Something wasn't right. As soon as Kagome went through the well, she noticed a change in the atmosphere. Something was wrong; she could tell. What's going on here? she wondered.

Before she could finish her thought, she heard something. It sounded like a lost puppy. She drew closer to the sound and found Shippou hugging himself at the base of the tree. He was whimpering. He didn't see her approach him; it was like he could see through her. "What's wrong?" she asked softly.

She got no reply.

"Talk to me, Shippou," she pursued again. "What's the matter?"

He looked up at her then, tears falling from his brown eyes. He cried quietly. Kagome had never seen the young kitsune like this, and frankly, it scared her. Not knowing what to do, she simply picked him up and carried him to Kaede's hut. Maybe she would know what to do.

Once she reached the old woman's hut, she found Sango and Miroku already there, in states similar to Shippou's. Miroku sat on the grass beside the hut, his staff thrown aside. He had an arm around a sobbing Sango, and his eyes were glassy with unshed tears. Kirara looked pitiful. She walked around in circle with her tail between her legs until finally she fell to the ground.

Finally, it registered in Kagome's brain what was going on. She gently placed Shippou, still sniveling, on his feet. She walked into the hut, and darkness engulfed her. She saw Kaede bent over a body...Inuyasha's. "Ye should not be here, child," the old woman said quietly.

"What happened?" Kagome asked more calmly than expected.

"Ye should not be here," Kaede insisted.

"What the hell happened?"

The elderly woman finally gave in. "'Twas Naraku. Not even Tetsusaiga could've saved him," she said gravely.

"C-could I have a moment alone with him, please?" Kagome whispered. Kaede left the hut, and Kagome dropped to her knees. Tears were streaming down her face now. "I never got to tell you how I feel." She planted one last kiss on his cheek before she got up and ran to the god-tree. It would make her feel better. It always did.

As she sat at the base of the ancient tree, she remembered the day she found Inuyasha pinned to it. It had been her birthday. The tree no longer brought her comfort; it rubbed salt in her wounds. She wished none of this had ever happened.

Kagome flew into a rage, and attacked the ancient tree, and began to rip off its many leaves along with its bark. "I wish I never came here!" she screamed as she snapped branches in two. "I wish I'd never met him!"

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