Matrix meets LOTR

It is just a little something....


It was a wonderful evening in the last homely house, the setting sun colored
everything in a golden glow and the elves of Rivendell sung and told stories
in the warm and save halls.

Legolas Greenleaf was walking through the green of the gardens, marveling
at the flowers Lord Elrond had so carefully arranged and enjoying the smell
of flowers in bloom.

Suddenly a loud yell pierced the warm evening air which sounded very much
like Arwens shrieking voice. The blond elf looked up and asked himself only
for a second If there was any danger near when the soon to be Queen of men
screamed like this. But as a half naked something came running along the
hall turned to half way fall down the stairs directly into the garden, where it
landed in the grass with a growl.

"Aragorn?" Legolas could not believe that it was Aragorn who just had just
offered this show.

"Legolas!! hide me!!!" A half dressed Aragorn screamed and jumped up to
hide behind his elvish friend.

"What? Why? Aragorn?" The Elf asked totally confused fighting with the
clawing Ranger.

" gone mad!" The human cried again and sobbed.

"Mad?" Legolas rose one eyebrow in disgust as Aragorn tried to clean his nose
on the tunic of the blond.
" I think you are the only mad one here, human...!" Legolas growled pulling away
his arm. "stop doing that!! That's disgusting...!!"

"You don't understand... he is mad! he has this odd black glass things on his nose.
. and calls me Mister Aragorn...!!" The human wailed and tried to keep hold of the tunic.

"What?" Legolas asked growling, pushing the ranger away. "Just go back to Arwen
and talk with her, she will help you... now stop behaving like a mad little Hobbit! you
just had to much of your mushroms again.." He sighed.

"No... I had a little something with Arwen..." The Ranger whispered taking hold of the
elves tunic again.

"What do you mean with something...oh wait the scream.." Legolas did not really
believe it. " He caught you two doing it?"

Aragorn just nodded. "Aragorn !" Legolas roared. "You could have waited at least a
few years, you are not married with her yet..." Legolas shook his head.

"But I am human... we don't work so long..!" Aragorn wailed.

Legolas blinked and thought hard about how confusing and disgusting this could turn
out. Just this moment a Scream of rage echoed through the halls of imlardris. Aragorn
jumped in fear, wailed out like a little child and turned to run away.

A few seconds later a man who looked very much like Elrond in black sunglasses and
some odd black human cloths marched by, greeting the elf with a slight nod before

turning to run behind the Ranger.

"I WILL GET YOU MISTER ARAGORN!!" Elrond screamed behind his foster son.

Legolas looked after them for a moment and took a deep breath. It was the best to
pretend there had nothing happened and hope Aragorn would be quick enough to get out of this alive.