DISCLAIMER: I do not own Back To the Future. If I did, Jennifer would've been more involved in the sequels.

I'm writing this short story mainly out of curiosity. There aren't many clues as to what Old Biff did in 1955, and he was there for a long time. He couldn't get around too good, but we knew he was smart, so he wouldn't leave it in town. I also wondered more about his life.


October 21st, 2015.

7 15 PM.

Hill Valley, California.

"Son of a," mumbled Marty McFly as he slowly strolled down the street of the futuristic neighborhood that would be his home in 30 years. He apparently was fascinated by an automatic leash that would walk a dog all by itself.

Unbeknownst to him, 77 year-old Biff Tannen was climbing into he and Doc's DeLorean with that Gray's Sports Almanac he thought was safely thrown out by Doc.

Ha ha. That's gonna cost you, kid! Tannen thought to himself as he slowly sat down in the opened gull wing door. He was prepared to hit one or both of the time travellers with his cane, but luckily he didn't have to worry about it anymore.

Setting that on the floor, and the bag with the almanac on the dashboard, he shut the door and started the car. He had a hover-converted car at home, so he knew to turn the flying circuits on. It had, however, been a long time since he had driven a manual transmission. In the confusion, he backed into an empty dumpster before spinning the car around and taking to the sky.

Not long afterwards, he couldn't help but notice all the labels in the sportscar's interior. Brown must've gotten a label maker for his birthday and gone crazy with it. The one that caught his attention the most was on the speedometer that said 'Get to 88.' He assumed that was the speed in which the car would travel through time.

Traffic on the skyway was still clogged from rush hour traffic. In the future, workdays could go as late as 7 or 8 O'clock. After an impatient half hour and a few miles, he reached John F Kennedy Drive. He lived in a ranch house near the Burger King that was still standing, adjacent to where Doc had lived many years before.

The neighborhood was actually similar to how it was in 1985. Stores were closer together and a few new shopping centers, fast food places, and parking garages were opened, but more people were flocking to the Courthouse Square area, so the suburban growth had been smaller. There, however were some two and three story centers, like the Toys R' Us, right next to the Burger King.

Easing off the skyway and onto the ground, he stopped at a red light. Another old man walking down the street had a surge of curiosity as he saw a car he hadn't seen since the 80's.

"Oh, e-e-excuse me, is that a DeLorean? I didn't know these cars were still being made, doggonnit. I think it's hover-converted too, when did you do that?"

As the light turned green, Biff peeled off, just saying, "Yeah it is, butthead!" to the passerby. In the distance, the other man repeated, "I think it's hover-converted."

Biff remembered him. He used to make fun of that dork, Lester, all the time in school. After a short time, he pulled into his driveway and decided to park the car in the garage, just in case anyone might see it.

He shut the garage door by voice command and went into his house. He would get to work on this tomorrow. All he wanted to do was watch some TV. Getting one of his grandson, Griff's beers from the fridge, he took his shoes off and sat in front of the flat screen television set. He started to flip through the over 300 channels.

See the Dashboard Files, tonight at 11. The reality TV show where we watch random people driving in their cars.

This is Entertainment Weekly. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have finally announced they have decided to get married after 12 years.

On MTV news, I'm Kurt Loder Junior. Today, David Lee Roth is begging Eddie Van Halen to let him rejoin the band, claiming he needs money. In 1985, Roth left Van Halen for a short-lived solo career. Snoop Dogg says he will be launching his farewell tour. Avril Lavigne says her next album will 'Totally have real punk rock'.

Tired, Biff decided to just turn the volume down and leave it on MTV. It was the only thing he was even remotely interested in. All he wanted to do was rest, especially now since Griff was arrested for the hoverboarding incident. The two had lived together since 2011, when his mom, Stephanie Tannen, had remarried and moved to Sacramento.

He and Griff would get along at times, but usually Griff was a real ziphead. This was partially due to his bionic implants, which made him mad, and often gave him superhuman strength. Most of the time, living with him was a pain. He would either invite his gang into the house and have loud parties, or would make Biff do stuff for him at any given time.

The old man would always agree. He was used to being told what to do, ever sine George McFly had gotten the better of him with one lucky punch 60 years ago. After this, his life was never quite the same. He lost the respect at school, his friends, and had to work for himself instead of bullying someone else into it.

His general life was like that. He was afraid of most people getting back at him. Things had only gotten worse since he retired on his 70th birthday in December of 2007. He had picked up money by waxing cars in his spare time. This was physically demanding, and was really taking its toll. In the last 8 years, Biff had gone from still being fairly active and in good shape, to needing a cane and hardly being able to walk on his own.

But not tomorrow, not anymore, damnit! Biff thought as he dozed off in the La Z Boy couch. He was going to make his life better with that time machine!