I'm a freak, but you know what? I like the label. Everyone leaves freaks alone. Wanna know why? Coz they could snap at any moment. It's fun. Everybody leaves you alone. So you have time to sit and make scissor cuts along your arms, legs and thighs in a bathroom stall. It would be cleaner, and more sanitary to use a knife, or some sort of shaper blade, but the school doesn't allow knives in the premises. When you're a freak, things are always being whispered behind your back, like you stabbed your mum in self-defense and that is why she's dead, or you are going out with some old guy because, hey, that must be why you're living in his condo. When you're a freak, your old friends write things on the blackboard about your assumed sexual preference and that you're a grade a slut. They pass around notes, giggling and pointing every time the teacher turns their back. They scrawl insults across your locker, and try to gang up on you after school, only to have you kick the crap out of them. When you're a freak, they aren't surprised when they find your body floating down stream in the river, face- down because you couldn't take it any more, so you jumped off the bridge, like I'm about to do.