Chapter 34

The choir had finished his song many minutes ago, the young women had gathered their stuff and
had left the church and silence came back to the sacred halls. Only the Priest and William were
still there, sitting in their benches, watching the empty halls.

"He did not kill you..." The priest finished Wills story for the vampire.

"No... He did not..." Will explained something like a small smiled sneaking on his features. "He could not..."

"You killed him... than?" Patrick asked slightly confused.

"Not really..." Will gave as simple answer.

"Did he die in the fire?" The priest tired.

"No... The fire got out of control and killed off the houses on the half Island... but no he was not
one of those who died... he was more along the lines of one of those who saved them..." Will
explained. "We spend hours getting innocents out of the fire... after all we caused it..." Will
sighed. "It turned to something like a longing to help them..."

"But what happened with him?" The priest wanted to know.

A slapping sound waved over from the huge church doors and the Priest turned in his bench to the
direction from which the sound might have come. He was surprised to see a man, perhaps 40 but not
very much older, perfectly resembling the features William had described for the pirate named Jack
Sparrow. Shorter black hair, beard under chin and nose and a sly gold toothed grin, at least as far as
the Priest could see. The pirate held his cheek with one of his hands and watched how one of the girls
from the choir walked away muttering to herself.

"We... came to an agreement... in some way..." Will chuckled.

"I see..." The priest said amused.

The vampire sighed deeply and moved to get up from his bench. "It was nice that you listened to me..."
William began. "..And I would give you a hand to say goodbye... but ye know... a would end as a pile of
ashes..." The vampire smiled.

The priest got up and nodded turning back to William. "It was something special to listen to such a
story... as you are something special..." He looked back to the pirate for a moment. "I think you both

William bowed slightly and turned to go, down to his friend waiting at the doors. But the priest stopped
him once more and called for the vampire.

"Mister Turner... just one moment..." Patrick followed the vampire the few steps he had already walked
and stopped in front of the undead. "I just wanted to talk a few last words..."

"I am not up to get the girls from the choir... I promised not to do so..." Will informed the priest a second

"No it is not that... It is just... I thought about what you've said... that this Valeria had her voice and this
Daniel his beasts..." The priest looked down to the pirate. "You said you were something like jealous for
having nothing like that..."

Will raised one eyebrow; he was slightly surprised that the priest had kept this out off all the stuff Will
had told him. "And?"

"I think I know now... what it is that you have...something no other member of your kind has..." The
priest smiled. „A soul...that kept you human... and friends that could forgive..." With those last words
the mortal man turned and walked away leaving the vampire standing in the middle of the church.

Will watched the Priest turning back to his work for a moment, thinking on what the mortal had said.
He turned to look at Jack who seemed to wait there on the doors watching the girl vanish that had
slapped the old pirate. Will could have sworn that a second figure was also there, standing behind the
pirate with a slightly amused face, golden hair and the green dress. It seemed to be Elizabeth, smiling
at him, the first time in ages that he had the delusion again and she was smiling. He blinked in
confusion and asked himself if his old undead mind was now as crazy as it was Jacks from the start.
But he knew, as the shadow vanished in the night and only Jack stayed, standing there turning back to
the blacksmith with something like a bored look, that it had nothing to do with that or the guilt he had
felt all the years.

"Are you finally finished me whelp..?" Jack called out.

Will nodded and walked over to the pirate. "I am..."

"Fine... so we can finally go out and drink? I heard of a fine pub that has whisky and rum that is as
good as those in the Caribbean..." The Pirate smiled and gestured wildly. "Of course this is impossible
but... someone had to check this out..." He swaggered out of the church and down the steps.

"Of course we have..." Will grinned and followed the pirate down the street, past the park and into the
night, knowing that the priest had for some odd reason known more of the truth than Will ever thought
possible for a human, and that Elizabeth, wherever she was now, perhaps finally had forgiven him. On
the other side, perhaps he had just finally forgiven himself, he would never know.


This is the first of three parts, "A vampire soul" is part one, "Sakura: Walking upon the edge of a knife" Is
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