolas said, and I had a strange feeling that something was going wrong.

"This is a big coincidence.." I murmured.

"It's not a coincidence" He replied. "She's coming here" We saw her shape walking, and a bright smile on her face.

"Hello.. I think you need me again." Her blue eyes searched the horizon. I didn't like the look in Legolas eyes. Hope. He had hope in his eyes. Galadriel sat with us. "It's about time to take the last decision. I've been waiting some time before telling you, because I wanted to give you a chance, Legolas"

"A chance for what?" I asked, scared. Galadriel sighed.

"Zana, he's an elf.. his soul belongs to an elf.. he chose to be a human just to be with you, but.."

"But?" I was about to die.

"His heart chose, but his nature wants to come back. He's not made for this world.." I stood up, and looked at them. Legolas stood up with me and took my hand.

"Don't worry, Zana, I won't go anywhere. I already decided and I'll get used. I promised I would always be with you" He smiled, and put his arm around my shoulders. But Galadriel shook her head.

"Do you know what would happen if he chose to stay here again?"

"What do you mean? He has another chance to choose?" My question was more a statement. Galadriel nodded again.

"If he didn't make the right decision, he would have to fix his past.. as you fixed yours.."

"But if we were destined to be together, if my past is fixed because I was destined to be with him.. why is he not destined as well?"

"He is, Zana.. but not in this time"

"You're crazy!! "I shouted, and some people looked at us. "How can we be destined to be together, if we can't be together?"

"Who said you can't?" She asked, mysteriously.

"No, you won't spoil my life, Galadriel" I said, with anger. Legolas took my hand.

"Zana, wait and listen to her.. please" His dark eyes shone with a strange light.

"My friends.. I've come here because as a soul-elf, I'm connected to the rest of elves.. I knew something was wrong with Legolas, and this is why I came here. We must solve this problem, and we'll do it. I've discovered something."

"What?" We both asked, at the same time.

"After all what you lived.. I suppose you already believe in reincarnation, right?" We nodded. "Well.. so you both are destined to be together, but.. not in this life"

"What?" The question again. My heart stopped, I couldn't breath. What was she saying?

"Legolas.. you must come back to Middle earth, as well as me. About you, Zana.. you'll join us in Middle earth.. but first you have to finish your life here. You still have to live a bit more . Once you'll die, we'll be waiting for you. "

"I won't leave her here!" Shouted Legolas, but Galadriel looked at him sadly.

"We both know you must come with me, and she must wait.. this is the only solution for your impossible love. You'll be together, but not now"

I felt as if someone had stolen all my life from me. After what I lived, after all what had changed.. I had to be alone again. It was too horrible to be real. Too horrible to wish to be alive. But something told me that things had to be like that. Tears were falling from my face, and Galadriel took my hand.

"I know you're brave enough to do this, Zana. And Legolas will be brave enough to leave as well. You'll stay in his house and you'll go on with your life. And we'll meet in no time" She smiled, and an idea crossed my mind. But she read it. "Don't try to kill yourself or else you'll never meet him" She warned. I nodded. Then, looked at him.

"So.. you leave me.." He nodded slowly, avoiding my gaze.

"I somehow knew this wasn't the definitive life. In the right one, we both would be happy. And I wasn't.. and I'm sure you weren't" I had to admit he was right. Our life in London was empty, we spent most of time escaping from fans, from press.. that wasn't life, and even I missed Middle Earth.

"If things hadn't gone so fast.. I wished I had some more days to say good bye.. "He touched my face as I spoke, and then kissed me. The last kiss.

----------------- ---------------------------- ----------------------- -- ----------------------

From New York Times: "Tragic accident: a famous actor and an actress died in an accident. It took place when they both flew in a small airplane. Forensics took their bodies to the morgue, where they will be analysed before the funeral. Hollywood decides so dedicate the whole month to them, making a ceremony in their honour. The whole world cries the loss"

---------------- -------------------- ----------------- ----------------- --- ----------------

"She lived alone in the old house" The nurse commented, as the doctor looked at the old woman laying in the hospital bed. Her white hair was carefully tied and her eyes were closed. "A neighbour heard her shouts, when he arrived, she had already fainted.."

"She's older than ninety years.. who is she? Does she have any identity card?" He asked, looking around. Another doctor picked up her wallet.

"Zana Lofish, ninety-eight years old.. single.. she has more pictures here.. there she is.." His co-workers checked the photos, when one of them sighed.

"She's the widow of that famous actor who died in the plane accident.." they looked at each others, with questioning gazes.

"I don't remember.."

"We were born later, Richard, you obviously can't remember. My grandmother told me" The doctor replied. "It's a shame.. a woman who lived alone all her life, apart from the world.. people say that she never went out from home.."

"Those are only rumours.." The nurse checked her. "How is she, doctor?"

"She still breathes.. but she's too weak.. I'm afraid we can't help her any more"

"She's trying to say something.. wait.." They listened in silence. The woman spoke.

"I'm going there, please, wait for me, my love.." And with this, her heart stopped beating.

"Time of death, four pm"

----------------- ------------------- ------------------ ---------------- -- -----------

A strong light made me wake up. I felt the sun in my face. That couldn't be true. Few moments ago, I was ninety-eight. Now my hands looked young again, and I was wearing a strange long dress. And that place.. I recognised that place. The forest where I had first met him.. a strong pain in my chest, too painful memories. Sure I was still laying in the hospital bed and that was just a wonderful dream.

I walked some steps, amazed because I felt lighter. And I waited. With the hope that it was real, and with the hope that maybe someday, I would be able to look at his pictures again, or that I would be able to listen to our songs without crying the whole night. My life had been so painful that death was the best thing that could happen to me. I had lived locked for the memories, waiting for the definitive meeting. And seventy years had to pass. Seventy horrible years.

A soft breeze came, and I walked inside the forest. I had the feeling that I knew the way, that I knew where I was walking to. I could hear the trees speaking between them, I could understand the bird's singing.. I felt the Nature. I was able to see in the distance, so far away. Sure, it was just a dream.

I stopped when a small lake appeared in front of me. Rounded by high trees, the green water was shinning in the sun. Too nice to be real. I sat on a rock, watching the surface, and I felt peace. Whatever it was, wherever I was, I was in peace. For the first time in seventy years.

"You're late" I heard a voice behind me. I couldn't believe that. I stood up slowly, hoping it was real. And he was there, smiling. His usual blue eyes, his long blonde hair. He was Legolas, my Legolas. I don't know how it happened exactly, but I found myself wrapping him with my arms as he kissed me. Minutes passed, and time stopped. He was there, all what I wanted. I was too happy to cry.

"Legolas, is this the end? The real end, the real destiny for both of us?" When I saw his blue eyes shinning with happiness, I knew it was real. I knew he was real.

"Come with me. Galadriel and the rest of elves are waiting" He took my hand, and I followed him. Wind became stronger and hair disturbed me. When I put part of it behind my ear, I felt something new. My ears. I had pointy ears. I stopped, and Legolas looked at me with a smile. "Now our love is possible, Zana."

"I'm an elf?" I asked, astonished.

"You're my elf, my future Queen of Mirkwood" He kissed me again. Who would have told me seventy years ago?