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Chapter 5: (wow, that's it?, I must be really slacking off)

I saw Draco looking at me. I smiled, and he smiled back but turned away. I think I like him. Oh god what am I saying. This is MALFOY were talking about. I'm really confused.


Draco's POV

I decided that I really despised those Americans that are staying here for a while. To tell the truth, I'm not really even sure where they are staying in the school. It's a big mystery. I didn't really care though, they irritated me beyond belief. All these ridiculous girls from the Bryn-Lee school stared at me. I wondered if they thought I was good looking or that there was something the matter with me; their expressions were blank so I couldn't tell. Quite frankly I could careless, my heart belonged to one girl in particular.

I saw Hermione walking through the halls, her beauty heavenly. Her eyes of chocolate full of warmth and care. I saw as you dropped your schoolbag and your things scattered across the floor. I moved to help you clean it up.

"Here let me help" I said, as I handed you one of your books.

"Thanks" You said, putting the last item in your bag.

"You're welcome" I said smiling

"What's up with you lately?" you asked me

"What do you mean?" I asked

"Well lately you've just been acting----" You started

"Hermione lets go!" Harry called from down the hall. He didn't look pleased.

"Well he looks like he's in a bad mood, I better go" Hermione said, rushing away.

"Bye" I said under my breath so I could barely even hear myself.

I wonder if you suspected anything.


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