I am a horrible, disgusting, dirty little being, who is below Glorificus, my god. Okay, that last one was a reminisce from Glory, as I pray my attraction to her is. I shouldn't want her, I know that. She is sixteen, for goddess's sake! I really shouldn't. So why do I? It must be something left over from when Glory invaded my mind. It has to be. Because I DON'T want her. I am NOT in love With Dawn Summers. I'm NOT. I swear. My thoughts toward her are wrong, and I'm dirty, and I don't want Dawn that way. I don't. I can't. I don't dream of Dawn when my girlfriend is laying next to me in the bed we share. Because That is dirty. Because she is only sixteen and I love Willow. I love Willow. I love Dawn, WILLOW! And I can't help but wonder how long I'll have to tell myself before I start to believe it.