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Chapter One

Tenten ran as fast as her legs could carry her. Her body was sore, bleeding, and scratched up and the pain from her running didn't help too much. How could she have been so stupid?! She should have let Neji come with her... if he did -he- wouldn't have shown up.

She was picking up firewood for the camp-site when a man cloaked in black showed up. Apparently, he asked her to spar with him so he could test his strengths. Not really one to run from a challenge, Tenten accepted. Things started off okay, until he started trying to touch certain areas when he appeared behind her. Once he had her pinned down and began tearing at her clothes did she know his true intentions. The man kept his body pinned over hers as he began his assault, but luckilly, Tenten eventually got a leg free and kneed his as hard as she could between his legs. Needless to say he rolled off of her. Once she was free, she began to ran and ignored the wounds she had recieved in the battle.

But, he had followed her. He was toying with her, just letting her think that she could outrun him. She silently prayed that he'd keep playing this game until she got back to camp... then Gai-sensei, Lee, and Neji could...

"Ah!" She cried out as her left foot hit a tree-root that was sticking out of the ground. She fell face-first into the dirt and got the breath knocked out of her. It took her a few minutes to recover. When she finally did, she tried to stand, but her forehead also hit a huge rock which made her some-what dizzy. She froze when she heard the twig snap. Then she realized it: she had no idea where she was. She didn't think she had gone that far from camp, but during the fight he lured her away... and now she had nowhere to run. Tears began to rise into her eyes as she tried to walk, but the pain from her ankle being sprained didn't help.

Finally, he had caught up with her. The game of cat and mouse and finally come to an end and he was ready to claim his prize. He grabbed her arm and turned her around to face him. By now, most of her chakra had been used up and she couldn't really fight back.

"Goddamn you!" She cried out and went to strike with her free arm, but he easily caught it and pulled her arms to her sides and brought her closer to him. Tenten squinted her eyes to see if she knew her attacker, but since he was wearing a hood to cover his face and it was night, she couldn't see. All she could see was the outline of a smirk on his face.


"Please... please, don't do this." She said. Maybe she could cry her way out of her fate, but soon found it useless when he released her arm and slapped her across her face. He threw her against the ground, which caused the breath to be knocked out of her again. He pulled a rope from his pocket and put his heavy legs ontop of hers as he tied her hands above her head. Tears made streaks down her face that was covered in dirt and blood as she tried to struggle out, but found it useless as well.

"Please, no!" She begged when he pulled a kunai out and ripped her shirt in half. Her screams for help went unheard as the man began his assault on the girl.


"What's taking Tenten so long?" Lee asked as he looked to Neji.

"Who cares?!" He yelled at the boy infront of him. He turned his attention to the woods, forcing himself not to use byakugan and search for her. He was mad. Well, not really mad but upset that she wouldn't let him walk with her. He had wanted to actually confess his feelings. He sighed and stood up, grabbing a stick and slinging it around.

Gai turned his attention to his student. He saw the pain in Neji's silver eyes when Tenten had insisted she go alone. The two refused to admit it, but each of them had an attraction to each other.


Lee, Neji, and Gai all turned their attention to the woods. Tenten's hand were bound infront of her, and she walked with a limp. She tried her best to hold her shirt together, having bruises along her arms, face, neck--everywhere. Due to the throbbing pain she felt between her legs, she collapsed to her knees, sobbing hardly.

Neji ran over to her, and studied her injuries. He grabbed her hands and broke the rope, pulling it off of her wrist as he helped her to stand up and led her to the fire. She sat beside him, trembling. Her eyes were swollen and red from crying, and obviously from blows given to her--the sign of a harsh struggle.

Gai and Lee were horrified. They had -never- seen Tenten so beat up... so hurt over something. It looked as if she had seen her own death ten times over. Gai slowly walked infront of her and knelt down, placing his hands on both of her shoulders.

"Tenten... what happened? Who attacked you?"

"I-I... don't know..."

"...What happened?" Lee spoke as he came up behind Gai.

"He-...he..." She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply to calm herself so she could say it. "He... raped... me...! Neji-kun, he raped me!" She screamed and threw herself against him as she sobbed hardly at the loss of her innocence.

Neji was beyond angry. He wanted to hunt this perverted bastard down and use gentle fist on him until there was nothing left... but all he could do was wrap his arms around her and hold her tightly, telling her he'd protect her.

"Neji-kun, I'm sorry! I'm sorry I didn't let you walk with me!"

"Calm down, Tenten... I promise, if I find him, he -will- suffer." //I swear... I'll kill him, Tenten. I'll kill him for hurting you.//


All of the genin teams--both rookie and the higher ones gathered outside of the Ninja Academy. Gai had informed Hokage of what happened, and he insisted he get all teams to meet.

"Why're we back here?!" Naruto complained and crossed his arms. "I wanna do a mission, not have some stupid gathering!"

"Just calm down. Hokage-sama is supposed to be talking here, so it -has- to be important." She said. //But, goddamnit, he's right! I wanna hurry up and do more missions so I can be alone with Sasuke-kun!// Her inner-self mentally cursed.

"Did you hear?"

"No, what?"

"It's the reason we're here..."

"Well, what?"

Sasuke couldn't stand girls' gossiping... but he decided to listen to this one.

"They said that a girl from one of the more experienced genin teams was raped last night..."


Sasuke crossed his arms tighter and closed his eyes. He may have been considered "cold", but the one thing he hated other than his brother was a man forcing a woman into a sexual act. //No... this wasn't a woman. But a girl about our age or some-what older...// He sighed angrily at the thought of someone hurting Sakura... he hated to admit it, but he felt some-what closer to her since they were on the same team. Sasuke had been lost in his thoughts that he didn't even feel Naruto shaking him.


"What, dobe?"

"You bastard!" Naruto glared daggers at him and lunged, but was stopped by Sakura trying to hold him back.

"Stop it, Naruto!" She screamed.

"No, I can kick his scrawny ass any day!"

"Whatever... dobe."

"Grrrr!" Naruto began to fight even more, but was stopped by a stronger hand picking him up by his jacket and pulling him away.

"Hey! Hokage-sama is here! So knock it off!" Kakashi said and turned to face the man.

Despite his age, he held great power that deserved great respect, and got that from everyone... well, almost everyone.

"Hey! Old man Hokage!" Naruto yelled at waved with a sheepish grin on his face.

Hokage sighed and waved back, shaking his head. He turned to face everyone and cleared his throat as he began to speak.

"Most of you know why you're here today. And for those who don't know, I'll tell you. Last night, the genin squad under Gai-sensei recieved a horrible shock. The girl, Tenten, was viciously attacked... and assaulted." Everyone began to talk amongst themselves. All of the girls were horrified, and the boys were angered.

Naruto looked down and couldn't help to ask.

"Ano... Kakashi-sensei... what does assault mean?"

Kakashi sighed and put the book he was reading back into his pocket. "Meaning... Tenten was raped."

"Gah!? The perverted bastard who did this should suffer!"

"Yes, he should. But, we can't do anything until we find him."

Everyone calmed down when the noticed the look on Hokage's face. He resumed talking.

"Listen... Tenten is in the hospital recovering, and we're going to try our best to find some kind of DNA the attacker left on her. My point is... we have no idea if this was just a random one-time-attack, or if we're dealing with a serial rapist. Therefore, since we have one girl on each genin team and two boys, the boys will be with the girl at all times."

"What?!" Ino's familiar voice rang through the crowd. Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura all shuddered. The mere sound of her voice horrified them.

"What is it, Ino?"

"What if we gotta pee or shower?!"

"Then the boys will have to wait outside and guard you along with your sensei..."

All of the girls groaned in unison.


Little did they know was that he -planned- to attack again. Just to cause someone to suffer. He grinned evilly and continued to look through the crowd for the girl who he planned on making his "play-mate" next. Finally, his eyes rested upon the girl with silver-ish eyes behind the spikey-headed blonde with a blush over her face.