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Harry's Madness

Chapter 32

So This is Honor

Jester's Keep, Oceania, Sept. 5, three hours after Nilette's departure. Night.

He lay there, with his wife, his lady monster. Cho snuggled up to Harry, and he kissed her... it was hours after the sudden scene in the hall below, and Harry knew he had hell to pay when Seamus began asking him just what he'd been thinking (at the next meeting of the Ebony Flame- which, Harry thought with a flash of anger at himself, was overdue by a week. He'd never cancelled the meetings before...), but he'd fix that, it'd be all right. He was all right- it was over now. The lust was gone from him... and the confusion it brought with it. The black obsidian of the twisted honor they'd made and literally bet their world on was back in him.

He was back.

As he lay there, Cho began talking to him.

" So..." she said, smiling, kissing his neck. " What just happened down there?"

" It's a long story," Harry said, " but now's as good a time as any to tell it..."

His voice carried on for thirty minutes in the night, and when it was over, he received a very hard slap from Cho for even thinking about another woman, then she gave him what he always referred to as her "glass-blowing". Harry rememberedthis nightafterwards as thenight that cemeneted their marriage for the next few thou-

Well, considering that they are still married, even in this tired old historian's life, I guess I shouldn't be making notes on time, should I?


Jester's Keep, that same night, three hours and ten minutes beforehand. Night.

There was little Harry was denied. That is a truth. Oh, sure, he could not overwrite the boundaries of the Writ of Law; he was not powerful enough, nor did he even want to, attempt that. But other than the Writ which Harry himself had partially written and made the core of his kingdom, he was completely, totally without limits. His people were of the Black- a Black so dark that it almost glowed. His people were the rain itself- and they knew almost no limits. There was a lot that Harry could have had. Surely a bit of extramarital sex was not so bad, considering that he had killed, would kill again, and had ordered Dudley to a living hell as punishment.(Harry resolutely told his brain to shut up when he discovered that the list of his crimes was getting really, really long.) Surely this wasn't that bad.

But... why did it bother him so?

Nilette walked in, and he felt the tug- the thing that said Hot girl, do now. But he also thought something else, and that was new. He was thinking, Why?

Why not? the tug said back.

Because... I have the power to not do it.

The thoughts drifted off slightly, and Harry was left with with a slightly confused feeling. It intensified as the night grew stronger.

It is pointless to dwell on how the two came together- Harry was the Jester King and Nilette had, well, her talents. The two of them eventually arranged a meeting through cloak and guile that had Nilette entering under disguise (her mad mind whispering spy within a spy the whole time) and finally managing to make it to the King's chambers, all of the guards of whom were gone (he'd told them that he needed an hour on this floor to himself, for various reasons, and they obeyed like the good soldiers they were). So the two had come to this, and only a brief purring of pointless words ensued before clothing was being removed.

Harry had just started to kiss and suck on her neck (but not too hard; hickeys look suspicious the next morning, and Nilette might forget- or not know how- to magic them away, though either was doubtful with a girl as beautiful as her) when the thoughts and feelings came back to him, stronger.

You shouldn't do this.

I know.

Then why are you?


And just as he was about to unleash her breasts from their blouse, he stood up.

" Leave. Go."

" What?" she said, and the first thing Harry noticed was that she was not breathing hard at all, to be a woman who expected that the darkest king in existence was about to make love to her.

" I said leave. Go out the way you came, with the cloak back on." He'd lended the invisibility cloak to her for her own usage. That had been the extent of her disguise. Worked well, too, but now he hoped that she didn't damage it from use. It had both practical and sentimental value, in a way- though the sentiment was rather different this time. As he remembered it, Cho had used it to kill Lucius Malfoy, back when his army numbered in dozens rather than thousands. That thought made a jolt.


" No."

Even being who he was, Harry received a jolt. He looked back at her, away from his musing at the wall about Cho. " Huh?"

And Nilette's hair rapidly shifted colors, and she started to turn into a face Harry knew very, very well.

" Tonks?" Harry said, and before he knew it reflexes kicked in and he was leaping against the wall, no longer Harry Potter but the Jester, hands snapping into clawed shapes that formed spells most Wizards couldn't even understand.

And her first attack missed, quick as a snake, wand darting out, Avrada Kevrada screamed into the night and fed by mad hatred.A killing shotthat only Harry had ever survived- through the power of a protection he no longer had- slammed into a pillar, and then Tonks was just- gone.

Harry blinked. He'd never seen someone run so fast. Of course-

He grinned. He ran faster.

Bloody spy. Or was that fucking spy? He didn't even pretend to know.

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