She's getting worse every day. She seems so normal one minute, and than something reminds her of what happened, and she just blanks out. She just sits and stares out into nothingness, lost in her own mind. Always on the line, always near a complete catatonic state. Not ever there, though. It would be easier on Willow and Tara who were taking care of her since her sister died. Because then they wouldn't have to get someone to watch over her all the time to make sure she doesn't leave the house. She did that once, and was turned. Willow had to restore her soul. Truthfully, it would have been easier for all of them if they had just staked her, but Tara wouldn't allow them to kill her when they could bring her back. So now they have to be extra careful because if she went outside in the day, she'd be dead. So she sits up in her room with her window's painted black, hugging her knees to her chest, and they all pray for the day she might come out of it.