The evil woman from the law firm. The first time I met her, I was overwhelmed with jealousy. She was so beautiful, and she was a professional. Lilah Morgan was everything I always wanted to be. But Daddy wouldn't have it. He wanted her little girl to be a scientist, and taught her about physics and studying people and how things work. So that's what I did. And I will always envy her. She has everything I ever wanted, and treats it like it is nothing. I remember very little of last night, but I remember her whispering 'Pretty' over and over and the was she talked about the career like it was worth nothing. And I remember the way she made me feel. And I know I can never go back and face them, after what I've done. After I've made love to the enemy and anyhow, I might just take the job Lilah offered me. I may just have a chance at getting what was denied me years ago. My dream come true and I love I could hold onto forever.